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07/03/2021 18:38

Sexual intercourse is not intended solely for reproduction or pleasure; it can generate a bi-directional life-force energy charging.

Sexual intercourse's Postures.

This model suggests looking at sexual identities and orientations as an energy-based phenomenon rather than a genetic or social one. Reading the article at the link below is recommended to understand the explanation. Continue reading Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.


Reading the full article at the link below is recommended to understand the explanation.

This theory assumes that all sexual identities and orientations are explained by the magnetic poles' configurations (positive and negative) inside the human body. ( The magnetic poles can have many configurations.)


Sexual intercourse postures are not just for fun!

Sexual intercourse postures attempt to find the best position to connect energetically to your partner. It does not contradict the physical satisfaction each position enables.

  • You can find closer proximity to the opposite pole of the sexual partner in many positions. 
  • The missionary position (usually between heterosexuals) is not a coincidence. It allows both females and males to charge energy simultaneously. Therefore, it is energetic and very efficient.
  • Since most people's inner magnetic poles are not precisely located in identical palaces, sexual intercourse is an exciting way to explore the best suitable position to charge the life-force energy.
  • Kissing alone cannot charge the energy, but it might be a sign of love, significantly impacting energy transfer between sexual partners.

Charging the life-force energy takes place only when the opposite poles are nearby.

Harmonic angles of the magnetic fields allow synchronization of the magnetic fields of the couple. They are expressed in the potential for charging life-force energy and are reflected in sexual attraction. Non-harmonic angles of the magnetic field do not allow synchronization and express sexual repulsion. 


The main assumptions of this unified theory. (All sexual identities and orientations share the same unifying laws.)

The mystery of "Are people born gay?" is unsolved yet.

"Are people born gay?" preoccupied many researchers worldwide for an extended period. I can summarize that there are only two main options. (with a few combinations in between)

  1. People are born gay due to Genetic or Epigenetic causes (They are born gay)
  2. People become gay due to Social or Psychological reasons. (They are not born gay.)

The genetic and social approaches failed to explain sexual identities and orientations.

There are two magnetic poles in our bodies. (Positive and negative)

  • All living creatures have positive and negative magnetic poles. Between the poles, there is a vortex. (Electromagnetic field)
  • The body's observation as an energetic entity with magnetic poles explains all the phenomena in one unified and consistent model. (As might have been expected.)
  • The fact that Earth has a magnetic field is understandable to everyone. Earth has a tilt of 23.5 degrees, so we have seasons. The analogy to the human body: The human body has a magnetic field with two poles. The tilt of the magnetic field in the human body determines its sexual orientation.

This theory hypothesis suggests an entirely different approach to the causes of all sexual identities & orientations in one unifying model.

  •  It is not trivial and requires imagination, but its basics are simple: attraction and repulsion.
  • My approach to sexual orientation and identity is not routine; thus, I have not found a similar concept. I would love to receive your response and comments on the ideas I put forward.

The laws of nature are whole and uniform.

  • Sexual attraction exists even before reaching puberty. The human body can sense and analyze the preferred sex partner gender (female or male) to optimize the energetic flow in the long term.
  • I think nature is complete; a functional theory should cover and apply to all sexual Identities and orientations with one unifying theory. 
  • My approach is not routine, so I tried to simplify reading as much as possible. I hope you find it interesting.

Sexuality has a very significant role in most people's lives.

  • Sexuality is something we are born with that accompanies us all our lives to death. Sexuality has a very significant role in most people's lives. There are many articles on the "causes of gay sexual orientation." (Without reaching a consensus.)
  • From an energetic point of view, Sex is like a bi-directional wireless energy charger. To enable it, we need to find the exact matching charger. (partner)
  • Couples who live happily ever after enjoy a longer life expectancy, not by chance! They charge each other energetically.


Continue reading Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.

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Mike Hittle
I am sorry, I hit "no" when I meant to hit "yes". This was a great read and was very interesting!
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