The portal was launched in late 2018. In recent months this site has undergone a comprehensive upgrade in terms of a variety of topics, improved graphics, and linguistic editing.

The significant volume (200K) of website entries during 2019 (the launch year of the website), with the many emotional comments I received, give me the power to continue helping everyone and especially the chronically ill. Happy New Year - 2020.

Website recent updates. (December 2019)

  • Following inquiries from many readers, I expanded the site to additional autoimmune diseases as well as addiction-related illnesses.
  • My research on addiction-related illnesses has led me to develop a different approach to addiction causes, which explains the complex reality and helps with the addiction treatment methodology.
  • The homepage has been refreshed with additional topics and futuristic ideas.


My YouTube channel. (Harel Samuel)

  • My youTube channel (Harel Samuel) consists of over 40 short videos covering a wide range of topics. (Implemental & theoretical) You are invited to watch them.


The MRI Challenge.

  • To confirm the self-healing method, I am willing to place myself at any time (free of charge) for a repeat comparative examination. (I have an MRI from March 2015.)


Contact me directly. 

Link: Contact me.


Sincerely yours,

Harel Samuel

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