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28/11/2021 5:38

A very concise summary of all the accumulated information about extraterrestrials and alien civilizations, divided into several subcategories.

  • Much of the information I provide on this blog is based on Adrian Dvir's book, X3 Healing, Beings, and Extraterrestrials, including my direct channeling with extraterrestrials.

The questions and answers summarize comprehensive topics I have covered in more detail in separate posts. Many questions still have no answers. In this post, I provide a glimpse, in points only, without links, of all the information I have accumulated about extraterrestrials. This post is for methodological purposes, as I find insufficient reliable information on extraterrestrial topics online. The blog on extraterrestrials is dedicated to the late Adrian Dvir (Wikipedia)  (1958-2004), a computer engineer, medium, and founder of extraterrestrial civilizations science. Link: The late Adrian Dvir. Founder of alien civilizations science. 


General information regarding Extraterrestrials. 

Are extraterrestrials made of organic materials?

  • Aliens are made of organic materials because they have a distinct advantage. As creatures made of organic materials, aliens need a physiological system and morphology reminiscent of humans, with very significant differences.

Does the morphology of extraterrestrials resemble that of humans?

  • Aliens have limbs, a large head, large eyes, ears, and bodies of wildly varying sizes (depending on the gravity of the star they come from). Some have a height of 4 meters! While some of them are very short. The physiology of extraterrestrials is adapted to their environment; therefore, their anatomy is entirely different from that of humans.

How do extraterrestrials reproduce?

  • Since extraterrestrials have diverse life forms, the answer is not uniform. Some extraterrestrial life forms, like humans, reproduce through genetic engineering and version upgrades.
  • There are life forms originating from the evolution of reptiles and insects in which the female lays eggs and the male fertilizes them. The offspring grow in a shared nest; just don't be confused, this is a very developed alien civilization.
  • Humans are probably among the few civilizations that reproduce through sexual intercourse. Therefore, we are also notably of interest.

How many extraterrestrial civilizations are there?

  • There are currently (excluding Earth) 55 civilizations in the Federation of Extraterrestrial Civilizations. However, it is estimated that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is worth emphasizing that since the universe is infinite, it is impossible to know exact numbers.

What is the role of the Council of the Alien Federation?

  • The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation is a democratic body that manages and represents all its members. Its role is to ensure that conflicts do not arise between civilizations, promote research topics, and protect federation members.
  • This ancient body has excellent powers and employs inspectors to implement the Council's deliberations.
  • When the time comes, Earth will be asked to elect a member of the Federation Council because the elected representative must have high telepathic abilities and not be a politician! I presented my candidacy to the Federation, which has veto power over the elected representatives.


Extraterrestrial lifestyle and nutrition.

The Federation Council of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

  • The Federation of Extraterrestrial Civilizations is a powerful executive body that brings together 55 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

How do aliens achieve a life expectancy of thousands of years?

  1. Aliens are genetically adapted to their environment almost perfectly.
  2. Extraterrestrials sometimes live in other, less dense dimensions, so their physiology is also much slower and allows for a low metabolic load, which translates into a high life expectancy.
  3. Extraterrestrials live without environmental infections and pathogens, so their immune system does not need to strain and deplete resources and life energy. 

Do aliens have social order?

  • From my accumulated information, I see an egalitarian social order, without ego, with distinct specializations. Aliens don't need money!

Do extraterrestrials have moral values?

  • Aliens have no human feelings but possess solid moral values and justice. Otherwise, it would be terrifying to meet them!

Do extraterrestrials eat?

  • Organic organisms eat organic food. Therefore, extraterrestrials must eat, breathe, and emit digestive and degradation products.

Extraterrestrials have a well-developed sense of humor.

  • A sense of humor plays a vital role in energy discharge and balance. Therefore, we like the company of people with a sense of humor.

Do aliens possess a language and write?

  • Aliens have spoken language and writing but usually use telepathy for fast, efficient communication. Languages are not uniform for all civilizations.

How do aliens spend their free time?

  • Aliens have a lot of leisure time, mainly for study and enrichment. Learning is essential for extraterrestrials to fulfill tasks.


How technologically developed are extraterrestrials?

Aliens are on different scales above human technologies and scientific knowledge. The gaps cannot be translated into time terms as we know them.

Index for technology level of space-traveling alien civilizations. This index is accepted by extraterrestrials, according to which we are 10 scales behind! (cannot be translated numerically in years)

  • The system of ranking technological development proposed by Kardashev in 1964 brought about a conceptual revolution, and rightly so. However, its arguments are no longer valid when an ultimate energy source such as nuclear fusion is abundant. As an update to the Kardashev scale, I propose an updated scale that is simple, objective, and independent of the civilization's population size.

How do extraterrestrials communicate among themselves?

  • Radio waves (electromagnetic radiation) travel at the speed of light, which is too slow to travel through the infinite space of the cosmos.
  • Aliens have languages and writing, but they usually communicate through telepathy, a high-speed and efficient communication (for those who practice it). Telepathic communication is based on a physical principle called quantum entanglement. (Only with other insights)

How do extraterrestrials travel in the universe?

  • Extraterrestrials travel in spacecraft powered by nuclear fusion energy (like that found in the Sun) at speeds half a million times above the speed of light. The possibility of moving at speeds exceeding the speed of light exists in higher dimensions than the three dimensions to which we are accustomed. The communication of extraterrestrials is also carried out at the same speeds.

How do extraterrestrials achieve speeds 500K times faster than light?

  • At speeds half a million times the speed of light, extraterrestrials travel about a light-year distance in one minute! (almost imaginary)

Do extraterrestrials have computers?

  • Aliens regularly use potent computers. We and many other technologies got the binary principle from them.

Examples of technology and extraterrestrial knowledge used by humans.

  • Acupuncture and astrology are knowledge obtained from extraterrestrials.
  • Viruses are the product of advanced extraterrestrial genetic engineering.
  • Human evolution is based on extraterrestrial intervention. Humans are hybrids of aliens genetically engineered by extraterrestrials.

Extraterrestrials have powerful supersensory capabilities.

  • Aliens have large, well-developed heads, eyes, and ears with the psychic mind-reading abilities of humans. Capabilities that only exist in movies.

Events anticipated by aliens are not deterministic!

  • The future is interconnected with the past and has a deterministic component combined with chaos, so events I receive through channeling usually happen but don't necessarily happen.

The sync of aliens' time with ours manifests a philosophical paradox.

  • Aliens also have notions of time. The paradoxical part is the synchronization between the two-time scales of extraterrestrials and humans. The fact that human time is seemingly transparent to extraterrestrials and allows them to move through our time raises deep philosophical questions.


Interfaces of alien civilizations and human encounters.

Are we mentally prepared for an encounter with aliens?

Early preparation for an encounter with extraterrestrials is critical to preventing panic and military response against extraterrestrials.

  • On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired a radio program on CBS Radio based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." describing the Martian invasion of Earth. The results were mass panic. Imagine a live TV show of an alien landing on Earth without prior preparations - panic is guaranteed! 

What motivation do alien civilizations have to investigate Earth? 

  • Encounters between humans and extraterrestrials have occurred regularly throughout history. Humans worshipped them and saw aliens as idols.
  • Earth enjoys a favorable climate, water, Sun, and many flora and fauna, making it an extensive ground for in-depth study by extraterrestrials. Humans have very different personality traits than extraterrestrials, including morphologically similar ones. Humans breed in sexual reproduction, which is very intriguing to extraterrestrials because it is unique. 

Will aliens invade Erath?

  • Aliens are already here. Aliens have accompanied Earth since its creation. They do not pose a military threat to us. The concerns are understandable but are not realistic.

Do extraterrestrials abduct humans?

  • Humans woke up in extraterrestrial spaceships; most stories are reliable; however, their interpretation requires profound explanation.

Most alien civilizations are human-friendly.

  • Most extraterrestrial civilizations are human-friendly and here to help us in many ways. There are also a few hostile civilizations.

Intellectual property originating from aliens will belong to humanity.

  • Intellectual property originating from extraterrestrials will be given to all humanity. 
  • An extraterrestrial technology that will be handed over to humans is worth enormous sums of money, will acquire vast political power, and will be handed over to all of humanity in a central extraterrestrial technological repository.

Humanity has failed and needs massive changes.

  • Extraterrestrials make it clear via channeling that humanity faces the danger of self-destruction, so their intervention is inevitable.

Do extraterrestrials know about human medicine?

  • Aliens have vast knowledge about human medicine and technologies unknown to human science.

Can extraterrestrials get human diseases?

  • There are many species of extraterrestrials, all of which have different anatomy and physiology from humans, but human pathogens can be dangerous for them.

Are you afraid of aliens because of their unusual appearance?

  • The fear of extraterrestrials is rational, not because of their appearance, but because their intentions are still unknown to the public.

Extraterrestrial technologies will cause rapid geopolitical changes.

  • Extraterrestrial technologies, efficient and inexpensive energy production, communications, and computing could completely change the geopolitical map.

We are in the first stage of four, to an alien encounter.

  • The first encounter with aliens will be well-planned and coordinated with the extraterrestrials in two phases and four stages.

Encounters with aliens must be trust builders.

  • The expedition (5-7 volunteers) will travel to the constellation of Sagittarius, a distance of about 450 light-years! The journey is intended to welcome humanity into the Federation's lap and give humanity a sense of security about what lies ahead.

Humanity's independence in all circumstances is vital.

  • Humanity's accession to the alien Federation (55 advanced civilizations) should reflect mutual respect, decency, and independence of humans.

The historic encounter with extraterrestrials involves risks.

  • The potential of humanity in encounters with extraterrestrials is indescribable. At the same time, it is fraught with risks, which must be managed.

Aliens will prevent a possible military response from Erath.

  • Aliens are aware of the risk of a military response by separatists who will feel threatened by an encounter with them and, therefore, prevent it.

War with aliens means the destruction of Earth.

  • In movies, the people of Earth beat the extraterrestrials! But don't be fooled; aliens are more technologically advanced than us on a whole scale.

Aliens regularly monitor nuclear facilities.

  • Extraterrestrials are aware of and monitor nuclear weapons to prevent the possible destruction of Earth by its inhabitants.

Does an encounter with aliens threaten religions?

  • The historical encounter with extraterrestrials has social and religious implications, so the encounter will not be a surprise.
  • I believe religions will return to functioning after a temporary crisis while making methodological adjustments to the changing reality. Religions will not disappear!

Oumuamua is indeed an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

  • The debate surrounding the Oumuamua "cruiser" spotted in Hawaii ignited the astrophysics world with a fierce debate about extraterrestrials.
  • The Oumuamua was deliberately moving at a relatively slow speed so that it could be detected. Aliens emphasized that they could, of course, avoid detection. The discovery itself was deliberate, raising awareness of extraterrestrials.

I offer myself as Earth's ambassador to the Alien Federation Council.

  • The identity of Earth's ambassador in representing Earth's interests before the Federation Council in terms of advocacy is of great importance. The telepathic messages must be very credible in the eyes of the Federation Council. Therefore, I offer myself as Earth's ambassador.

International UFOs and extraterrestrials awareness year 2025.

  • I propose to announce the International Year of UFO and Alien Awareness 2025 to increase public awareness of extraterrestrials.

The year 2025 is a turning point for humanity.

  • Towards the end of 2024, dramatic events are expected to improve humanity, but they begin with a seemingly random crisis of nature.

A mega earthquake is expected in 2025. (Hopefully not!)

  • Shifting tectonic plates are expected to cause an earthquake and volcanic eruption in the San Francisco area and on the West Coast, as far as Alaska.

Will aliens reveal to us all the secrets of life's essence?

  • The information from extraterrestrials will revolutionize all aspects of life but will not solve all the secrets of the essence of life.


Extraterrestrials Must Have Accelerated Human Evolution.

DNA is the fundamental building block of life in the universe.

  • Just as there is uniformity in the DNA building block in our world, so too in the entire universe, DNA is a technological marvel, no less!

Second-order evolution is impossible!

  • Second-order evolution, with a change in the number of chromosomes, is theoretically possible but practically improbable.

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations accelerated human evolution.

  • Extraterrestrials explicitly admitted that humans do not originate from apes, and humans do not originate from Earth! I didn't get an answer when I asked if humans originated from March. I was offered to settle for the answer I received.

Humans were genetically engineered in the form of extraterrestrials.

  • Humans are not descendants of apes but the product of genetic experimentation of extraterrestrial races morphologically reminiscent of humans.
  • Although certain alien races may appear similar to humans on the outside, they are anatomically and physiologically different- and their genetics are entirely different. Thus, to the disappointment of all genre lovers, it is impossible for extraterrestrials to breed with humans and have offspring.

All flora and fauna on Earth originated from alien intervention.

  • The message is unimaginable! But everything we know is based on the erroneous assumptions of Darwin's theory of evolution. (Partially correct)


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Dealing with extraterrestrials is fascinating. The deeper you go, the more you will discover endless questions, most of which still have no answer, at least one that is understandable.

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