Disgusting images of liver stones, liver worms, cysts, and polyps.

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22/04/2022 5:24

These images illustrate how resilient the human body is! You can always recover from any acquired chronic illness, even one that seems impossible.

Mechanical detoxification.

By complying with fundamental requirements (mental & physical) — All chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!

Recovery is always achievable, even from severe, long-term chronic diseases, including addiction-related illnesses. Following Self-healing methods is challenging mentally and physically, mainly because it takes discipline and self-confidence to serve as your medical advisor.


link: Gallery (Disgusting)

Liver (Intrahepatic) biliary stones & Gallstones in the toilet - Removed by Liver flushes & Coffee enemas.Giant Liver Fluke Worms - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee & Baking soda enemas.Liver Cysts & Rotten liver tissue - Removed by liver flushes & Coffee and Baking soda enemas.Liver and Gallbladder, and bowel & colon flush. (Mechanical detoxification) - Instructions, Benefits & Risks.Decayed digestive tissues and polyps.Prostate calcifications removed by 3d clinic, Changsha, China.


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