Homeopathy - is the most common alternative treatment.

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18/09/2022 5:07

I don't see homeopathy as a self-healing method because it has no actual mechanism of action. The placebo effect is genuine, but it's not for everyone.


The great advantage of homeopathy is that it is painless, easy to perform, does not have any side effects, and does not require prior preparations. Its primary disadvantage is that without an explicit action mechanism, it cannot treat the causes of chronic diseases!


The homeopathic treatment is based on my understanding of the placebo effect.

Links: Homeopathy (Wikipedia)  |  The placebo effect is genuine but requires deep belief!

My homeopathy experience.

  • My homeopathy therapist is a qualified doctor whom I met at a private clinic for patients in difficult situations. (Most of them were cancer patients.) The therapist was very attentive, kind, and empathetic. I went to his house several times for a very comprehensive question. After several attempts to take medicine specially formulated for me, I felt nothing! The subsequent attempts were more potent treatments, strangely at a much higher dilution. (Contrary to all the principles of chemistry) Finally, after several months of fruitless attempts, I stopped the homeopathic treatment.

Pros and Cons.


  • The doctor's investigation was lengthy, thorough, and exhaustive.
  • Easy treatment without pain or discomfort. 
  • No side-effects.


  • I have made four attempts with the most potent homeopathic remedies available - With no effects!
  • The mechanism of action of the homeopathic method is unclear.
  • It only works when the patient fully believes he is recovering from homeopathic treatment. (Placebo effect)
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