Prolonged illnesses are a test of true LOVE.

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Love is ageless and has no boundaries. It is independent of culture, color, race, religion, language, or country. Love and support are essential for recovery.

Alixin and me.

"To discover the universe's secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibrations. (Nikola Tesla)"

Love is ageless. It has no cultural, color, race, religion, language, or country boundaries. Love is the most potent elixir of life in nature. In most seemingly implausible recovery stories, the patient received and returned a profound love❤️. Love and support are critical, especially for the chronically ill, who need much energy to heal.

The energetic meaning of love is the harmonious synchronization of energy vibrations, which profoundly affects many aspects, including behavior. Incompatible pairs can be compared to music with discordant inharmonious cords. Love cannot be seen in pictures or movies; it must be felt relatively closely the first time. Love at first sight is not an invention of writers and poets but a perfect harmonious synchronization! (Which doesn't exist often)


Love, in energetic terms, is a recharge of life energy. (As with all positive emotions)

Negative emotions have the opposite effect of energetic discharge (therefore harmful)

The unified, bipolar energetic model of emotions.

Love can recharge the life-force energy. 

Link: The Unified, Bipolar, Energetic Model of Primary Emotions.

  • The medical establishment's position on the duality of the human body (matter and energy) is reflected in the disappointing answer of artificial intelligence. Every child knows they are looking for their mother's warmth, and even pets do the same for the same reason. Love = life-force energy. In numerology, life-force energy = 9, the same numerology as love, at the most potent frequency available.

Is love a form of energy? (Answered by ChatGPT)

  • 'Love is often described as a powerful and positive emotion that can influence our thoughts, actions, and overall well-being. While love itself may not be considered a form of energy in the scientific sense, it can certainly be seen as a driving force that motivates people and creates connections. In that sense, love can be viewed as a powerful and transformative aspect of human experience."

The perception of the energetic body is critical to recovery, primarily from chronic diseases. While physics has long understood the duality of energy and matter, medicine is still entrenched in mechanistic approaches. Coincidence? Of course not! Substantial economic interests are involved.


The difference between LOVE and falling in love from an energy view perspective.

Although countless articles and books have been written about love and falling in love, I present an energetic view of the subject in brief points. 

  • LOVE is a state of harmonious synchronization of energies. (Quite similar to music, with frequencies and rhythms of harmonic synchronization) 
  • Falling in love expresses sexual attraction. Usually, it lasts for a few years and is triggered by the biochemistry of smells (pheromones), whose main purpose is ensuring offspring's procreation. Humans are sexual beings from birth to the day they die, so falling in love can occur at almost all ages. 

There is no contradiction between love and falling in love, but many people confuse these two concepts. 

  • Many couples experience a process of falling in love with strong sexual attraction. However, if there is no love in the relationship, relationships do not always survive. Couples (including same-sex couples) who have love between them are much more likely to survive together. It's easier to forgive someone you love than someone you're sexually attracted to, sometimes only temporarily.


My love story is one example of many recovering from an impossible situation thanks to love.

It took me ten years to realize that Alixin's love is the key to my recovery. (It also took me ten years to tell her I love her.) I can confidently say that without the love and support of a charming and beautiful Chinese woman named Alixin, my wife, I would not have survived harsh, painful, and prolonged treatments for many years. She is the one who, in her love, gave me a reason to live! 


Photos of Alixin and myself over 16 years of acquaintance and deep love.

Alixin and me.Alixin and me at the Changsha IFS.

Continue reading: LOVE is the most potent elixir of life in nature.

Unsurprisingly, unusual recovery stories (like mine) are often woven into love stories. Without love, it is very challenging to recover from severe illness.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
How does love affect our mental and physical health?
Love charges the energy of life; it provides happiness and relaxation. Love is critical to recovery from chronic diseases, addictions, and mental crises.
Does the modern lifestyle influence love and relationships?
The lack of leisure is a phenomenon that affects relationships negatively, harms love, increases the divorce rate, and decreases the frequency of intercourse.
What do most extraordinary recovery stories (including mine) have in common?
I guess you already guessed! A supportive relationship, full of love and giving, without preconditions.
What is the purpose of love?
Love has an extraordinary ability to charge the life energy critical to our existence. Love is a vital survival tool! Without love, the children and older people will not survive. Love is not unique only to humans.
Do all primary emotions reflect energetic flow?
Thoughts, memories, and emotions express an energetic flow that may be harmonious or disharmonious. When we have good "chemistry" with people, the energy flow with them is harmonious, and vice versa. With people with whom we have a disharmonious energy flow, we have "bad chemistry."
Are evil and hatred the same?
In the literature, you will find no uniform answers to that question. Hate is a very powerful emotion; its expression is sometimes evil. But not all hatred is exhausted in action. Therefore, it cannot be defined that evil and hatred mirror each other.
Challenge Yourself, Your Knowledge and Intuition:
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True LOVE is unconditional!
1. Why is love measured precisely in the most challenging situations in life?
Almost all of us experience ups and downs in life. Disappointments, crises, and failures are an integral part of modern life.
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A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 3.
Love is ageless; It has no boundaries. Love is independent of culture, color, race, religion, language, or country. Love and support are essential for recovery from chronic diseases and addictions.
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