Is Chinese cuisine, being based on wok frying, unhealthy?

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26/04/2023 2:32

Chinese cooking is based on short frying. Chinese cuisine is relatively healthy when using natural ingredients and non-industrialized oils with a high smoking point.

Chinese Chef.

The idea that oil is harmful to health stems from misunderstanding. Oils and fats are essential for properly functioning the digestive system, requiring constant lubrication. Food in China is lightly fried briefly, mainly thanks to cutting into small cubes with a large contact area. Light frying is less detrimental to nutrient retention.

Chinese cuisine does not have desserts at the end of the meal, similar to Western cuisine. Cakes, cookies, pizzas and pastries, and dairy products that entered Chinese cuisine only in recent decades and along with them also increased chronic morbidity! Traditional Chinese cuisine was anti-inflammatory and healthy compared to the modern industrialized diet.

The original Chinese cuisine was based mainly on vegetables, fruits, roots, mushrooms, and herbs, with relatively few animal foods. (Primarily poultry, eggs, and fish) In the last 40 years, during which China has become an industrial power, the diet has also become very industrialized. Consumption of meat (pork), dairy products, dough, and Western food has become popular. With the industrialization of food and oils used for frying, chronic morbidity has increased significantly, quite similar to that of the West. Until 40 years ago, type 2 diabetes was a marginal phenomenon in China. Today, it is a widespread phenomenon, similar to Western countries.


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