DNA is unlikely to have been created spontaneously. (Abiogenesis)

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10/01/2023 8:46

Few theories try to explain the formation of life on Earth (Abiogenesis). The problem is that you will get impossible coincidences!


A constant energy source had to be found for life to exist on Earth. (Apart from lightning) life began after the creation of single cells _plankton) that were able to carry out photosynthesis. The chlorophyll that enables photosynthesis is a pretty complex molecule, DNA, by chance! Succeeded in producing the most efficient photovoltaic cell formula in nature. By analogy, it's like asking a newborn baby to write the operating system for all the computing in the world!


In my opinion, there is no escape but to choose one of two alternatives for the formation of life on Earth:

  1. God created everything and is omnipotent. (Religions do not require explanations.)
  2. Extraterrestrial beings intervened and planted life on the Earth; later, they intervened in the human genome and perhaps all life forms!

The thought that everything is conducted randomly is a thought we would like to believe in - but it does not correspond to reality.

The problem is that none of these concepts can be proven or disproved. They will remain unsolved forever. The reason for this is logical and related to the theorem of mathematical incompleteness by Kurt Godel. To illustrate, take the sentence Never say "never." The sentence is built with self-contradiction, and so is the issue of the formation of life on Earth!

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