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The photographs in the Gallery are just a small collection of more than a thousand photographs I have accumulated over nine years. Most were taken with a mobile phone camera.

Explaining the Gallery (Disgusting) - All my photos are authentic. image 1

The photos themselves are pretty shocking; you will see signs of blood in some pictures. Removing rotten tissue from the liver and gastrointestinal tract involved frequent bleeding. The horrible stench of dead tissue adds to the imagination of what can happen to the human body and still reach full recovery. Given the appropriate terms, the human body has a fantastic blueprint that can reconstruct any physical damage.


The purposes of this gallery are:

To illustrate the extraordinary benefits of adhering to the right combination of freshly squeezed juices, coffee enemas, and liver and kidney flushes. (Along with all the other self-healing protocols.)

  • To emphasize what can happen to the human body when the liver is obstructed. (The kidneys are directly related.)
  • The immense importance of unblocking the liver. (Pertinent also for patients who do not have liver disease.)
  • The blood circulation in the liver is critical to the immune system. Low blood & bile circulation in the liver creates uncontrolled inflammation all over the body.
  • With its plethora of unhealthy food, modern life is the main reason why even patients who do not have liver disease suffer from liver blockage.
  • High toxicity levels are one of the leading causes of chronic inflammatory disease.

The Photo Gallery is divided into six subcategories:

  1. Explaining the Gallery (Disgusting) - All my photos are authentic.
  2. Liver (Intrahepatic) biliary stones & Gallstones - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee enemas.
  3. Giant Liver Fluke Worms - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee and baking soda enemas.
  4. Liver Cysts & Rotten liver tissue - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee and baking soda enemas.
  5. Rotten intestinal (fibrous) tissue - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee and baking soda enemas.
  6. On the verge of death from liver cirrhosis. (Without liver function, the body rots!)


Even though I was in a state of advanced decay (you will judge), the responses I got from the doctors in Israel were disrespectful and even insulting. (Maybe just bad luck!)

I received an understanding and considerate treatment in China, whose language I do not speak.

For nine years, decayed tissue came out of my body; my toilet had a terrible smell of decay!

My body odor was unbearable, even after a hot shower with soap. The appearance of the rotten tissue was evocative and frightening to any person. After a failed attempt at the hospital, where I was laughed at, I stopped going to doctors in Israel, except for blood tests and imaging.

  • I had frequent bleeding because I emitted vast amounts of rotten (and stinky) tissue. (Usually light bleeding) You can see how the rotten tissue was torn off in some pictures! Some of the photographs show torn blood vessels.
  • There is no point in listing the symptoms I suffered from because the list was endless. Paradoxically I was not afraid of death because, for many years, I was in denial.
  • One of the most severe symptoms I have experienced is an accumulation of ammonia salts. Ammonium salts are very pungent toxins. The frequency of my urination ranges from 20-40 times a day. The ammonia salts appear in the images as small, white pieces with foam around them.


The white sediment is ammonia salts. The foam is a highly toxic ammonia compound.

Ammonia salt sediments came out of me hundreds of times during coffee enemas!

What is the significance of intrahepatic stones' color, shape, and size?

  • The larger the intrahepatic stone, the more likely it is to block the flow of biliary fluid into the duodenum and blood circulation inside the liver; both have far-reaching effects on the immune system.
  • Enlarged gallstones with a Non-smooth shape can cause bile duct injury during liver and gallbladder flush.
  • The color of the intrahepatic stones usually indicates dissolved toxins levels; a dark stone reflects a higher toxicity level.
    • Green-colored stones are most often sourced in the liver.
    • Brown-colored stones usually come from a gallbladder that has undergone an inflammatory process.


THE DEVASTATING RESULTS OF LIVER CIRRHOSIS. (2 minutes) | Disgusting photos. (Liver worms and more.)

Without freshly squeezed juices, coffee enemas, and liver and Gallbblader flushes, it would not have been possible to expel this toxic junk out of my body. These images reflect large-scale physical damage. For recovery, I had to strengthen the psychic-spiritual dimension simultaneously!


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