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All Sexual Identities & Orientations are explained by known magnetic properties: Attraction and Repulsion. The laws of nature are whole and uniform.

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This model manages to explain all sexual identities and sexual orientations in one unified and consistent model for the first time. The physical principles of the model are energetic-magnetic and are based on known magnetic and physical properties such as attraction and repulsion—harmonic and disharmonious synchronization. The model does not contain mathematical formulas and is not difficult to understand, but reading it requires concentration. 


A brief summary of the main conclusions according to this theory.

Harmonic angles of the magnetic fields allow synchronization of the magnetic fields of the couple. They are expressed in the potential for charging life-force energy and are reflected in sexual attraction. Non-harmonic angles of the magnetic field do not allow synchronization and express sexual repulsion.

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All sexual identities & orientations are the outcomes of the geometric configurations of the magnetic poles inside the human body. (The magnetic poles can have several configurations.)

  • The human body can sense and analyze the most suitable gender and the person (with their sexual orientation) to optimize the energetic transaction in the long term.
  • Sexual intercourse is, in that sense exchanging energy! To succeed in the long run, it has to be a win for both sides.

Sexual identities. (Dichotomous scale)

  • All Sexual Identities are predetermined at birth.

No conflict in sexual identity. (Most people)

  • Without conflict in sexual identity, there is no contradiction between the biological identity and the one we feel associated with.

Conflict in sexual identity versus biological identity exists (in both sexes) primarily among transgender and androgynous people.

  • Transgender people - Switching poles in the opposite direction. (From the expected position for the biological sexual identities.)
  • Androgynous people have a dual, feminine, and masculine identity, not necessarily with conflict in sexual identity.


Sexual orientations. (Continuous scale)

The magnetic poles' tilt alignment geometry determines all sexual orientations. (Excluding asexuals)

Asexuals, Heterosexuals, Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are prominent sexual orientations.  

  • The magnetic poles' location in the human body is predetermined at birth, but they are not part of the heredity. There is likely an environmental impact on their final spot in the newborn body. (Fits in with a well-known paradox in which identical twins with identical genetic characteristics do not have the same sexual orientation.)
  • Sexual Orientations are predetermined at birth for the majority of the population. Since it is a continuous scale, social and psychological reasons likely take place when people are close to the "separator range." (Virtual range)


Sexual identities and orientations - Schematic display.

Sexual identity, sexual orientation, and asexual behavior. (Simplified definitions)

We all have a sexual identity, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior. These three definitions are related but not the same.

  • Sexual identity - refers to the sex to which we feel emotionally-energetically connected; most often, it is our biological sex. Occasionally there is a conflict between the biological sex (with which we are born) and the sex we feel connected to.
  • Sexual orientation -usually answers the question of which sex we are attracted to. (Opposite sex, Same as ours, both sexes, or not at all.) 
  • Sexual behavior - How humans experience and express their sexuality. (Sexual behavior (Wikipedia


There can be no separate explanation for each and all sexual identities and orientations; there must be a unifying model because that is how nature works.

  • Sexual attraction exists even before reaching puberty. The human body can sense and analyze the preferred sex partner gender (female or male) to optimize the energetic flow in the long term.
  • Nature is complete; a functional theory should cover and apply to all sexual Identities and orientations with one unifying theory. 

The mystery of "are people born gay?" is unsolved yet.

"Are people born gay?" preoccupied many researchers worldwide for an extended period. I can summarize that there are only two main options. (with a few combinations in-between)

  1. People are born gay due to Genetic causes. (They are born gay)
  2. People become gay due to social, environmental (epigenetic) causes, or psychological reasons. (They are not born gay)

Both the genetic and social approaches failed to explain sexual identities & orientations.


Heterosexual woman and a man with the illustration of the energy flow. (Positive (red) to negative (blue))

Between the magnetic poles, there is a three-dimensional magnetic field vortex.

In this unified model, you will find a detailed analysis of all sexual identities and sexual orientations.

Continue reading the entire article: The Unified Energetic Model of All Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's theory)


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