We extensively use the word "INTUITION."

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  4. We extensively use the word "INTUITION."
14/03/2022 8:18

Intuition is a survival tool that bypasses logic, activated by the subconscious to preserve energy. Intuition is constantly active at various levels.


You will find a lack of uniformity if you search for definitions for intuition. To me, most definitions are too simplistic. Link: Intuition (Wikipedia) 


Intuition is part of a group of unexplained phenomena that seemingly contradict the laws of physics we are familiar with.

  • Intuition, telepathy, and telekinesis (the movement of objects without contact and the activation of visible energy) share many unexplained characteristics.
    • In movies, these phenomena appear regularly and very naturally; in reality, it is challenging to accept unexplained phenomena.

Does intuition exist in all of us?

  • Intuition is a trait that exists in everyone at varying levels. It usually decreases with age. (It is unclear if this is related to the degeneration of the pineal gland in the brain, which also degenerates.)

Is intuition a trait that can be developed?

  • Intuition is a supersensible phenomenon whose development is mainly related to open-mindedness and consciousness.

The subconscious is the bridge between the body-mind-spirit, sensory, and supersensible. Where does the subconscious reside?

  • The answer to this question is still unclear; researchers speculate that the subconscious Mind is not necessarily limited to our physical brain; it may be linked in a hive spring to a virtual communication network of the universe. If this hypothesis turns out to be correct, the pineal gland probably has much higher importance than it seems today.

Is the size of the pineal gland the explanation for women's seemingly better intuitive ability than men?

  • Researchers and mystics claim the organ to decipher intuition and telepathy is the pineal gland in the brain's center. The gland is also known as the third eye.
  • In women, the pineal gland is larger than in men but degenerates with age. (Similar to men) Is this the explanation for women's better intuition - it is hard to know without appropriate research.
  • Link: An encounter with superior aliens will change humanity completely.

Years before discovering I had liver cirrhosis, I knew that I would get sick and recover against all odds.

  • The details were unknown, but I knew I would need treatments overseas. It did happen. I have in my imagination several images that seemingly belong to the future. I do not know if they will come true; I believe so.

The deep and hidden meaning of intuition, telepathy, and telekinesis is profound; it opens a window to a magical and unexplored world.


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