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What are cookies?

An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie) or its more familiar English name cookie, Is a small text file that includes a string (sequence of characters) that describes the behavior and behavior of surfers on a website. The cookie is created when you browse a Web site and is a type of "memory" of the site. The cookie is kept on the client-side, which is kept on the surfer's computer. The cookie is sent when necessary to serve the site for calculations and data processing.

What use does this site make in cookies?

The site uses cookies for several main purposes:

  • Essential Cookies - These cookies are required to enable the site's proper behavior, including identifying the surfer at the entrance to the site, performing a proper purchase and order procedure, and more. Without these cookies, the site will not function properly.
  • Performance Tracking Cookies - These cookies are designed to collect statistical information about the surfer's behavior to improve the site. This information includes, inter alia, information about the most viewed pages, time on each page, sources of access to the site, etc. This information is cumulative and anonymous and does not include identifying the surfer's details on the site.
  • Functional cookies are intended to remember the surfer's various selections on the site, including selecting the interface language, selecting a preferred currency, filtering and sorting, and more. Without these cookies, the functionality of the site may be compromised.

Some of the site's cookies may be from third parties, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

Can I turn off cookies?

You can change your browser settings and not allow this site to manage cookies. However, it is most likely that blocking the use of some or all of the cookies will not allow a proper browsing and purchasing process.


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