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Acupuncture is a powerful healing technique that affects the physical body by balancing the life-force (Qi) energy flow along the energy channels. (Meridians).


"To discover the universe's secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibrations. (Nikola Tesla)" 

Acupuncture is perceived as a recognized and beneficial treatment in the West. The idea of the body's energetic balance in medicine, which is thousands of years old, without understanding the anatomy or physiology of the human body, is far-reaching. Most people do not even internalize the fact that acupuncture is an energetic treatment that affects the physical body! The fact that acupuncture is effective in such a wide range of symptoms and diseases - is no coincidence! The energy of life exists in every cell in our body. Acupuncture treats many diseases, pains, and medical problems without side effects.


A photo of me with the acupuncture doctor in Changsha, China, 2015.

A photo of me with the acupuncture doctor in Changsha, China, 2015.

Acupuncture is based on the concept of Qi life-force energy. 

"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

The connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

  • The Chinese concept of Qi is not easily translated into Western thought.
  • Although this connection has been known for thousands of years, modern conventional medicine does not balance the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Not everyone knows acupuncture is an energetic treatment method that balances life energy essential to a healthy life.

My comment concerning the idea that Qi reflects blood circulation. (As sometimes referred to.)

  • Qi life force is much more than blood circulation, as it is sometimes referred to. However, elevating the organ's Qi will improve blood circulation as well.
  • The energy channels are not compatible with the neural transmission system.


Link:  Yin Yang House Theory - Explore Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. (Interactive meridian maps) 

The body meridians. ( Life-force energy flow channels)

Introduction and short review of lesser-known facts.


  • Acupuncture is a healing technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine. Fine needles are inserted into 2000 points throughout the body (except palms, feet, mouth, and genitals) and 14 meridians (energy channels) to balance the body's energy.
  • Western medicine has adopted a simplistic mechanistic view, where the human body is only machine, flesh, and blood! Therefore, traditional Chinese and Indian medicine look outdated and irrelevant!
  • Despite much evidence and research, it is still challenging for the conservative medical establishment to accept the human body's concept as an energetic entity.

A short review of lesser-known facts. (Questions and Answers.)

To what depth does the needle come in?

  • The needle penetrates the skin only about 2-3 mm.

What is the needle made of?

  • The needles are made of stainless steel. Silver needles (excellent conductors) are sometimes used to reduce pain.

Can acupuncture cause bleeding?

  • Acupuncture does not cause bleeding; a small drop of blood may sometimes appear.

Is the pain a result of the stabbing? What type of pain can you expect?

  • The pain is not due to the stab; the needle is thin and does not cause pain.
  • The pain can be sharp and temporary, similar to a mild electric shock. (The pains vary from person to person.)
  • For most people, acupuncture is more painful in the legs and hands than in the abdomen, chest, or back.

Why is acupuncture sometimes painful, and what does it reflect?

  • Painful acupuncture does not mean an unprofessional therapist; on the contrary, it requires accuracy and skill to insert the needles into the exact location and combination. Pain reflects successful treatment; the pain comes from entering the life-force energy (Qi) into the blocked meridian.


My long-term experience with acupuncture in China.

Due to my severe liver disease (HCV), I underwent over 300 painful acupuncture treatments for over thirteen years at the Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital in Changsha, China. I do not doubt that the human body is energetic and physical. The perception of the body as an energetic entity introduces a new dimension that is often underestimated.

  • Several studies have scientifically proven acupuncture. However, the mechanisms of acupuncture have not yet been sufficiently studied, so the general public still has no definite opinion.
  • Acupuncture is part of energetic medicine, which will become, in my opinion, the medicine of the future within a decade or two. Drug treatment, especially for chronic conditions, will sharply reduce.


Types of pain and symptoms where acupuncture is beneficial.

Acupuncture is beneficial, especially with a healthy lifestyle and a proper and balanced diet.

  • Injuries and accidents involving joint pain.
  • Influenza. (Especially non-chronic.)
  • Local pains of all kinds.
  • Acupuncture can be beneficial in weight loss!
  • Getting pregnant.
  • Difficulties and disturbances in sleep.

Acupuncture is less effective in severe mechanical blockages in the organs that tend to get blocked. (Such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and liver)


Acupuncture and Indian Ayurvedic medicine linked various mental traumas, energy centers (Chakras), and channels (Meridians) - an advanced concept even for our time!

Circadian Body Rhythms - Chinese Traditional Medicine.

What are the main strengths and weaknesses of acupuncture?


  • Treating the causes of the disease and not just its symptoms!
  • Without any side effects.
  • Reduces pain significantly. (More than one treatment is usually needed.)
  • Suitable for various situations (Such as local and even general anesthesia for major surgery.)
  • No special equipment is required.
  • Affordable price.


  • May hurt. (Usually, pain is tolerated)
  • Many people are afraid of needles! 
  • Acupuncture is helpful in various situations, but unable to overcome an unhealthy lifestyle and low diet.
  • Chronic disease patients usually require a series of treatments.
  • A certified therapist must perform acupuncture - a long time devoted to serving the treatment.


My conclusions concerning acupuncture. (Based on my long-term personal experience.)

  • Acupuncture has an excellent effect on the overall energy level without side effects. 
  • Acupuncture might be painful, but it also relieves pain. (Especially when the meridian is not blocked.)
  • Higher Qi translates into a more extraordinary long-term ability to regenerate tissue.
  • While a single treatment might not bring about a cure, it contributes significantly when used as a complete therapy.
  • Successful acupuncture alleviates pain within a few sessions; long-term chronic patients will need regular treatments over extended periods.
  • Acupuncture is helpful in various situations, but unable to overcome an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

My recommendations for successful acupuncture.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals before receiving acupuncture treatments.
  • Painful acupuncture does not mean an unprofessional therapist; on the contrary.
  • The length of treatment depends on the patient's condition. Sometimes, improvement is immediate, but it usually takes a few treatments before symptom improvement.
  • Your specialist usually advises on the frequency of treatment. (My frequency was extreme due to my liver condition.)
  • If it is affordable, I recommend combining acupuncture with a massage afterward.
  • Don't expect all my treatments to be the same. The number of needles and their locations along the 14 meridians often change.

Remember the painful locations during the acupuncture; it gives you a reliable diagnosis. Pain means blocked qi flow along the meridian. Using interactive meridian m ps (link above) makes it easier to identify meridians. Of course, you can ask the therapist during or after the acupuncture.


Most people are unaware that acupuncture is a treatment for the energetic balance of life energy!


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Is acupuncture an energy treatment, not a physical one?
Most people relate to the insertion of the fine needle's physical properties. The needle is designed to inject energy into blocked meridians. The pain caused by acupuncture does not come from the piercing of the needle (about 2-3 millimeters) but from the penetration of life energy.
Does pain during acupuncture indicates an incompetent doctor?
Just the opposite! Pain indicates energy penetration into the blocked meridian and successful treatment. A high level of precision is required for acupuncture to be effective.
Needles of a superior conductor (such as silver) cause less pain.
In cases where the acupuncture is particularly painful (like mine), silver needles are sometimes used, which are the best metallic conductor. It emphasizes that acupuncture is an energy therapy.
Are the energy channels (meridian) the same as the map of the neuronal conduction channels?
The map of energy channels (12 meridians + 2 centers) is in no way identical to the anatomy of the nerve channels in the human body. This is an impressive technique for our time, let alone a philosophy thousands of years old.
Are there situations when acupuncture treatment does not help?
Acupuncture has a beneficial effect on almost every possible disease and condition! The explanation is that balancing and introducing missing energies always has an impact. But sometimes, especially in obstructive diseases, the effect is temporary.
Is there scientific validation of acupuncture?
Numerous studies under MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) have pointed to specific brain waves during acupuncture. As is well known, it is possible to anesthetize a patient (even in open-heart surgery using acupuncture.) At the same time, Western medicine has not adopted the Chinese concept of qi life energy, which is the basis of acupuncture.
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Acupuncture—Balances the Body's Life-force (qi) Energy.
1. The principles of acupuncture are so profound that one can wonder how they were discovered.
How did the Chinese, some 3,000 years ago, without knowledge of anatomy and physiology, arrive at such complex principles of energetic flow and accurate maps of energy channels? (meridians) is a mystery in itself.
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1. The most suitable answer is answer number 3.
Acupuncture is a powerful healing technique that affects the physical body by balancing the life-force (Qi) energy flow along the energy channels. (Meridians).
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