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The pain and suffering were inconceivable! My body rotted while I was alive. I lived on the verge of death for about six years.

On the verge of death.

When these photos were taken in China from 2008 to 2010, I was in denial. The thought that I was on the verge of death came only at a much later stage. Anyone who sees the photos will ask themselves how I survived alone in the most painful, exhausting, and prolonged treatments in a language I do not know. (Answers are in the forum with the link below) The shocking images highlight the extra long time needed in my condition to achieve a full recovery. The human body has unbelievable rehabilitation abilities.

Link: The tremendous healing power of LOVE.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Where and when were the photos in this gallery taken?
The photos in this gallery were taken in China from 2007-2010. Before and after the (chemotherapy) treatment was designed to destroy the virus (HCV) I contracted at a young age.
How many years were I on the brink of death?
I was on the verge of death for about six years, but the severe symptoms continued long after I was out of danger.
Has living in prolonged pain and fighting for survival changed me?
A 16-year war of survival changed my life from end to end in every possible area! (My previous life seems to have been erased)
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