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12/01/2022 7:28

A combination of existing technologies may, at relatively low costs, prevent accidents caused by drunk driving and the influence of drugs.

Car accidents.

Every year, about 1.3 million people are killed worldwide in road accidents. For drunk driving, there is a high percentage of involvement in road accidents. Until autonomous vehicles are implemented worldwide, lots of people will die and get injured in road accidents involving drunk drivers. It is preventable, at least partially, by using existing technologies.

I suggested, as a public service, that Tesla develop a safety system that would prevent drunk driving and under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately, I didn't get any references.


How will the proposed system work?

  • Alcohol and drug vapor sensors, along with facial and voice recognition software connected to the vehicle's computer and ignition, can turn off vehicles of drivers driving while drunk or under the influence of dangerous drugs. An intelligent system will only allow a sober driver to drive the car while taking images of the front seats to prevent fraud. Since these are existing technologies, the technology is expected to be relatively inexpensive. Car manufacturers will only be asked to allow immediate and straightforward connection to the vehicle's computer. Governments, insurance companies, drinkers, and their families will be the first to benefit from the proposed system, even if it involves some inconvenience, especially during the initial trial stages.

The human and economic burden of accidents resulting from drunk driving is enormous and preventable.

  • It is in the interest of the governments and insurance companies to save human lives and vast sums of money. Therefore, it is worthwhile for them to promote such safety systems.
  • Drivers caught driving while intoxicated will be required to drive a vehicle with a built-in alcohol and drug detector.

The technology that detects dangerous vapors in the vehicle will report electronically to a monitoring center with GPS location. The car will turn off driving safely using electronic disconnection. The drunk driver will be required to run an app that will release the vehicle only after verifying that he is not driving the car.

The proposed system is relatively simple and can be developed within several months.


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