The portal was launched in late 2018. In recent months this site has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in terms of a variety of topics, improved graphics, and linguistic editing.

The significant volume (200K) of website entries during 2019 (the launch year of the website), with the many emotional comments I received, give me the power to continue helping everyone and especially the chronically ill.

Instead of competing for the premiere of the development of the coronavirus vaccine, it is necessary to unite forces.

A dedicated multinational expert team must be established immediately to eradicate the coronavirus epidemic. The World Health Organization could be the coordinator and facilitator of the project.

  • All the world's leading labs are busy trying to be the first to win the glory (and lots of money) of finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus. International scientific collaboration would significantly shorten development time, saving unnecessary death and trillions of dollars!
  • To save humanity from catastrophe, there is an urgent need for global leadership in establishing a multinational expert team, along with the manufacturing power of pharmaceutical companies and access to secret technologies. The dedicated task team will be required for creative thinking that combines forces, only with joint forces can we eradicate the Coronavirus epidemic.
  • Aside from preventing infection with the Coronavirus, the best way to defend yourself is to strengthen the immune system using self-healing methodologies.


Website recent updates. (January - May 2020)

New articles and content.

  • Following inquiries from many readers, I expanded the site to additional autoimmune diseases.
  • My research on addiction-related illnesses has led me to develop a different approach to addiction causes, which explains the complex reality and helps with the addiction treatment methodology.
  • The homepage has been refreshed with additional topics and futuristic ideas.
  • 12 practical tips To Help You Optimize your Weight.

Website design, feedback, user-friendliness.

  • Since many articles have been added, for ease of reading, subcategories have been added below the main menu.
  • Feedback voting (New feature, May 2020) - "Reading the article was Interesting/Beneficial?" (Yes, No) 
    • Your feedback will help me improve the content of articles.
  • A sharp reduction in the number of tables to make it easier to read using mobile phones.


My YouTube channel. (Sf-Healing - Self-Healing Medicine)

  • My youTube channel (Sf-Healing - Self-Healing Medicine) ) consists of over 45 short videos covering a wide range of topics. (Implemental & theoretical) You are invited to watch them.


The MRI Challenge.

  • To confirm the self-healing method, I am willing to place myself at any time (free of charge) for a repeat comparative examination. (I have an MRI from March 2015.)


Contact me directly. 

Link: Contact me.


Sincerely yours,

Harel Samuel



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