Forum regulations

Forum regulations

The forums

This is an anonymous, open web-based community to encourage interaction among users who are seeking advice on self-healing or who are interested in sharing their experiences, emotions, feelings, hesitations, ideas, or tips. It is also for those who want to ask open questions concerning side-effects of these practices and medications.


Please, do not mix messages between different forums

Each forum is dedicated to only one chronic disease or group of similar diseases. Please do not enter information or questions pertaining to a forum dedicated to a different topic.


Keep your entries simple, accurate and unambiguous. 

Bear in mind that not all readers are native English speakers, so keep it simple. Since public health is involved, entries must be accurate and unambiguous.


Respect user's privacy

People might be sharing intimate details, so please keep it private and safe.


Direct communication between users

If you wish to communicate with other users directly, you can do so with discretion, but please do not leave personal information that might expose the user's identity against their will.


Avoiding invasive, intrusive and offensive remarks

You might not agree with others view, but keep your remarks polite, dignified and courteous.


Debate is encouraged

Most people with the serious chronic disease suffer setbacks during recovery. Doubt and hesitation are normal and raise many questions.


Keep it legal

All views, ideas, information and photos exchanged have to be legal.


Advertising is not allowed   

This site and its public forums are not for commercial purposes. Advertising of any kind is not allowed.


Right to remove content/limit access

If users do not comply with the User Guidelines, the forum moderator will remove content or block users without further notice.


Forum guidelines rules & regulations can be altered at any time by the Administrator and/or Moderator of this site.

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