Akashic record's existence may indicate we live in a SIMULATION!

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15/03/2022 9:18

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Isaac Newton were geniuses gifted at retrieving information from the Akashic records.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records - The Unlimited Knowledge of the Universe. (Virtual Library) The idea of an Akashic library is reminiscent of today's cloud technology. The library's existence has a deep philosophical significance.

  • The existence of a virtual Akashic library containing records of the universe's history and future! It raises many philosophical questions, most of which we cannot answer, but its existence is self-evident! 
  • The thought of a central virtual library, an Akashic library in which all the histories of the universe have been recorded, including all of our past and future, and the accessibility of that library, requires that we have a decoding organ! Is it the pineal gland? I believe so, but it takes courage and severe research.

Many posts repeat the theme of the Akashic library. It is essential to emphasize that the idea that we are living in a simulation can be believed or rejected. But we can never prove or deny the idea. (because of logical limitations)

Link: The sync of aliens' time with ours manifests a philosophical paradox.

The meaning of the supersensible phenomena is that our perception of the time-space dimension is wrong! The future may have happened in another dimension; only we cannot retrieve the information.

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