My attending physicians at Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

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05/12/2020 9:26

Winter 2019 at the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Changsha, China. Clean, tidy, nice, and maintained. There are many like it in every city in China.

Traditional Chinese medicine hospital.

I always felt that a special effort was being made for me. Chinese doctors treated me over the years, and they felt flattered that a foreigner came especially to treat himself in their traditional Chinese hospital. Despite the language limitations, the attitude was very personal and friendly. The doctors knew that acupuncture, in my case, was particularly painful and made every effort to relieve the pain.

The acupuncture, in my case, is very painful, I sweat a lot, and it takes a lot of patience to perform acupuncture. The two doctors have golden hands and helped me a lot. Over 15 years, I have been through at least 10 doctors, all of whom have been amazing.

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