The psychic-energetic impact is overviewed.

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24/04/2022 6:09

Although everyone understands that the mind has a far-reaching effect on the body, modern medicine does not use this methodology.

Brain complexity.

The concept of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine linking mental trauma to chronic morbidity, with an energetic explanation, is very advanced even today. Indian medicine has created a map of 7 energy centers (chakras) along the spine, arranged according to the colors of the rainbow. From red at the bottom to purple at the tip of the apex. (Amazing in the level of sophistication) Chinese and Indian medicine reflects a whole-life philosophy of energetic and mental balance.

Maps of the meridians and chakras can be found in each of the seven chakras. It is essential to emphasize that you do not need to be an expert in Chinese or traditional Indian medicine to understand this blog.


An introduction to the concept of Qi life-force energy. (Chinese philosophy)

  • "To live is to have Qi in every body part." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

Surprisingly, ancient Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and traditional Chinese medicine linked emotional traumas and energy blockages.

  • Therefore, we will use these tools, which may seem outdated! But logical and consistent. I have rich experience in traditional Chinese medicine after thousands of treatments, acupuncture sessions, and 17 years of prolonged stay in China. Through various healers, I was also exposed to Indian medicine. However, I do not pretend to be an expert in Chinese or Indian medicine.

The effect of body, mind, and spirit on elevating the life-force energy (qi) level:

The impact of unresolved traumas on the body, particularly in young patients with autoimmune diseases, cancer, and addictions, is devastating and, therefore, critical to recovery. It is essential to emphasize that drug treatments are usually intended to alleviate symptoms and are not able to bring about recovery but only relief, sometimes only temporarily.


An introduction to the concept of Chakras (energy centers and Meridians (energy channels). 

The concept of meridians:

  • Chinese medicine has connected the various organs through energy channels in an astonishing way. Thousands of years ago, there was no knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • According to Chinese medicine, the knees are related to digestion, and indeed, the meridians of the spleen and stomach pass through the knees. The liver is associated with the eyes (vision), while the kidneys are with the ears (hearing). If you suffer from migraines, look in the gallbladder. Even tumors, on the surface, form along the meridians. I dedicated a separate article to this at the attached link, based on my many years of experience. Buddhist nonsense (as distinguished professors have explained to me)? Of course not! This sophistication should exist in modern medicine. Link: Tumors allow the isolation of damaged tissue in self-defense.

The concept of Chakras.

  • Chakras are described as rainbow-colored energy vortices. The 7 chakras, energy centers, are arranged along the spine according to the colors of the rainbow, from red to purple, reflecting different energies. Purple at the apex is not in the spectrum of visible light. (An excellent insight) The association of energetic frequency with specific groups of organs and emotions is more profound than one can imagine!
  • Someone who has had a brain disease will probably look for an unresolved trauma in Chakra 6 (the third eye) that triggered the disease. For those with autoimmune diseases, one must look for the heart's chakra because the thymus gland that produces the maturation of white T cells is associated with the fourth center. The diagnosis using this method is not very simple because there is usually a combination of several chakras and factors related to diet and lifestyle.

By analogy, I compare the chakras to traffic lights at central intersections and the meridians to the divergent roads. A malfunction of the traffic light can cause accidents (diseases), but also a problem of roadblocks. Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not attach proper importance to the energetic body; therefore, there are no studies in this regard.

Is there a connection between chakras and meridians? Of course, it does!


Although there are different methods, there are similarities in thought between chakras and meridians.

When I asked the AI whether it was possible to integrate the two methods to get more accurate results, the answer was somewhat casual. It claimed that they have a joint energy base but are different methods. Since I am not an expert in the field and cannot conduct the necessary empirical statistical research, I will give only a few apparent insights.

A few similarities and differences that immerge immediately:

  • In both cases, energetic properties are attributed to the human body. (Very advanced thinking, even for our time)
  • Two central meridians serve as a kind of "feeding cable" in contrast to the chakra model; the heart chakra (precisely in the center) assumes the role of energetic nourishment.
  • Meridians represent energetic flow channels, while chakras are vortices in fixed locations. They are colored (different frequencies) precisely in the colors of the rainbow. (This is a far-reaching insight into ancient medicine!)
  • There are 14 meridians (6 ascending, 6 descending, and 2 central), but not every meridian or pair can be attributed to a particular chakra.
  • The meridian system is on the surface (adjacent to the skin), while chakras are described as a vortex on both sides of the body. (from the back to the front)
  • The head has two chakras, but no meridian exists for the brain, eyes, or head area. However, several meridians pass through the head's surface.

I believe the two methods complement each other and are correct. However, empirical research is needed to validate this argument. After hundreds of acupunctures, with over a dozen doctors, over many years, I do not doubt that meridians reflect energy channels. Equally, I get the chakras as well.


The characterization of chronic diseases is vital in understanding the basic energy level:

  • Deciphering the genetic code did not solve the problem of chronic morbidity because the lack of an energetic, mental dimension is critical for understanding chronic morbidity. I proposed a project that would decipher all the causes of chronic morbidity, dramatically changing how medical thinking and treatment are made. But for now, let's make do with what exists—link: Deciphering the underlying causes of all chronic illnesses.

Link: The 4 groups of long-term immunodeficiency illnesses.

This model suggests looking at the long-term failure of the immune system as an energy failure.

  • Cancer of all types. (Lowest life-energy)
  • Autoimmune diseases of all types. (Second low life-energy)
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • (Highest among four immunodeficiency conditions)

The age factor:

  • Chronic diseases that break out at a young age, aged 30-35 and under, turn the emphasis on the mental direction in the context of unresolved traumas. The explanation is quite intuitive. The immune system begins to weaken significantly only around 45-50.


Tumors allow the isolation of damaged tissue in self-defense.

Tumors of various types (polyps, cysts, and fibroids) are formed either in the energetically blocked organ or along the blocked meridians, usually near the acupuncture points. (The article at the attached link explains this.) Tumors allow the isolation of damaged tissue in self-defense.

Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense. Link: Cancer causes emphasize its two interconnected trajectories.

Full details of the map of chakras and meridians in subsequent posts.

  • After briefly reviewing the 7 chakras, I try to share my insights from many years of experience in later posts on each chakra; I also detail the recommended treatment methods in a separate post.


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