The profound philosophical meaning behind the ability to predict the future.

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30/08/2022 10:37

For thousands of years, people have believed (to varying degrees) in predicting the future, often without thinking about its meaning.


Millions of people worldwide still believe and sometimes act according to the legality of pseudoscientific fields such as astrology, numerology, reading in coffee, crystal balls, prophecies of contracts (such as Nostradamus), and more. It is desirable to distinguish between phenomena of intuition and telepathy and reading the future. Telepathy and intuition have different purpose that is not concerned with predicting the future.


On a logical level, what are the possibilities of precisely predicting the future? 

There is logically only one of the following two possibilities:

  1. The future takes place in another dimension and is projected in a hologram. Therefore, we can replay events that have already happened.
  2. Another possibility is that we are living in a simulation, the events we predict have not yet occurred, but they will occur in the future with a high probability.

Both options look straight out of science fiction movies. Both are examined very seriously, without clear conclusions.


The reasons that brought me to deal with the issue of predicting the future are related to my visions on the verge of death.

As a patient with liver cirrhosis, on the brink of death for many years, I had strange visions of sword fights, sitting on a horse, and fighting dressed in Chinese or Mongolian warrior clothes. Did I come to China by accident? I believe not!

  • I knew I would be fine and get well many years before I got sick! It doesn't sound extraordinary until you see the horror pictures in the gallery and realize that people in my situation would have died a long time ago!
  • I also have visions about the events in the current time sequence that have not yet happened, but I believe they will yet happen!

I can't predict the lottery numbers! (Pity) because I believe they are not part of my energetic route. However, the visions I have are directly related to me.


Link: The human simulation-The pinnacle of 21st-century scientific achievements.

I don't know if it is possible to predict the future, but I have proposed several options to examine the issue in the attached article.


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