MMS enemas can be beneficial but are risky. (Caution required)

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19/05/2022 5:41

MMS enemas are usually meant for patients with chronic liver disease, or chronic kidney disease.

MMS enemas can be beneficial but are risky. (Caution required) image 1

MMS - Master Mineral Solution enema. (Careful- it entails significant risks)

link: MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement, Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution. (Wikipedia)

  • I recommend you read more about the MMS solution benefits before using it. MMS is a potent substance, but it entails significant risks.
  • MMS is a bleach-like substance with excellent antiseptic ability, but it can be harmful and cause side effects. I recommend using it very carefully in low doses. I only use it through enemas and not in drinking!
  • For chronic digestive system, liver & kidney patients, I recommend the MMS (Master Mineral Solution) enema after you have finished the regular liver flush.

MMS enema preparation & Recommenadations.

  • Put 25-35 drops of the MMS solution into a clean glass cup. Then add 25-35 drops of 5% hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution. Allow the chemical reaction to continue until it stops (that should take 2-3 minutes, and the liquid should turn orange). Then pour boiling water into the cup.
  • Now pour the boiling MMS solution into the enema bucket and add cold water until body temperature is reached.
  • This enema might have a strong reaction because it releases chlorine and oxygen into the colon. This will cause powerful peristalsis and possibly some nausea.
  • MMS may also kill good bacteria and pathogens, so it is highly advisable to incorporate an enema of live probiotic bacteria after an MMS enema.


The coffee enema travel kit & accessories I use regularly.

Coffee enemas, Baking soda enemas, Lemon juice enemas, & Probiotics of live bacteria enemas can be carried out at home under hygienic conditions and privacy.

Enemas accessories.

All enemas should be performed with clean water (preferably purified or boiled) at a 37-40 Celsius body temperature. (98.6- 104 Fahrenheit). Do not rely on your fingers - Use a thermometer for liquids.

  • Soft mattress and pillow + cheap towels or blankets for lying on comfortably.
  • If you do not have hooks at the proper height, you need to buy a standing coat (or hat) rack. (I use one.)
  • A liquid thermometer − is essential; you cannot rely on your fingers.
  • Big glass jars. (Having two identical jars available will ease the preparation.)
  • Bucket – the best buckets are made of stainless steel. They last for years and are not expensive. You can get one on Amazon for 40$-70$.
  • Silicon medical grade tubing (1.8-2 meters) connects the bucket to the probe and the valve.
  • Metal clamp to secure the silicone tube (and a screwdriver to tighten it)
  • A fine mesh strainer. (For the coffee enema.)
  • The silicone tubes sometimes come with a valve that is not convenient for one person to handle. Therefore, I buy the European kit, which has much better valves and can be easily controlled by the person lying down, taking the enema.
  • The lubricant is in a glass jar. (the best grease is coconut oil.)


Each type of therapeutic enemas has its unique benefits:

Over the years, I have tried several other therapeutic enemas: Grapefruit seed oil enema, cocoa enemas, oregano oil enemas, black walnut extract, fresh lemon juice, and English salt enema. (Can be added to coffee enema) In this article, I review coffee enemas, baking soda enemas, lemon juice enemas, and probiotics of live bacteria enemas in detail. 

  • Coffee enemas- removing toxins from the liver, restoring bile flow, rehabilitating the small and large intestines.
  • Baking soda enemas - neutralize the intestines' acidity, replenishing the intestinal flora and strengthening the immune system.
  • Lemon juice enemas - rehabilitation of liver functions. It can neutralize the ammonia inside the liver. (Required mainly in situations of weak liver function)
  • MMS - Master Mineral Solution enema. (Careful- it entails significant risks) Bleach-like material - for deep cleansing of the colon.
  • Probiotics of live bacteria enemas are essential due to the loss of good bacteria that die during coffee enemas and thus need to be replenished. Gut flora has a far-reaching consequence on our immune system, mood, weight, and nutrient absorbency. (Also available for drinking)

What is the recommended sequence for performing integrated enemas?

I recommend caution for those who try different sequences.

  • An enema of baking soda will always be first, as it neutralizes the digestive system's acidity and empties the leftovers' colon.
  • An enema of probiotics of live bacteria will always be last not to wash out the good bacteria.
  • Coffee enemas will usually come before lemon enemas because the coffee enema removes necrotic tissue while the lemon enema regenerates the liver after the effort involved in the coffee enema.
  • Those who perform MMS enemas (special care is required) must perform an enema of live probiotic bacteria immediately afterward.


Continue reading the entire article in greater detail: Coffee enemas, Baking soda enemas, Lemon juice enemas, and Probiotics of live bacteria enemas can be carried out at home under hygienic conditions and privacy.

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