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All photos in the gallery are authentic—most were taken using a mobile phone camera after coffee enemas and liver flushes.

The Gallery is just a small collection of a thousand photographs I have accumulated over ten years. Most were taken with a mobile phone camera.
The process of removing biliary stones is critical to the recovery of the liver. Gallstones block blood and bile flow inside the liver and do not allow bile to reach the duodenum.
Doctors in China have identified two types of worms. Their sizes were terrifying and unbelievable. Liver worms are evidence of advanced body decay.
Liver Cysts are often small and appear wrapped in a dark membrane. The tiny blood vessels of the cyst can often be seen.
When I first saw the stinking gut tissue, I went to the hospital with samples and photographs. The doctors were not impressed.
The pain and suffering were inconceivable! My body rotted while I was alive. I lived on the verge of death for about six years.
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