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Chronic inflammatory diseases became an epidemic in the 21st century. The main cause is the weakening of the immune system due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Learn how to boost your immune system.

Chronic inflammatory diseases.
All chronic liver diseases obstruct the liver's blood and bile flow. By unblocking and cleansing the liver & kidneys, it is possible to initiate liver tissue regeneration.
Resuming the flow of bile fluid into the intestines is essential for recovery. It lubricates the intestines and contradicts the very acidic food that comes from the stomach — thus initiating intestinal tissue regeneration.
The kidneys can regenerate similarly to other organs of the body, especially if they are strengthened together with liver function. Avoiding dialysis is a possible task even in advanced stages.
Chronic prostatitis is a stressful and depressive disease that the drugs cannot cure, nor are Chinese herbal remedies. The only way to achieve recovery is through strengthening the immune system using the self-healing method.
Fibromyalgia manifests multiple chronic inflammations spread across multiple body systems, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. CFS is essentially painless fibromyalgia!
Migraines are symptoms of Intracranial pressure, which manifests reduced blood flow of the jugular (neck veins) due to Inflammatory processes.
Other chronic and Degenerative diseases.
Type 2 diabetes is entirely reversible, even in advanced stages, without the need for medication through a balanced, unprocessed natural diet. Long-term diabetic patients may also need to clear toxins from their liver and kidneys to strengthen their immune system.
The first symptom experienced by coronary heart disease patients is often a heart attack. Fear puts many patients into an excessive medication regimen that only causes harm and perpetuates the disease.
Osteoarthritis is the result of inflammatory processes. Although it is different from rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment for both is quite similar. (The mental emphasis is different)
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