Asexual sexual orientation. (Women and Men)

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08/03/2021 7:11

Sexual orientation, according to this model, is not a genetic or social-environmental trait but an energetic-magnetic trait.


This model suggests looking at sexual identities and orientations as an energy-based phenomenon rather than a genetic or social one. Reading the article at the link below is recommended to understand the explanation. Continue reading The Unified Theory of  Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's Theory)


Asexuals malfunction in the mechanism of decoding and transmitting energies through sexual intercourse. Asexuals are not emotionless!

Asexual people's transfer and receive mechanism in energetic communication does not function properly. Since they cannot transfer and receive the energy, they do not gain anything from sex and choose not to participate.

  • Asexuals are ordinary people with emotions but without sexual attraction.
  • Part of the asexual community is dating romantic feelings, and in many cases, they fantasize (in different ways) and masturbate. Physiologically, they can perform sex; it is a matter of lacking attraction.
  • Since every living organism has magnetic poles, the lack of magnetic poles has been revoked.
  • Asexual dating in a romantic relationship is indirectly healthier than not dating because love and attention (even without sex) charge the life-force energy. 


7 Things Asexual People Want You to Know.

Continue reading Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.

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