The body's natural tendency to gain weight in adulthood.

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There is an inverse correlation between the level of the life-force energy and body Weight.

The body's natural tendency to gain weight in adulthood. image 1

"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

In adulthood, life-force energy declines, the body turns fewer nutrients into tissue regeneration, thus leaving more nutrients to available calories and fat storage.

The phenomenon of weight gain in both men and women, most often aged 40 plus is not accidental; it is related to exercise!

  • To maintain a stable weight after 40-45, there is a need for diet discipline and a healthier lifestyle.  
  • An increase in the Qi life-force energy is usually translated into weight loss. 


You cannot charge the life-force energy just by eating calories! (Life-force energy # Calories) 

  • Calories can be restored and recharged by eating.
  • Qi energy cannot be restored by eating only.
  • Qi enhancement techniques are described in detail in the Medical theory & philosophy chapter. (Self-healing medicine – main principles & Guidelines)


Why people near death lose weight very rapidly? 

I lost 24 kg within 24 weeks (going from 92 kg to 68 kg) during my treatment for hepatitis and without making any change to my diet or my physical activity. (I was always exhausted.)

  • I could not get substantive answers on the internet, although I found exciting research (that was conducted during the '70s) for soul (spirit) weight. Researchers found that immediately after death occurs; people lose 21 grams. (I translate this into Qi energy leaving the body after death.)
  • I believe that weight loss, when near death, is a survival mechanism. In life-threatening conditions, the body loses weight to maintain the life force. Being of a lower weight makes it easier to maintain higher Qi levels.
  • The second possible reason is that stem cells (cells that can differentiate & regenerate any tissue) are stored in fat. Losing weight triggers stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue. (Although it releases fat-soluble toxins as well.)


Being healthy with a high level of life-force energy contributes to optimal weight. (According to body type.) 


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