How to organize the bathroom in your home to make enemas?

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19/05/2022 5:32

You can carry out all types of enemas in your home with maximum privacy and hygiene. Enemas should be carried out near the toilet.


How do you organize the bathroom for enemas?

  • It is imperative to place the enema in the bath next to the toilet; the reaction time is sometimes a few seconds. (Hard to resist)
  • Arrange for yourself a corner where you can lie down comfortably.
  • Choose an enema set with a relatively long silicone tube, at least 1.8 to 2 meters long. (6- 6.5 feet) 

It would help if you had control of the valve near you. The valve shuts off the flow and allows you to perform the enema without the assistance of others.


Enemas accessories.

All enemas should be performed with clean water (preferably purified or boiled) at a 37-40 Celsius body temperature. (98.6- 104 Fahrenheit). Do not rely on your fingers - Use a thermometer for liquids.

  • Soft mattress and pillow + cheap towels or blankets for lying on comfortably.
  • If you do not have hooks at the proper height, you need to buy a standing coat (or hat) rack. (I use one.)
  • A liquid thermometer − is essential; you cannot rely on your fingers.
  • Big glass jars. (Having two identical jars available will ease the preparation.)
  • Bucket – The best buckets are made of stainless steel. They last for years and are not expensive. You can get one on Amazon for 40$-70$.
  • Silicon medical-grade tubing (1.8-2 meters) connects the bucket to the probe and the valve.
  • Metal clamp to secure the silicone tube (and a screwdriver to tighten it)
  • A fine mesh strainer. (For the coffee enema.)
  • The silicone tubes sometimes have an inconvenient valve for one person to handle. Therefore, I bought the European kit, which has much better valves and can be easily controlled by someone lying down and taking the enema.
  • The lubricant is in a glass jar. (The best grease is coconut oil.)


The coffee enema travel kit & accessories I use regularly.

Detailed instructions for performing Coffee, Baking soda, Lemon, and live Probiotic bacteria enemas.

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