How can we communicate with extraterrestrials?

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07/12/2020 23:52

The prevailing assessment is that future communication with extraterrestrials will be through telepathy, which is underdeveloped in most people.


Telepathy is the future form of communication that will connect humanity with alien civilizations.


The prevailing assessment is that future communication with extraterrestrials will be through telepathy, but it is not sufficiently developed for most people at this stage.

The prevailing assessment is that aliens communicate with each other only through telepathy. (Interesting, where does this interesting knowledge come from?)

  • The pineal gland in the brain is considered the telepathic organ. It also exists in other mammals, including monkeys. It, of course, raises many questions. The pineal gland degenerates with age, possibly due to lack of use. Mystics attribute the pineal gland to the place of the spirit and the connection with other worlds. It is a great pity that science does not try to decipher the secrets of this vital gland in depth.

In Adrian Dvir's books, extraterrestrials explicitly state that they use telepathy waves in communication, which travel half a million times faster than the speed of light.

  • The explanation for the apparent contradiction with the laws of physics that we know is that they operate in another, much more energetic dimension, where the limitation of the speed of light is different. According to the same explanations, they travel at a similar pace, converting their spacecraft to another dimension at a vast energy investment. At such a speed, one minute is almost equivalent to the speed of a light year as we know it.

Telepathy is based on quantum entanglement, achieved through a transition to high dimensions, where the speed of light, as we know it, is not a limitation. The subject was and still is at the center of discussion in classical physics.


Telepathic abilities exist in humans but are often not developed enough for communication with extraterrestrials. However, these abilities can be improved through practice.

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