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The portal was launched in late 2018; it is dedicated to all people worldwide, especially people with chronic illnesses.


"To discover the universe's secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibrations. (Nikola Tesla)" Ostensibly, the volume of website visits is mostly random and has many variables, giving it chaotic features. After countless attempts, I've noticed that even the slightest changes result in thousands of percent fluctuations. To try to control the seemingly random chaos, I use numerological tools, distilling the messages to be as short as possible website has become an authority on extraterrestrial issues and a world leader.

The existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is no longer a question but an indisputable fact. The web is flooded with information about extraterrestrials, but much of it is unsubstantiated and unreliable. In the blog, I cover a wide range of topics, not from my imagination or estimates, but through answers from extraterrestrials in channeling. Link: Summary of known facts regarding alien civilizations.


The is a world-class source of reliable information regarding alien civilizations and upcoming encounters.

Link: Intriguing, unique topics regarding extraterrestrials.

Are we consciously ready for an encounter with aliens?

The warm responses and the high volume of entries encouraged me to assist many people worldwide.

The website is built on the most advanced web software platform. (PHP-8) Setting up this portal and writing the diverse content took me six years and thousands of work hours.

  • The portal was built on the 3-6-9 energetic principles of renowned genius Nikola Tesla. Everything in the various menus is divisible by 3.
  • Recently, many new technological features were added to improve user-friendliness. 

The portal is constantly in the process of innovation. 

The portal covers various topics related to medicine, the human body, medicine, and science. 

  • The sf-healing BLOG is a unique attraction due to its various scientific breakthrough ideas, models, and theories. 
  • The forums are open and do not require the identification of the authors. Everyone is welcome to write in various forums. (Subject to forum rules)

The 21 forums on a wide range of topics are consistently viewed. (Anonymous web-based community) Link: Forums 

The wide variety of topics the theories and models deal with attests to groundbreaking creative thinking—link: Breakthrough theories list.


The portal celebrated 4.5 million entries. (May 2024)

Celebration website

The philosophy of self-healing in a few sentences. 

By complying with fundamental requirements (mental and physical), all chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable! Self-healing medicine is like "Performing miracles." Every human being has this capability—it just needs to be revealed. Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

  • is a free website that provides a detailed, simple, step-by-step explanation of practicing Self-healing medicine. It emphasizes overcoming obstacles in cognitive behavior to initiate the lifestyle and dietary changes essential to recovery and rehabilitation.
  • We offer a comprehensive philosophy & theory and applicable methods for fully recovering from Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, Chronic degenerative diseases, Autoimmune diseases, and Addiction-related diseases.

The MRI Challenge. (Will illustrate the immense benefit of self-healing)

  • To confirm the self-healing method, I will place myself at any time (free of charge) for a repeat comparative examination. (I have an MRI from March 2015.)


Love is ageless; It has no boundaries of culture, color, race, religion, language, or country! LOVE is the most potent elixir of life in nature. 

LOVE is the most powerful

Feel free to contact Harel Samuel.

I thank everyone personally for the tremendous support I receive.

Contact Harel Samuel directly. I respond personally to every inquiry.

Please email me Contact me by emailing  at

You can also send me   WhatsApp WhatsApp messages here.


Sincerely yours,

Harel Samuel

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Where are the servers of the website located?
The fast servers on which the site is hosted are in Israel.
Who built the website for you?
A leading Israeli company in its field built this website. (Meyzam Group) The company also regularly maintains the website on the technical side.
Did I have partners in writing the various contents on this website?
The writing on the website took about 5 years and is regularly updated and continued. I have 15 years of experience in endless treatments in China and Israel. The writing was done solely by me.
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