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The topic of detoxification and the discourse on antioxidants, free radicals, and toxins have entered the public consciousness and agenda.


Detoxification and cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, intestines, and kidneys have a far-reaching effect on strengthening the immune system. Detoxification workshops have opened in many places, yet the subject remains part of alternative medicine. Quite paradoxically, modern medicine that uses similar tools, such as a dialysis machine and an artificial liver machine, treats the subject with great disapproval and skepticism.

Detoxification has the physiological effect of strengthening the immune system when its mirror image increases the body's energy level. Medicine does not attach energetic importance to detoxification because it does not see the human body as a dual entity – matter and energy.

Anyone who looks at the photos in the gallery (disgusting images) will not need any further explanation about the necessity of detoxification. Link: Gallery (Disgusting)


Detoxification - Introduction and short brainstorming.

The definition of "Antioxidants "was given in 1995 by Halliwell and Gutteridge. 

Link: Detoxification (Wikipedia)

The issue of detoxification has become more common than ever. And yet, medicine treats detoxification as a technique to strengthen the immune system with great skepticism. We readily accept that the filters must be replaced at home and in the car. Still, it is difficult for medicine to accept that the primary filters in the human body (liver and kidneys) must be cleansed for the same reason! A clogged filter does not work effectively.

  • The chemical-scientific rationale for detoxification exists, but medicine has no simple operation tools!
  • Dialysis machines and liver dialysis machines are technologies designed to eliminate toxins! Only no one calls them detox. (The reasons for this are the subject of a separate discussion.)
  • No drug therapy or side effects can effectively detoxify for an extended period.

Modern medicine has no workable solution for detoxification; therefore, the whole field is left to alternative therapists in various methods.


Toxicity comes from two primary sources:

The modern environment is more toxic than ever.


  • Routine Metabolic waste.
  • Toxins are derived from living and dying pathogens inside our bodies. 


Toxins that exist in our food, drink, air, and environment, such as:

  • Processed and industrialized food. Hydrogenated Trans-Fats. Artificial beverages, including diet drinks. 
  • Toxic food with significant amounts of pathogens. (That sometimes releases endotoxins that can stand boiling and cooking temperatures.)
    • Heavy metals.
    • Pesticides.
  • Harmful chemicals.
  • Air pollution. 
  • High radiation exposure.


Detoxification - Questions and answers below each question. (I have immense experience in detoxification.)

Which organs are recommended to perform detoxification?

  • It is recommended to detoxify the organs that mainly carry the metabolic burden—the liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, and lungs. Through them, the rest of the organs will also be cleaned through blood circulation and lymph.

Is it necessary to detox the lungs?

  • The respiratory system bears a heavy burden in the modern era. Air pollution exists and adversely affects the respiratory system even if it is not perceptible. We take flat breaths with reduced volume without noticing the phenomenon; breathing is spontaneous.

Is detoxification able to cure any chronic disease, including autoimmune diseases and cancer?

  • Detoxification raises the patient's energy level but does not act on the mental-spiritual level, which is critical in many chronic diseases, especially autoimmune diseases and cancer.

How long does detoxification take?

  • Depending on the patient's condition and treatment intensity, the answer can range from days to years. It is usually a process of months for chronic patients who do not have chronic liver disease or chronic kidney disease. (Up to two years)

Is it advisable to attend detox workshops?

  • Attending detoxification workshops is recommended, mainly to learn nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Do not expect to recover from a chronic illness during the seminar, which usually lasts a week or two.

Do I have to drink naturally squeezed juices as part of the detoxification process?

  • I highly recommend everyone (including healthy or asymptomatic people) drink naturally squeezed juices regularly. Natural squeezed juice has proven health benefits with no side effects!

I'm afraid I will gain weight if I drink sweet fruit and vegetable juices.

  • Paradoxically, drinking naturally squeezed juices contributes to weight loss! A well-functioning liver allows for much easier weight loss.

I'm a little disgusted by the enema. Is there another way to achieve a similar result?

  • Enema can be performed at home, in complete privacy, and hygienic conditions. Liver and gallbladder flushes are possible, even without enemas, but great care is required to comply with the safety guidelines.

Is it advisable to eat foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries?

  • Natural berries are exceptionally healthy, delicious, and without additives, combined with other fruits, goat yogurt, sheep, cinnamon, and nuts. (A type of cake substitute)

Are there any recommended animal foods during detox?

  • The liver is unable to synthesize omega-3 three and vitamin B12. These are found mainly in animal foods. (Omega 3 from the plant differs from omega 3 from the animal.) Therefore, moderate consumption of free eggs (organic) and deep-sea fish such as halibut, tuna, salmon (Norwegian), and bone marrow are recommended foods. Quality seafood is also recommended. (As well as most fish are a product of agriculture)

Is it advisable to use antioxidant supplements?

How do I know if I need mechanical detoxification or if I can make do with a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet?

  • Listen to your body! You probably need mechanical detoxification if you have not significantly improved symptoms after two to three months of a natural, healthy, and varied diet. A more objective measure is a decrease in the acidity level of the urine (P.H values of 6.5-7)

The paradox of detoxification that sometimes sends us to the medicine cabinet!

  • Detoxification raises the energy level of our body and strengthens the immune system. In our body, there are always inflammations, often asymptomatic. Strengthening the immune system causes the immune system to heal our body, temporarily worsening symptoms. Still, we are accustomed to each symptom immediately requiring medication. We often run to the medicine cabinet and hurt our body's attempt to recover.!

Ups and downs in symptoms characterize the detoxification process. Some symptoms disappear while others intensify. Over time, the improvement is noticeable.


Nutrition-based detox vs. Mechanical detox. 

Detoxification is an essential tool for boosting the immune system. Detoxification can be performed on three different levels.

  1. Nutrition-based detox -  A balanced diet of natural foods, drinking only natural drinks. (It is a relatively slow detoxification suitable for people who wish to maintain good health.)
  2. Mechanical detoxification - Besides proper nutrition, mechanical cleansing of organs such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines carries a significant metabolic burden. (This relatively quick detoxification is most suitable for patients with chronic illnesses.)
    1. Mechanical detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys has a far-reaching impact on the immune system. In chronic illnesses, it is often necessary to combine it with releasing psycho-energetic traumas from the past. 
  3. Additional immune band physiological boosters include Lung detox, a good night's sleep, exercise, sun exposure, acupuncture, and supplements such as omega-3 and vitamin B12. 


Coffee, baking soda, and lemon enemas restore and strengthen the liver and the immune system.

Coffee, baking soda, and lemon enemas effectively restore and strengthen the liver.

The comprehensive mechanical detoxification is explained.

Patients with chronic diseases, for long periods, usually need mechanical detoxification of the liver and kidneys. Most people are not aware that the liver is not a pain-sensitive organ!

Freshly squeezed Juice, Coffee enemas, Liver and gallbladder flushes, and Kidney cleansing. 

  • Fresh juices supply the body with vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes & antioxidants. It elevates the body's energy and helps the liver to produce more bile. Drinking two cups of freshly squeezed juice once in two days (at least) flushes the kidneys.   
  • Liver flushes (especially when added apple cider vinegar) can dissolve and remove solidified bile stones resulting from high toxicity levels. They also improve blood and bile flow inside the liver.
  • Coffee enemas can remove massive quantities of toxins and are much more effective when the bile ducts are not blocked. (Because the movement inside the liver is through the bile ducts.)  Coffee enemas have an almost immediate effect on the liver and intestines. The liver's pressure pushes all the toxins (with the stones) out through the duodenum to the intestines by producing more bile. The peristaltic movement is seven times stronger than usual; it pushes everything stuck inside the intestines through the colon.
  • Kidney cleansing is complementary to liver detox. The liver and kidneys perform a long list of critical metabolic processes. A burden on one strains the other, so it is often essential to cleanse both.
  • Detoxification of the lungs and respiratory system is recommended. Massive air pollution, passive smoking, allergens, sitting in air-conditioned rooms, and lack of physical activity make us breathe superficially. (unnoticed)
  • Walking in nature regularly (possibly in large parks surrounded by trees), preferably immediately after rain or even lightning storms, while taking deep breaths, cleanses the lungs. Sitting near high waterfalls is especially recommended. Waterfalls produce negative ions. (similar to a lightning storm)
  • Air fresheners are another option, but they are inferior to walking in nature in clean air.

When the body has low toxicity levels, the body's energy will improve significantly. Therefore, the immune system can fight all pathogens permanently residing in our digestive system much more effectively. Boosting the immune system is mandatory to recover from any acquired chronic diseases.


Berries smoothie is an excellent antioxidant.

Berries smoothie is an excellent antioxidant.

Potent antioxidants are beneficial for detoxification but are usually not a stand-alone therapy. 

Link: Top 20 Foods High In antioxidants. 

The definition of antioxidants is relatively new and refers to a group of substances found in plants that can inhibit or prevent damage to human cells and tissues.

  • Antioxidants are divided into several groups.
  • The food industry uses artificial antioxidants to preserve food. Studies indicate potential damage to synthetic antioxidants. 

Antioxidants remove free radicals either by oxidizing them or inhibiting other oxidative reactions. Thus, they prevent harmful chain reactions.

  • Due to the lack of appropriate nutrition and exercise, air pollution, smoking, etc., oxidative stress is essential to many human diseases, leading to lethal diseases such as cancer. Therefore, antioxidants must be included in your diet.
  • Synthetically produced antioxidants are currently used in the food industry to prolong product shelf life; there is a trend to consume ample, available, efficient natural antioxidants to minimize cell damage.
  • There are two major groups of antioxidants in living cells:
    1. Enzymatic antioxidants.
    2. Non-enzymatic antioxidants.
  • There are many antioxidants in the form of supplements that promise miracles. They are always inferior to natural foods containing potent antioxidants, such as berries (all kinds). Regular consumption of natural antioxidants boosts the immune system.


Onions and garlic are excellent sources of sulfur.

Onions and garlic are excellent sources of sulfur. (Required for proper immune system functioning)

Glutathione - Essential antioxidant at the cellular level. (Often ignored.)

Glutathione is the most basic antioxidant at the cellular level. Hence also its great importance.

  • Glutathione is enormously influential in the proper functioning of the immune system. Severe and prolonged glutathione deficiency can cause serious illnesses, including cancer.
  • Glutathione cannot be consumed in its active form; the liver must synthesize it. (Glutathione injections are on the market, but their effectiveness is unclear.)
  • Eating sulfur-rich foods has a significant ability to improve the level of glutathione in the body:
    • Examples include avocado, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, Himalayan (black) salt, onion, and garlic.


Antioxidant supplements Vs. Natural antioxidants. (Personal experience)

Natural antioxidants, especially in fruits and vegetables, berries, roots, sprouts, nuts, and more, are always preferable to any industrialized supplement, regardless of concentration.

Link: Freshly Squeezed Juices Benefits - Principles and Guidelines.

  • The benefits of taking long-term antioxidants are secondary to proper nutrition and regular drinking of freshly squeezed juices. Many antioxidant supplements are ineffective if the immune system is not functioning correctly.

Proper and balanced nutrition is especially essential for maintaining our health.

  • Much unprocessed natural food (preferably organic and not genetically modified) with all macronutrients and ingredients. Reduced quantities of animal protein, preferably grass-fed or organic range-free products. Lots of dietary fiber is mixed with natural oils & fats, enabling an effective emulsification process. Fermented products with natural live bacteria are essential for good health.
  • Link: The balanced-varied diet is the most suitable anti-inflammatory diet.


How Do Antioxidants Work? 

I regularly used antioxidant supplements while performing mechanical detox. 

Link:  20 Common Foods With the Most Antioxidants (WebMD)  

  • Milk thistle – protects and rejuvenates the liver.
  • Bentonite clay absorbs large quantities of toxins, is beneficial for eliminating heavy metals, and is mighty and effective without side effects.
    • It is beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Astaxanthin – Causes pink or red in salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood; it can protect human cell membranes.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) - is essential for aerobic metabolism.
  • Resveratrol (in vacuum bags) Red wine is probably the best-known source. It has anti-aging properties and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Fish oil containing DHA and EPA. (Omega 3 fatty acids) 


Summary and Conclusions.

Detoxification is essential in strengthening the immune system and elevating life energy, but it is often insufficient for chronic disease recovery. Accompanying the process with mental-spiritual empowerment and eliminating unresolved traumas is vital.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why does medicine not recognize detoxification as an essential therapy for strengthening the immune system?
I can only guess! Detoxification is considered an alternative treatment and is not related to traditional medicine. Medicine uses a dialysis machine and an artificial liver machine to perform detoxification, with a different name.
What are the primary therapies required for mechanical detoxification?
Mechanical cleansing of the filters in the body (liver and kidneys) while restoring the digestive system's absorption. Controlled sun exposure strengthens the immune system.
Is there an alternative to mechanical detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and lungs?
Detoxification based on an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements is much slower in its effect. Diet-based detoxification is often insufficient when the liver and kidneys are already clogged.
Is detoxification an action that endangers health?
Detoxification has a significant effect on strengthening the immune system. Especially in liver and gallbladder flushes, most risks can be minimized through improved safety rules.
Is detoxification a medical operation that began in the 20th century?
The method of coffee enemas began after a German doctor named Max Gerson discovered the technique's benefits in the 1930s. At the same time, the idea that it is possible and worthwhile to cleanse the body is old.
Why don't most detoxification methods include lung cleansing?
Cleaning the lungs is relevant for everyone and, of course, especially for smokers. Lung cleaning is an operation that cannot be performed with chemicals; there is no industry or profits. Air fresheners are sold, but they are inferior to walking in clean air. Cleaning the lungs and respiratory system is mainly based on inhalations and deep exhalations of fresh air free of pollutants. (a rare commodity nowadays)
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1. Why does mechanical detoxification often aggravates symptoms in the short term?
Many people who perform mechanical detoxification and feel an immediate worsening of their symptoms fear that their condition has worsened and return to taking medications that only perpetuate it.
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A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 1.
Paradoxically, modern medicine uses similar detoxification tools, such as dialysis and artificial liver machines, and treats the subject with great disapproval and skepticism.
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