Blinking serves as the "Antenna of the Subconscious."

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  4. Blinking serves as the "Antenna of the Subconscious."
03/11/2022 4:25

Blinking serves as the antenna of the subconscious. Its location is perfect! Just in front of the pineal gland. (Between the eyes)


Blinking and eyelids' role in lubricating and protecting the eyes is only the visible part. According to various estimates, Extraterrestrials have large eyes and probably also large eyelids because they require intense supersensory communication.

The pineal gland (known as the third eye), precisely in the center of the brain, probably serves as a factor that decodes all the transmissions of the subconscious. REM dream sleep is characterized by the movement of the eyelids, evidence of subconscious activity. The eyelids are the most delicate and sensitive muscle in the human body.

The eyelids are the antennae of the subconscious. It is not surprising that even blind people. Their subconscious activity is often more intense than usual.

  • It is unsurprising that aliens probably have large eyes (and probably also large and extremely sensitive eyelids). They operate through telepathy and need antennas and exact and fast transmissions.
  • Blinking is a phenomenon that also exists in the animal world in different forms derived from the structure of the eye and eyelids. Advanced animals have a subconscious, which is a fundamental survival mechanism.

According to the theory that I present, eyelid prevention will impair people's intuitive and telepathic abilities. The fact that different healers use the techniques of the eyelid is not surprising.


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