Multiverse, Egg-shaped universe, the Big Bang, and the time puzzle.  

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30/08/2022 10:37

New findings reinforce the concept of a multiverse with egg-like geometry. (Fibonacci spiral)

Big Bang theory.

I experienced several strange events, which made me perceive that time cannot be a linear axis from the past to the future. After reading Adrian Dvir's books (especially recommended) describing channeling with extraterrestrials, hundreds of millions of years ahead of us, with enormous (often undetailed) information, I formed a different picture of several topics discussed in modern physics. I must emphasize that I am not a physicist; this is not a scientific paper but an attempt to arouse curiosity. Link: Adrian Dvir (Wikipedia)


New findings point to an egg-shaped universe.

An egg-like universe's findings contradict the notion of an ever-expanding universe. The findings contradict many accepted paradigms. If the universe has edges and it is probably possible to discern the edge of another universe, then this is another validation of the idea of a multiverse. Why does the concept of a multiverse fit better with the principles of physics?

  1. A multiverse (by analogy, an infinite basket of eggs), within which some universes are born and die, is a concept of an energetic cycle, as opposed to a one-time event, as explained in the Big Bang theory.
  2. It makes no mathematical sense to describe the age of a universe in any number! 13.8 billion years is an arbitrary number. 
  3. From the single cell to the entire universe, all the energetic processes in nature are characterized by the cyclic energy flow, consisting of four phases:

The four phases are:

Stimulation. Expansion. Contraction. Relaxation.

The Big Bang theory describes a seemingly one-time event with only a beginning, no end, and no periodicity, so this is an erroneous model. It is essential to emphasize that many physicists also objected to the relatively simplistic model of the Big Bang.


The concept of the multiverse also changes the concept of time.

Without space, there are no concepts of time, so according to all existing explanations, there was no concept of time before the Big Bang. (So did Einstein himself.)

  • In a multiverse model, the time dimension is infinite. The universe has always existed and will remain as such forever! The concept of time is endless! Before the Big Bang (a single event within an infinite number of universes), there was a time in the other parallel universes.
  • The fact that our universe, and probably everything else, is egg-like shouldn't come as a surprise. An egg is a Fibonacci spiral, with all the mathematical peculiarities of the golden ratio and exceptional strength. (This is a highly energy-efficient structure)
  • If we think of a multiverse as an infinite number of eggs in an endless basket of eggs, within which new eggs are both born and die (becoming singulars), then we will notice that there are inevitably gaps between the eggs. These intervals must be black hole-like with an energetic singularity. There may be wormhole passages connecting all multiverses. (Just speculation)

The ideas I present so far are not radical. They have been presented in different contexts, just not together.


To what extent does the universe's structure as a Fibonacci spiral egg affect time?

 The fact that our perception of time as a one-way axis from the past to the future is wrong appears several times in Adrian Dvir's threshold. (Information provided by extraterrestrials)

  • Modern physics is already grappling with the strange issue of the influence of the future on the past. (Retrocausality) A phenomenon observed does not seem to have a simple logical explanation. History, of course, affects the future, but the future affecting the past appears irrational. This seemingly contradicts the axial time dimension.
  • I appreciate that the unique geometry of the universe, in the form of a Fibonacci spiral, has implications for the dimension of time as a spiral. The geometry of the universe is undoubtedly related to the dimension of time!

My ideas here are not yet fully verified, but neither unfounded nor scientifically baseless.

I invite physicists to try to solve the tensor equations of general relativity with the universe shape of a Fibonacci spiral. I don't think the solution will lead to a divine theory that unites all four forces, as the Kaluza-Klein theory did in 1926, but they may reveal the dimension of time.


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