Love and support are crucial to recovery.

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By complying with fundamental requirements (mental & physical) — All chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!

Love and support.

The entire gallery presents a collection of terrible, disgusting photos but also hope, moments of happiness, deep love with Alixin, now my wife, marriage, and full recovery after 18 years of fighting for survival that changed my life completely.

Anyone who sees the photos will ask themselves how I survived alone in the most painful, exhausting, and prolonged treatments in a language I do not know. (Answers are in the forum with the link below) The shocking images highlight the extra long time needed in my condition to achieve a full recovery. The human body has unbelievable rehabilitation abilities. Link: The tremendous healing power of LOVE.

Recovery is always achievable, even from severe, long-term chronic diseases, including addiction-related illnesses.

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