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Decoding the causes of all chronic diseases, including cancer, mental illnesses, and addictions will enable us to treat the causes instead of the symptoms.


The proposed project will completely change how chronic patients are treated for mental illness, addictions, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and more. Instead of treating the symptoms of the disease, medicine will treat the causes (usually unknown) with advanced methods, using vast information and individual genetic characterization. The tools for creating the revolution exist today; it takes vision and imagination to bring the project to fruition. The investment in the project will be vast, but the return on the project will be enormous on any scale.


You will find almost endless possibilities if you try to solve equations with three variables with only two formulas. (The missing dimension is mental-energetic)

Without decoding the disease's causes, medicine handles the disease's symptoms! But such treatment has a heavy price. Quantum computing can initiate individually tailored therapies that will eradicate chronic diseases. It may be the medical revolution of the 21st century!

  • Although we think chronic illness and addictions are a matter of chance, knowing that the body never works randomly is essential. Therefore, the nature of all chronic diseases, mental illnesses, addictions, location, and severity are consequential!
  • Suppose we know precisely the causes of the disease. In that case, we can neutralize them and quickly recover, with a sharp reduction in drug treatment designed to treat symptoms. Eliminating the causes will prevent suffering, side effects, unnecessary expenses, and severe side effects caused by the treatment.


Cracking the genetic code took 13 years, but it's just part of the puzzle. The job is not complete yet.

Only decoding all the explanatory variables (including heredity) will fundamentally solve the riddle of all chronic illness causes.

The main explanatory variables are:

  1. Lifestyle & diet.
    1. Nutrition & eating habits. (Reflected in blood and many other tests.) 
    2. Physical environment and living conditions. 
    3. Mental environment. 
    4. Exposure to pathogens. (Mainly through blood tests.) 
  2. Genetics.
    1. Gender & age.     
  3. Psychological - Energetic. (Anxiety & stress.) - Currently, without qualitative and quantitative expression and therefore not measured.


The leading causes & catalysts of chronic morbidity. 

(Psychological - Energetic, Unhealthy lifestyle & Diet, Exposure to pathogens.)

The leading causes & catalysts of chronic morbidity. 

Although we think chronic diseases are a matter of chance, knowing that the body never works randomly is essential.

Therefore the nature of all chronic diseases, location, and severity are consequential!

  • Symptomatic treatments (such as medications) usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.
  • Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Suppose we know precisely the causes of the disease. In that case, we can neutralize them and quickly recover, with a sharp reduction in drug treatment designed to treat symptoms. Eliminating the causes will prevent suffering, side effects, unnecessary expenses, and severe side effects caused by the treatment.

Medicine has failed to resolve the chronic morbidity riddle.

  • Much knowledge was gained regarding heredity and a healthy lifestyle, but paradoxically chronic morbidity only increased! A logical explanation for the phenomenon - lacking a whole and central dimension that has a decisive influence - is the mental & energetic factor. (Life-force energy.) 


Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine mapped the organs and energy channels and attributed them to potential mental traumatic events.

The method is inaccurate, but it can be improved with modern tools.

What is lacking today to run the ultimate model of cracking the causes of chronic morbidity?

  1. For the first variable (lifestyle & diet), we have precise data quantified relatively easily.
  2. Since the genetic code has already cracked genetic information into a single gene, its effects are known and existent.
  3. Translating mental traumas into more precise terms with quantitative characteristics and vectors, power, and location are challenging. 

The (unconventional) perception of the human body as a dual, physical, and energetic entity is essential to full recovery.

"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

  • By nature, we are focused on the disease we suffer from. Still, it is essential to discover the mechanism common to all Non-genetic Long-term immune failure diseases for understanding and healing. 


In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda), you can find tables of traumas and the energetic blockages they cause. They are not exact but illuminate essential concepts.

Circadian Body Rhythms - Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Indian Ayurveda & traditional Chinese medicine tools of chakras (energy centers) & meridians (energy channels) concept. 

Link: The Next Quantum Leap in Medical Science.

  • When we talk about negative (and positive) emotions, we cannot give them any numerical or tangible expression today. Anger, fear, guilt, stress, etc., enter one basket not expressed in any mathematical form.
  • It is possible to model all mental variables using the knowledge accumulated over thousands of years in Indian and Chinese medicine. (It can be an excellent basis for research.)
    • The conductivity and obstruction level in the 14 meridians and seven energy centers (chakras) can provide an essential dimension with valuable information.
    • According to Indian and Chinese medicine, there are typical mental traumas; this information may be vital for future treatment.
    • To validate the apparent link between mental trauma and the disease's location in the body, it is necessary to use independent hypotheses to confirm the findings individually in a sample.


What methodology is required for such research, and why is such a powerful processing capability needed?

  • The statistical methodology for predicting independent variables using many explanatory variables is known as multivariate regression.
    • The independent variable is the disease and its severity. The explanatory variables include the human genome, nutrition, environment, lifestyle, and mental and spiritual variables.
  • A broad sample of all existing chronic illnesses and varying degrees of severity is required to obtain a clear statistical correlation. This is a vast sample with an enormous database requirement.
  • The sample population will have to perform individual genetic analyses. (This is a massive amount of variables for a large population.)
  • Collecting the data itself is a vast and expensive project. Life-force energy is an essential explanatory variable that is not measured today.


Quantum computer. (Such a project requires enormous computing power.)

Deciphering the causes of all chronic acquired diseases. (Beyond genetics)

This project requires a massive amount of data for processing. But the result will be of far-reaching significance on any scale.

  • Collecting the required data for this project may take several years. Although this is a large and expensive project, the main limitations are methodological and conceptual; the tools exist.
  • The required processing that includes the entire human genome and all the environmental and acquired variables needs exceptional mathematical processing. Fortunately, quantum computing is designed for these purposes.
  • This is a vast and complex project with a huge budget; the research results may affect humanity.
  • Imagine living up to 90-100 without chronic illnesses and with a much-improved quality of life; most of us would be happy with such a future.

Pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to produce solutions that significantly reduce drug use.

  • Governments are interested in reducing the enormous budget burden of chronic diseases to channel resources to other issues.
  • Pharmaceutical companies with enormous economic, social, and political power are not interested in curing people worldwide. Patients bring money; healthy people get headaches from pharmaceutical manufacturers.


What is the model supposed to show?

The analytical analysis results will give an accurate map of the probabilities of the various causes and how to cure chronic disease most effectively & efficiently. 

  • Mathematical-statistical analysis of the model results will predict 60% - 80% accuracy based on the accumulated genetic knowledge. Personal genetics analysis will be performed in cases of treatment failure or with an unusually high level of precision required. (Via sampling)
  • The result will be the complete healing of high percentages of patients, very effectively, with no symptomatic treatments, fewer drugs, and substantial cost savings, not to mention many people's suffering and mortality. 

A possible scenario for implementing the project results.

What patients' lives will look like after the knowledge accumulated in the project is available?

  • The system will synchronize with existing information in the various health systems. If additional tests are required following the individual specifications, the client/patient will be sent to complete them. When the patient requests personal (paid) genetic analysis, the client/patient will also provide saliva samples.
  • The results will come in the form of action required to neutralize the causes of the disease. The system will maintain a patient monitoring interface with dynamic instructions according to treatment progress and symptoms. The entire system will run as an artificial intelligence project.

And what about older chronic patients suffering from chronic illnesses?

  • Technology solutions can be offered to challenge and/or older patients to "emulate a healthy lifestyle." These technologies are not available but are not science fiction. (I have attached a link to 2 relevant technologies)
  • For complex and older patients, technology solutions that can "emulate a healthy lifestyle can be offered." These technologies are not available but are not science fiction. (I've attached a link to 2 relevant technologies.)


Summary and Recommendations.

This suggested project is not science fiction; the tools for its implementation already exist today, requiring mainly imagination and vision. The development of computerized models of the causes of chronic morbidity, in all its forms, will lead to an unprecedented revolution in healthcare.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why is solving the causes of chronic disease the flagship project of healthcare?
Because without accurate decoding of all the environmental and hereditary variables, medicine treats only the symptoms of the diseases and not the causes of the disease!
Is the proposed project based on existing technologies?
Statistical methodologies and enormous computing power already exist. Some variables such as diet, lifestyle, and their influence are known. The human genome is already cracked and known. The missing critical part is the mental-energetic side.
Is the proposed project applicable and affordable?
It is a large-scale technological project that may last for years. The project concerns all the countries worldwide, and the scope of the investment in it will yield huge savings and a high return on the investment.
Should a statistical breakdown of all the causes of chronic illness be a private or state project?
This is a massive project that has implications for all the countries of the world. The entities holding the information will greatly influence every possible aspect. An international body must carry out the budget, accompanying legislation, and project management. Subcontractors will carry out the project itself. The product will be the property of all humanity.
Does the computing power required for such a project not exist today?
The computing power for this type of project exists today. Quantum computers may be very efficient at cracking simulations with a vast database, which has features of 0.1. And both together. (superposition)
What is the main obstacle on the way to this ambitious project?
The main obstacle is not technology but understanding the need for such a project. The very insight that medicine treats the symptoms of chronic diseases instead of the causes, which is not fully known, is a critical need!
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Deciphering the causes of all chronic illnesses. (Beyond genetics)
1. Why is statistically accurate cracking of all chronic disease causes critical to effective medical care?
Medicine currently knows how to identify only some of the causes of chronic diseases, but in the absence of a central variable of the human psyche and its effect on the human body and spirit, it is impossible to identify the causes of chronic diseases accurately. Therefore, medicine mainly treats the symptoms of chronic diseases without much success.
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1. The most suitable answer is answer number 4.
Decoding the causes of all chronic diseases, including cancer, mental illnesses, and addictions, will enable us to treat the causes instead of the symptoms.
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