Cysts, polyps, and tumors are tools for self-defense.

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14/01/2022 4:21

Tumors make it possible to isolate the working parts of an organ from the damaged parts. Therefore it is a tool for self-defense.


A cyst about 1 inch in diameter in the back of my neck, along the gallbladder meridian route, developed in me long before I knew I had chronic liver disease. At first, it looked like a lump of fat; later, it became a cyst. Twice, with a time gap of 10 years, I performed a surgical removal (under local anesthesia) of the cyst. The first time, the cyst took several years to return to its original size. The second time I performed a surgical removal, the cyst returned in the same place, slightly smaller, but in less than six weeks. The cyst only started to shrink when my liver was in the final stages of recovery. The conclusions are not hard to guess.


Cysts, polyps, and tumors are symptoms of prolonged inflammatory processes. A tumor is a symptom of an organ or tissue with prolonged inflammation. The tumor does not cause any disease - it is a result! (Symptom) Thus, surgical removal often does not solve the problem in the long run.

The main differences between Cysts, polyps, and benign tumors are tissue types that form various tumors.

  • Chronic inflammation and inflammation as a result of autoimmune diseases are the leading cause of the formation of C.P.T. (Cysts, Polyps, Tumors)
  • Weak flow of blood & lymph fluid can cause the body to produce cysts.
  • Cysts are not the cause but a highly toxic organ or tissue symptom.

The human body can reverse tumors with its unique ability to make Cysts, polyps, and tumors disappear. (If the proper conditions prevail.)

The main risk - If the body's energy decreases, there is a danger that these benign tumors will become cancerous.

This claim can be tested through laboratory animals that receive exceptionally inflammatory nutrition and living conditions.

After extensive testing, it will turn the trend into anti-inflammatory nutrition and living conditions. If my claim is correct, the experiment should show a sharp decline in the number and extent of the tumors until they disappear entirely. This is a relatively simple experiment with far-reaching implications.


Continue reading. Tumors allow the isolation of damaged tissue in self-defense.

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