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The high volume of visits to the website and the warm responses I received encourage me to continue to assist many people worldwide.

I wish everyone that in 2021 we will witness the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. We hopefully can soon return to a routine, healthy life with social gatherings, flights, trips, sports, and events.

Happy & healthy new year, 2021. 

The portal has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in the last year of 2020.

The website is built on the most advanced platform of web management language software. (PHP-7) Setting up this portal and writing the diverse content took me 3 years and thousands of work hours.

  • In 2020, this portal underwent a content, graphic, linguistic, structural, and technological upgrade with a special emphasis on user-friendliness. During 2020 many articles were added, most of them in light of many inquiries I received from patients worldwide. 


The forums cover a wide range of aspects concerning self-healing functional medicine, the human body & mind, our environment. 

  • The many forums reflect a vast range of topics and an anonymous response to hundreds of applicants who have presented a wide range of topics including concerns, and personal and intimate issues.
  • The forums are open and do not require the identification of the authors. Everyone is welcome to write in various forums. (Subject to forum rules)

The world, of course, will survive, and life will get back on track gradually. This lesson will not be forgotten soon.

In the spring-summer of 2021, there will already be several vaccines against the COVID-19. Since the developed vaccines reflect three main and different methods, it will not be surprising that the general public vaccine will be integrated, with more than one vaccine type.

  1. Inactivated/attenuated virus. (Which the body can easily overcome and produce antibodies against without getting seriously ill)
  2. M-RNA (messenger RNA) - Instructions for the immune system to produce a specific antibody without getting the disease. (Innovative method.)
  3. A genetically engineered virus. The shell will look like the coronavirus and therefore produce an immune response, except that the genetic load has been replaced with a virus that does not cause disease in humans.

The severe social and psychological effects and the manifestation of increasing chronic morbidity will be seen relatively quickly. Consumption of various drugs in times of crisis increases dramatically. As compensation, you can expect an increase in birth rates.


YouTube channel. (Sf-Healing - Self-Healing Medicine)

  • My youTube channel (Sf-Healing - Self-Healing Medicine) ) consists of over 70 short videos covering a wide range of topics. (Implemental & theoretical) You are invited to watch them.


The MRI Challenge.

  • To confirm the self-healing method, I am willing to place myself at any time (free of charge) for a repeat comparative examination. (I have an MRI from March 2015.)


Contact me directly.  (I answer every applicant personally)

Feel free to respond or ask any question that comes to your mind.

Link: Contact me.


Sincerely yours,

Harel Samuel



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