Qi life-force energy radiate energy that surrounds us. Harnessing Qi energy - can be the "CURE"?

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"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

Qi life-force energy radiate energy that surrounds us. Harnessing Qi energy - can be the "CURE"? image 1

The energy of life is an existing fact.

  • I do not doubt that the Qi energy I witnessed in hundreds of excruciating acupuncture treatments (similar to an electric shock) in China made me believe it is real. Imagine what can happen if humanity will be able to harness the Qi energy? 
  • Acupuncture is an energy healing technique with scientific proof and many users in the West, and still, life-force energy is seen in the West as a scene from a martial arts film and not relevant to all of us.


Implementation of the concept of "energy infusion" can take humanity to extreme scenarios.

"Cure" for many diseases. (Incurable today)

  • An infusion of life-force energy can cure diseases like cancer.
  • The infusion of life-force energy will help heal many chronic diseases.

Life-force energy infusion - Charging the life force externally to improve vitality & mood. 

  • Feeling weak or upset, after events that drain the body of life-force energy (not just calories), we will be able to enter a facility that "injects" life-force energy and exits from it, strengthened and refreshed.
  • Separation, crisis, or negative emotions caused the energy of life-force to be emptied - entering the unique facility and renewing the lost energy. The result is an immediate improvement in the mood and energies of the body.

A meter of love & Emotions? (Science fiction)  

  • Their energetic synergy will also determine the matching of couples.
  • Love/Hate detectors can be the outcome of such technology.

Dual Quantum health scanners and tissue repair. (Similar to the ideas in Star Wars.)

  • Dual-purpose quantum scanners that can diagnose and heal through the connection between body, mind, and spirit will do things that today seem like science fiction.
  • Nanotechnology, with genetic engineering combined with a scanner that diagnoses and injects the life energy required for cell regeneration, is, of course, an idea drawn from science fiction films. But it reflects the next step in the medical world.

Qi energy existence is difficult to substantiate; medical science was not open enough to accept this idea. The energetic conception of the body does not readily align with a Western mechanistic culture that perceives the human body "as a machine without a spirit."


The coronavirus has revealed a fundamental unknown pattern of the immune system.

  • Unsurprisingly, the average COVID-19 death rate, by age group, follows an exact mathematical formula!
  • Death is, of course, a complete loss of life-force energy. Therefore, the mathematical analysis of death rates reveals an essential pattern of life-force energy throughout life.


Coronavirus mortality rates, by age group, provide exceptional immune system data.

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