Unresolved traumas create energy blockages.

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26/11/2020 14:16

Neutralizing energy blockages is critical to recovery from severe chronic illnesses. Penetration into the subconscious mind is challenging.


The effect of releasing unresolved traumas is more potent than any other technique. At the same time, it is more challenging to perform because the mechanism that stores unresolved traumas resides in the subconscious, access to which is blocked. Several techniques penetrate the subconscious mind, but often none are unavailable. Most Westerners are unable to practice profound meditation; other techniques use hallucinogens, such as ayahuasca (ayahuasca), a banned drug.

Unresolved traumas exist in everyone, only on different levels. Personality has an impact, but everyone is vulnerable to trauma. Childhood and adolescence are very prone to trauma due to personality changes. Traumas begin even in the fetal stage and continue throughout life. The effect is moderated at certain ages due to life experience and physiological effects. It is essential to emphasize that traumas are subjective, in one's view, at the time they occurred. Sometimes, in retrospect, that event would not have created trauma. Moreover, traumatic events that did not penetrate the subconscious and remained conscious do not cause health damage. Without eliminating unresolved traumas, serious illnesses often cannot be recovered.


I encourage people to contact a hypnosis therapist they trust.

Link: Hypnosis is a vital subconscious-penetrating procedure.

  • It is essential to emphasize that regular psychological treatments do not penetrate the subconscious. They may help in the process but not in eliminating unresolved traumas.

Medicine makes negligible use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool for diseases of the body, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the deep connection between body and mind, which is expressed primarily in unresolved traumas that reside in the subconscious. Since access to the subconscious mind is (deliberately) blocked, only a few techniques can penetrate it. For Westerners, almost the only option is hypnosis.

Essential tips to successful therapy. 

  • Finding a licensed hypnosis therapist with whom you feel comfortable and have good interpersonal chemistry is critical.
  • The first few times entering a hypnotic state may take longer. Be patient. Without patient cooperation, it is impossible to hypnotize!
  • Try to find a hypnosis specialist who uses an eyelid technique (antenna of the subconscious mind) to detect the approximate time of the trauma. (or traumas) is a time-saving technique. You'd be surprised at what events were traumatic for you then. Events that today might have passed with nothing.
  • In my experience, with a process of energetic flushing, similar to hypnosis, it is sometimes lengthy. Trauma detection is the first step. Eliminating trauma from the subconscious and transferring it to the conscious is the second stage. (There is no situation in the process where the event is deleted or forgotten)
  • It is advisable to accompany the entire process with only a natural diet and a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

Eliminating unresolved traumas is challenging but accompanied by personal empowerment and changes in all aspects of life.


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