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A picture is worth more than a thousand words! Judge for yourselves. All my photos are authentic. Most were taken using a mobile phone camera. (The images are disgusting)

The photographs in the Gallery are just a small collection of more than a thousand photographs I have accumulated over nine years. Most were taken with a mobile phone camera.
It is hard to believe the size and amount of biliary intra-hepatic stones that can come out through the liver and gallbladder flush combined with coffee enemas and freshly squeezed juices.
Doctors in China have identified two types of worms. Their sizes were terrifying and unbelievable. Red worms came out while they were alive, dark-colored worms came out when they were already rotten! Along with decayed liver tissue!
Cysts of the liver are often small, appear to be wrapped in a dark membrane. Sometimes the blood vessels that connected the cyst to the liver tissue can be seen.
Rotten intestinal tissue came out of me using coffee enemas for a very long time. When I first saw the stinking intestinal tissue, I went to the hospital with samples and photographs. There they made fun of me!
The pain and suffering were inconceivable! My body rotted while I was alive. I lived on the verge of death for about six years. The struggle until full recovery lasted another grueling six years.
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