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Coffee enemas can release vast amounts of toxins from the liver and digestive tract. It has a massive impact on strengthening the immune system.

Enemas travel kit.

"It is easy to hate, and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve, while bad things are easy to get."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

Many people are uncomfortable with enemas for various reasons. Enemas can be performed comfortably in your home's bathroom, in hygienic conditions, and privacy.

Coffee enemas, Baking soda enemas, Lemon juice enemas, and Probiotics of live bacteria enemas are optimal for prolonged use. This article treats coffee enemas, baking soda, lemon enemas, and probiotics of live bacteria enemas as a combined therapy. (Although it can be carried separately) 


This article describes my long-term experience after performing 9.5 years over 3,500 double coffee and other therapeutic enemas.

As a severe liver cirrhosis patient (HCV), I can say that, without a doubt, coffee enemas saved me from a slow and brutal death. (The Gallery is a testament to that)

  • If you do simple arithmetic, you will note that I often performed an enema twice a day, sometimes even 3 times daily. Coffee enemas have an unhygienic image, perhaps even rejected sometimes. Carrying coffee enemas with comfort and privacy at your home is possible and even desirable.
  • Coffee enemas are an excellent tool for removing toxins from the liver and the entire digestive system. Coffee enemas can remove necrotic tissue from the digestive system, thus enabling intestinal tissue regeneration. The improved ability to absorb nutrients has far-reaching effects on the immune system. There is no danger that healthy tissue will come out during coffee enemas. The body emits only decayed and toxic tissue out of the body.

You will feel alert and energetic after a coffee enema and a hot bath. Fear of Addiction is not realistic.


Each type of therapeutic enema has its unique benefits:

Over the years, I have tried several other therapeutic enemas: Grapefruit seed oil enema, cocoa enemas, oregano oil enemas, black walnut extract, and English salt enema. (Can be added to coffee enema) In this article, I review coffee enemas, baking soda, lemon juice enemas, MMS, and probiotics of live bacteria enemas in detail. 

  • Coffee enemas remove toxins from the liver, restore bile flow, and rehabilitate the small and large intestines.
    • Putting baking soda (a chemical buffer) into the coffee enemas is not advisable since baking soda neutralizes the active substances in the coffee.
  • Baking soda enemas - neutralize the intestines' acidity, replenishing the intestinal flora and strengthening the immune system.
  • Lemon juice enemas - rehabilitation of liver functions. It can neutralize the ammonia inside the liver. (Required mainly in situations of weak liver function)
  • MMS - Master Mineral Solution enema. (Careful- it entails significant risks) Bleach-like material - for deep cleansing of the colon.
  • Probiotics of live bacteria enemas are essential due to the loss of good bacteria that die during coffee enemas and thus need to be replenished. Gut flora has far-reaching consequences on our immune system, mood, weight, and nutrient absorbency. (Also available for drinking)

What is the recommended sequence for performing integrated enemas?

I recommend caution for those who try different sequences than the ones I recommend.

  • A baking soda enema will always be first, as it neutralizes the digestive system's acidity and empties the leftovers' colon.
  • An enema of probiotics of live bacteria will always be last not to wash out the good bacteria.
  • Coffee enemas usually come before lemon enemas because the coffee enema removes necrotic tissue while the lemon enema regenerates the liver after the effort involved in the coffee enema.
  • Those who perform MMS enemas (special care is required) must perform an enema of live probiotic bacteria immediately afterward.

Is it possible to perform enemas that are not listed above? 

Regarding effectiveness, the list I listed is the most effective. Compliance with the criteria I have listed will prevent unnecessary risks.

  • The substances are not erosive; only natural substances must be used, the substances must be soluble in water, and the water must be clean and at body temperature. (37-40 Celsius)


Illustration of the digestive tract in the upper abdomen.

Illustration of the digestive tract in the upper abdomen.

What is the mechanism that a coffee enema activates?

The biliary fluid is compressed from the liver into the duodenum and passes through the small intestine and colon until it exits the body. This process lubricates the intestine and contradicts the acidic environment usually found in the gut. It enables proper gut flora balance.

  • The colon's exposure to coffee immediately stimulates the liver to produce increased bile fluid quantities within seconds.
  • The primary production of biliary liver fluid immediately increases the intra-hepatic pressure.
  • A sharp increase in pressure inside the liver forces the liver to release the strain. The liver has one way out, with only two possible branches that enter the duodenum. (One comes directly from the liver to the duodenum, and the other bypasses through the gallbladder.)
  • Coffee Enema increases intestinal peristalsis by 7x. That is why it's hard to hold back during Coffee enemas! The advantage of powerful peristalsis is removing rotten food and decayed tissue from the gut.


Why are enemas as a therapeutic method so beneficial?

Link: Enema. (Wikipedia)

  • Due to the diversity of blood vessels in the colon and rectum area, the absorption of substances by enemas is faster and better than oral medication.
    • Babies are given suppository medication because the effect is quick and requires no swallowing.
  • Enema "saves" the passage through the stomach. (Very acidic.)
    • It allows the balance of acidity in the intestines (for example, baking soda) without damaging the stomach.
    • Probiotic bacteria can be injected directly into the digestive system. (Without going through the stomach.)
  • The main disadvantage of enemas is the lack of hygiene and the need for privacy.


My 3000 Coffee Enemas experience |  Insights and all the essential information. 

My insights after performing over 3500 coffee enemas daily for the past nine years.

Coffee enemas are entirely safe when following the principles detailed below.

  • After nine years of more than 3500 double coffee enemas (8 liters each) combined with over 180 liver flushes and daily fresh-squeezed juice, I have a lot of experience. I may even hold the world record for taking coffee enemas!
  • I have hundreds of photos showing what came from my liver and intestines after coffee enemas and liver flushes. You be the judge.

I consider liver & kidney flushes + Coffee enemas, + freshly quizzed juices as one intensive treatment capable of cleaning the primary body filters. (Liver & kidneys.)


Huge intra-hepatic biliary liver stones were 3.5 inches long (8.9 cm)—many more disgusting photos in the Gallery. (GALLERY)

Huge intra-hepatic biliary liver stones were 3.5 inches long (8.9 cm)—many more disgusting photos in the Gallery.

Coffee enemas history & side effects. (Wikipedia)

Recommended link: Coffee enemas (Wikipedia)

"While the idea of rectal cleansing dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, coffee as an enema-related substance is relatively new. Conceived in 1917, it appeared in the Merck Manual until 1972. Max Gerson, the physician who pioneered diet-based alternative medicine, maintained that coffee enemas positively affected detoxifying the gastrointestinal tract."

Side-effects and risks. (Wikipedia)

Given the significant benefits, I think the risks presented on Wikipedia are extreme and unbalanced.

  • "Coffee enemas can cause numerous side effects, including infections, sepsis (including campylobacter sepsis), severe electrolyte imbalance, colitis, proctocolitis, salmonella, brain abscess, and heart failure. If the coffee is inserted too quickly or hot, it could cause internal burning or rectal perforation."
  • "When administered as often as every two hours, coffee enemas have shown to be connected to two death cases resulting from severe electrolyte imbalance, hyponatremia, dehydration, and pleural and pericardial effusions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that study participants who use coffee enemas must be warned about the risk of death."

Minimizing the risks inherent in the ongoing performance of coffee enemas.

If coffee enemas are administered frequently, they rapidly deplete the electrolytes in the body. You must consume the proper amount of fresh-squeezed juice to replenish these electrolytes. The juice contains celery leaves in high quantities to ensure your electrolytes are restored to the appropriate level.

  • Coffee enemas drain Qi energy, so you need to devise a relaxed lifestyle if you use this technique for extended periods. This means getting a good night's sleep and plenty of rest.
  • The bile that enters the duodenum pushes the small intestine contents into the large intestine, so you must follow strict rules to avoid side effects. You can do a coffee enema only on an empty stomach, waiting at least 3 hours after a light meal and 5-6 hours after eating meat.
    • You have to empty your large intestines before administering a coffee enema. Having a baking soda enema first is recommended.
  • The coffee enema also takes out in passing through the entire intestinal tract. It destroys the good bacteria, so you must continually replenish the natural probiotics or take natural live bacteria supplements.
  • I think getting burned by boiling coffee is not a real hazard. Add cold water if the liquid is too hot until you reach body temperature. (37 - 40 C.)
  • In many cases, mild fever is a symptom of a successful coffee enema.

Liver disease patients with a stent implanted in their liver - cannot perform coffee enemas and liver flushes.

Significant toxins leave the body; the immune system tries to eliminate the rest of its inflammation with even higher intensity. To do this, a fever may appear. Usually, the fever is mild. Temperature is often an indication that the body is fighting. It would be best to take it as a positive sign, not a negative one. 


The enormous benefits of coffee enemas.

Coffee enemas can exceptionally push out the body's unwanted necrotic digestive tissue, which is necessary to rehabilitate the remaining damaged tissue. There is no condition in which the body emits healthy tissue.


  • Coffee enemas are an excellent tool for recovery from many chronic diseases (but they are not a stand-alone treatment.)
    • The liver is the largest gland in the body. It is the body's sewage system. When you look at the photos in this site's Gallery, you will be amazed by what the liver can hold.
    • In many cases, asymptomatic people have solid green hepatic stones (Bile that has turned solid). These stones block bile flow to the intestines. These blockages are the cause of many health issues.

1 Coffee enemas can release significant amounts of toxins from the digestive system. 

  • Coffee enemas release significant quantities of toxins stuck inside the liver without a way out due to blockages developed over the years. (Partial liver blockages are very common.) 
  • The liver can regenerate itself by releasing toxins into the duodenum to leave the body.
  • When the body is less toxic, Qi energy is higher, making you feel more energetic.
  • The awful smell most often originates in the liver, depleted of many toxins. It reflects an incredibly successful coffee enema.

2. Improved bile production and flow.

  • The liver produces about 800-1000 ml of bile daily. If the bile flow is correct, it counteracts the stomach's high acidity in the small intestine and balances the pH. Otherwise, parasites will thrive in the small intestine and replace good bacteria.
  • Furthermore, bile contains oily substances that prevent intestinal contents from leaking out of the intestinal walls.

3 Peristalsis of the intestines is up to 7 times higher than usual.

  • Peristalsis of the intestines is up to 7 times higher than usual, clearing all the leftover food and decayed tissue in the intestines.

4 Improving gut flora balance.

  • Coffee enemas help to balance the intestinal flora. It prevents leaky gut syndrome and helps restore immune system functions that have been depleted. (Even after many years of chronic inflammations.)

5 Improving Brain cognitive functions & mood.

  • Balanced gut flora has a direct effect on brain functions. Cognitive abilities, alertness, and mood are affected by the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin. The production of serotonin is primarily done in the gut in the presence of good bacteria.

6 Improves intestinal absorption of nutrients.

  • Coffee enemas improve the absorption of nutrients that would otherwise have gone to waste. It also supports weight loss.

7. Constipation prevention.

  • Coffee enemas prevent constipation because bile flow to the intestines is improved.

8 Strengthening the immune system.

  • All inflammations in the body are directly related to liver and kidney functions. (Due to high levels of toxicity.)


Why does The Conventional Medicine lobby not support coffee enemas?

The conventional medicine lobby emphasizes the risks and not the immense benefits.

  • The medical and pharmaceutical industry does not support coffee enemas or other alternative medical treatments (self-healing functional medicine) that could replace drugs and medical procedures.
  • Even the medical establishment was once pro-coffee enemas. They appeared in the Merck Manual, a trusted volume of diagnosis and therapy, until 1972. I guess economic interests prevailed.


By managing and minimizing the risks of coffee enemas, we can take advantage of this simple method's exceptional benefits.


Why is combining freshly squeezed juice with liver & gallbladder flushes and coffee enemas powerful?

The liver and kidneys fill a long list of critical metabolic processes. A burden on one creates a strain on the other; therefore, it is essential to cleanse both the liver & kidneys.

Recommended links: | Freshly squeezed juice. (Principles and Guidelines) | Liver, Gallbladder, and kidneys flush | Cleansing the kidneys

The Ultimate Liver Mechanical Detoxification is explained.

  • Fresh juices supply the body with vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes & antioxidants. It elevates the body's energy and helps the liver to produce more bile.
  • Drinking two cups of freshly squeezed juice once in two days (at least) flushes the kidneys.   
  • Liver flushes (especially when adding apple cider vinegar) can dissolve and remove solidified bile stones resulting from high toxicity levels.
  • Coffee enemas are much more effective when the bile ducts are not blocked. (Because the movement inside the liver is through the bile ducts.)  
  • Coffee enemas have an almost immediate effect on the liver and intestines. The liver's pressure pushes all the toxins (with the stones) out through the duodenum to the intestines by producing more bile. The peristaltic movement is seven times stronger than usual; it pushes everything stuck inside the intestines through the colon.

When the body has low toxicity levels, the body's energy will improve significantly. Therefore, the immune system can fight all pathogens permanently residing in our digestive system much more effectively. Boosting the immune system is mandatory to recover from any acquired chronic diseases.


Detailed instructions for carrying out Coffee, Baking soda, Lemon juice, MMS, and Probiotic enemas of live bacteria. 

Make yourself comfortable in your bathroom. (Near the toilet)

Make yourself comfortable in your bathroom. (Near the toilet) 

Enemas accessories.

The accompanying equipment can be used for all types of enemas.

  • Soft mattress and pillow + cheap towels or blankets for lying on comfortably.
  • If you do not have hooks at the proper height, you need to buy a standing coat (or hat) rack. (I use one.)
  • A liquid thermometer − is essential; you cannot rely on your fingers.
  • Big glass jars. (Having two identical jars available will ease the preparation.)
  • Bucket – the best buckets are made of stainless steel. They last for years and are not expensive. You can get one on Amazon for 40$-70$.
  • Silicon medical-grade tubing (1.8-2 meters) connects the bucket to the probe and the valve.
  • Metal clamp to secure the silicone tube (and a screwdriver to tighten it)
  • A fine mesh strainer. (For the coffee enema.)
  • The silicone tubes sometimes have an inconvenient valve for one person to handle. Therefore, I buy the European kit, which has much better valves and can be easily controlled by someone lying down and taking the enema.
  • The lubricant is in a glass jar. (the best grease is coconut oil.)


The coffee enema travel kit & accessories I use regularly.

The coffee enema travel kit & accessories I use regularly.

What are the best timing and recommended frequencies for coffee enemas? 

  • Coffee enemas are not helpful (and unpleasant) if the stomach & intestines are loaded with digested food; therefore, it is necessary to perform coffee enemas on an empty stomach.
  • Before breakfast or afternoon, the stomach is usually empty; it is the right time to perform a coffee enema. 
  • You should eat a light lunch without meat in the afternoon (after work). (fish is much more easily digested.) 
  • Coffee enemas before sleep are not recommended as they make you more alert.
  • The recommended frequencies are individual but ineffective if performed less than twice weekly. (Later, the frequency can be reduced.)
  • Chronic liver and kidney patients are in a different category; their recommended frequencies are much higher.


Baking soda enemas can empty and neutralize the acidity of the colon.

English salt enema (magnesium sulfate) is another option - English salt is a natural laxative.

Baking soda enemas can empty and neutralize the acidity of the colon.

Making a baking soda enema before the coffee enema (or separately) is advised. It helps in bowel emptying and neutralizing acidity.

Clearing the colon is essential. Otherwise, the food leftovers will get stuck. The best way is to take a baking soda enema each time before performing a coffee enema. Baking soda contradicts the acidity of the intestines and colon. A baking soda enema can be carried out without a coffee enema. The combined effect of both is several times stronger!

Baking soda enema preparation and instructions. Preparing the coffee enema in advance and carrying it quickly is advisable.

  • Boil clean filtered water, add 1-2 full teaspoons of baking soda, and stir well. Then add cold pure, clean (purified) water until body temperature is reached. The recommended quantity is about 1.5 liters. When ready, pour the baking soda mixture into the bucket.
  •  Now lie down comfortably next to the toilet. To avoid discomfort, lubricate the probe inside the anus with an oily substance. (The best anti-parasitic oily substance is coconut oil.)
  • You may need to evacuate a few times before finishing the bucket content. Repeat this baking soda enema several times until you finish the bucket (about 1.5 liters). You can control the flow speed with the valve close to your body.
  • It is recommended to switch sides in-between applications. 

Enema of English salt (magnesium sulfate) can also be performed similarly. English salt has laxative properties, even using an enema. Put about 10-15 grams in a bucket of a liter and a half of water at body temperature and stir well.


Coffee enema preparations:

All enemas should be performed with clean water (preferably purified or boiled) at a 37-40 Celsius body temperature. (98.6- 104 Fahrenheit). Do not rely on your fingers - Use a thermometer for liquids. It is advisable to use very finely ground black coffee; otherwise, there is a possibility that the sediment of the coffee will clog the enema tube.

  • Use high-quality 100% ground black coffee (preferably organic). You'll need one full tablespoon of coffee for each bucket (1.5 liters) you prepare.
  • Be aware that it is too moist and oxidized upon opening the coffee package, so keep the remaining coffee in a closed jar.
  • Boil clean filtered water, pour it into a pot or a heat-resistant glass jug, and stir well with a wooden spoon. (It ensures that the coffee particles sink into the bottom.)
  • You can prepare the necessary quantity all at once to save time.
  • Do not use the remaining coffee from yesterday. Due to oxidation, it is useless.
  • The coffee is ready to use after steeping in boiling water for 10 minutes. You do not have to cook the coffee.
  • When the coffee is ready, you need to filter it through a fine-mesh strainer so the liquid does not contain any large coffee leftovers at the bottom that will block the silicone tubes.
  • Pour the boiling coffee into the bucket and add cold purified water until body temperature reaches.
    You can conveniently do this using a heat-resistant glass jug.
  • Pour the coffee into the bucket. It is now ready to be used.
  • If you lie in a cold room, start with hot liquid at 38.5- 39.5 degrees Celsius.


Instructions for carrying out coffee enemas, baking soda enemas, and lemon juice enemas: 

  • Lie down on your side comfortably next to the toilet. You must lubricate the probe to be inserted in the anus with an oily substance to avoid discomfort. (The best anti-parasite oily substance is coconut oil.)
  • You will immediately feel the urge to evacuate due to the liver's rapid bile production. The bile creates pressure inside the liver (the liver expands during the coffee enema). The bile goes to the only possible exit − the ducts to the duodenum. This creates powerful peristalsis and immediate fecal excretion.
  • Repeat this procedure several times until you finish all the bucket's contents. The valve you hold close to your body can control the flow. (You can stop and wait a few minutes.)
  • It is recommended to switch sides between stoppages. It is even better to put your legs up against a wall.
  • It is recommended to switch sides in-between applications. 
  • You should keep the coffee inside your body until you can no longer hold it. You usually have a few seconds to reach the toilet (that is why you should be very close.)
  • You typically feel better after a coffee enema but may experience a mild fever. I recommend not doing this treatment before going to bed. It will interrupt your sleep.

Drinking freshly squeezed juice, olive oil, water, or tea during the enema? 

  • Drinking water or tea (without sugar) during the coffee enema is allowed.
  • Drinking freshly squeezed juice during the coffee enema boosts the process as it helps the liver create more bile.
  • Drinking olive oil mixed with water (with or without lemon juice) is also recommended, as it immediately reacts to secrete bile from the gallbladder to the duodenum. 


Lemon juice enemas.

Lemon juice enemas. Beneficial for liver rehabilitation.

Lemon juice enemas can be carried out separately. It can rehabilitate liver functions.

Natural squeezed lemon juice is very acidic but acts within the body as a chemical base that can neutralize toxins in the liver and digestive system.

Lemon juice enema Preparation & carrying out.

  • Squeeze 1-2 fresh lemons and strain the juice using a fine sieve.
  • Pour into a glass jag of filtered water at body temperature. (Add hot water for this)
  • Add the squeezed lemon juice to the water and mix with a wooden spoon.
  • A lemon enema can be made after an enema of baking soda. If you are making a coffee enema, it is recommended that the lemon enema follow.


MMS- Chlorine Dioxide. (Caution - bleach-like substance) 

MMS- Chlorine Dioxide. (Caution - Bleach-like substance) 

MMS - Master Mineral Solution enema. (Careful- it entails significant risks)

link: MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement, Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution. (Wikipedia)

  • I recommend you read more about the MMS solution benefits before using it. MMS is a potent substance, but it entails significant risks.
  • MMS is a bleach-like substance with excellent antiseptic ability, but it can be harmful and cause side effects. I recommend using it very carefully in low doses. I only use it through enemas and not in drinking!
  • For the chronic digestive system, liver, and kidney patients, I recommend the MMS (Master Mineral Solution) enema after you have finished the regular liver flush.

MMS enema preparation & Recommenadations.

  • Put (according to instructions) drops of the MMS solution into a clean glass cup. Then add the same number of 5% hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution drops. Allow the chemical reaction to continue until it stops (it should take 2-3 minutes, and the liquid should turn orange). Then pour boiling water into the cup.
  • Now pour the boiling MMS solution into the enema bucket and add cold water until body temperature is reached.
  • This enema might react strongly because it releases chlorine and oxygen into the colon. This will cause powerful peristalsis and possibly some nausea.

MMS may also kill good bacteria and pathogens, so it is highly advisable to incorporate an enema of live probiotic bacteria after an MMS enema.


Gut flora has far-reaching consequences on our immune system, mood, weight, and nutrient absorbency.

Probiotics of living bacteria enemas are incredibly beneficial.

Probiotics of living bacteria enemas are incredibly beneficial.

It can be combined with drinking the same live probiotic bacteria. If probiotics are taken orally, they must pass through the stomach's highly acidic environment, which might partially destroy the good bacteria.

What causes imbalances of gut flora?

  • Processed and non-diverse foods with low dietary fiber content and high amounts of industrialized animal protein, over time, often create an imbalanced gut flora.

The best timing & frequency for the probiotic enema is after the coffee and baking soda enema or liver and Gallbladder flush.

  • The desired frequency of probiotic live bacterial enemas depends on the symptoms. Excess gas in the digestive tract requires a higher frequency.

Preparation & carrying out.

  • Probiotic enemas require one full bucket (1.5 liters) of purified clean water at body temperature mixed and stirred with live bacteria probiotics powder.
  • It is advisable to inject the entire amount gradually; there may be a reaction of multiple outlets and gases; it is highly advisable to perform near the toilet for rapid emptying.

Common side-effects. 

  • Gastrointestinal gases are a natural response to probiotics. Many gases may indicate a gut flora imbalance. (Positive response to probiotic treatment.)

How do I know if my gut flora is balanced? There are two relatively easy ways:

  1. The pH in a urine test is a good indicator of a balanced intestinal flora. A pH of 6 and below indicates an imbalance in gut flora. A pH of 6.5-7 indicates a balanced gut flora.
  2. The second way is to take live bacteria probiotics, preferably by drinking yogurt (unsweetened, preferably goat yogurt). If you have received a hefty dose of about 500 ccs and are farting, your intestinal flora is probably imbalanced.


Cleaning the toilet. (Usually necessary.)

  • Recommended - cleaning the toilet with a steam machine is efficient, economical, and non-toxic. (I've tried small home steamers before; the problem is that they tend to break down quickly.)
  • Otherwise, use environmentally friendly materials. (Minimize usage of bleach) I recommend opening the windows as wide as possible, as these vapors are toxic; it is advisable to use disposable gloves when cleaning.


How long and many treatments does it take to recover, and when can you stop or reduce frequency?

  • An increase in the body's energy level is usually expressed in an increase in the frequency of bowel movements and an improvement in mood and physiological ability.
  • Listen to your body; you probably know the answer by yourself.

One can reduce the frequency and later stop when nothing significant comes during coffee enemas or after a few liver flushes.


Hydro-colonic treatments. (Colon irrigation)

Hydro-colonic treatments. (Colon irrigation)

Hydro-colonic treatments (Colon irrigation) # Coffee enemas.

A colonic flush (I did dozens of them) differs entirely from a coffee enema.

  • You might find clinics recommending a colon flush, often referred to as a hydro-colonic treatment.
    The colon flush is done with an electrical device that inserts clean, warm, filtered water into your anus. It will flush out your colon only. The feces will go directly to the sewerage through a glass tube to see what is coming.
  • Long-term colonic flushes require electrolyte intake regularly, as well as probiotics. (Similar to coffee enemas.)
    Hydro-colonic treatments do not make a significant contribution to intestinal or colon health. Therefore, they can be administered a few times before starting coffee enemas.
  • Colon irrigation immediately affects colorectal emptying, seemingly while significantly decreasing weight. In practice, there is no long-term effect on weight.


After about 3500 double coffee enemas, I can safely say it is one of the most beneficial self-healing physical methods to restore the immune system. (Especially when drinking freshly squeezed juices, liver, gallbladder flush, and kidney cleansing.)


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why do enemas have an unhygienic image?
Inserting the enema into the anus and emptying the digestive system are accompanied by unpleasant smells and sights. At the same time, enemas can be performed in complete privacy and comfort in your home's bathroom.
Is it possible to perform an enema alone, without help?
Enemas can be performed alone, without any help. The auxiliary equipment must be comfortable using one hand, especially the valve that opens and closes the flow.
Is it possible to perform enemas while lying on a bed or the floor, not near the toilet?
It is advisable to arrange a thin mattress for lying on the floor and not on a bed. It is essential to perform the enema right next to the toilet since the ability to hold back is only a few seconds. The peristaltic pressure increases several times.
Can prolonged use of coffee enemas cause addiction?
I probably hold the world record for over 3500 coffee enemas for about 10 years in a row. Coffee enemas are not addictive. Addiction requires a chemical and energetic reward mechanism - which does not exist in this case.
Is premium coffee necessary to perform coffee enemas?
The coffee used for enemas is black coffee packed in a vacuum bag. (The coffee may be mixed with cardamom) There is no need for a unique coffee. However, organic coffee is preferred. The intensity of the roasting of the beans does not matter. The coffee should preferably be finely ground.
The doctor laughed at me when he heard I asked for coffee enemas.
A German doctor named Max Gerson discovered the unique effect of coffee enemas in the 1930s. Until 1972, coffee enemas appeared as a treatment method in the books of medicine. Since then, medicine has treated coffee enemas with somewhat contempt. Anyone who looks at the gallery will stop asking questions and understand the enormous value coffee enemas have.
Challenge Yourself, Your Knowledge and Intuition:
Test your self
Therapeutic Enemas: Coffee, Baking soda, Lemon, MMS, and Probiotics.
1. Why do therapeutic enemas have a negative image?
Coffee enemas, baking soda, lemon, and other enemas are very effective tools for the mechanical detoxification of the liver and digestive system. Most people have a natural aversion to performing enemas.
See my suggested, most suitable answer »
A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 2.
Coffee enemas can release vast amounts of toxins from the liver and digestive tract. It has a massive impact on strengthening the immune system.
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12/03/2023 2:46
Mike Malone
Hi Jason, I have done 1000s of enemas myself and have not experience anything with the kidneys. (Had an other issue with potassium). But, I would take a break. The detox is robust, so I drink tons of carrot juice and take supplements.


17/08/2022 19:35
Hi, I have completed 250 Coffee enemas and am experiencing left rear pain after finishing the Enema. I don't know whether this is the Kidney or an old injury that I'm still dealing with. Do you know whether Kidney's suffer from Enemas? I would think the opposite. Thanks.

Thanks, Mike Malone,

19/09/2021 10:21
Harel Samuel
There is no danger in mixing the coffee and baking soda in the enema. (The ratio of quantities matters because baking soda can counteract acid and also a chemical base) I will love to know if you have any new insights. I'll try a mix of the two I've never tried. (Although I broke world records with the number of coffee enemas I made)

Best regards,
Samuel Harel


18/09/2021 20:17
Mike mslone
After a few experiences with mixing baking soda with the coffee. The take away is the “clean out” is more extensive. I wonder if The higher alkaline relaxes and relieves cramping. I may try alternating both methods.

Thanks, Mike Malone

13/09/2021 9:19
Harel Samuel
I really appreciate your thanks; it helps me continue helping many people around the world.

Best regards,
Samuel Harel

Thank you

12/09/2021 17:30
Mike malone
Best information on is subject since Max Gerson.

Can you mix baking soda with the coffee Emma?

09/09/2021 7:34
Harel Samuel
Dear Mike Malone,
It is not recommended to mix baking soda and coffee since baking soda is a chemical buffer; baking soda will counteract the active ingredients found in coffee.


09/09/2021 3:48
Mike Malone
Can you mix baking soda with the coffee Emma?

Hi Stacy Schweigart I appreciate your support.

27/11/2020 21:50
Harel Samuel
Coffee enemas have the image of "grandma's treatments" as well as unhygienic and unpleasant care. In reality, it is one of the most powerful treatments available to strengthen the immune system, with very few side effects when following the rules.

Praise God for making coffee beans!

27/11/2020 6:46
stacy schweigart
Thank you for all of your self experimenting experience and documentation.. I have recently just started coffee and baking soda enemas and they are awesome!

coffee enemas

21/07/2018 21:08
Harel Shmuel
Coffee enemas saved my life

coffee enemas

21/07/2018 14:35
Harel Shmuel
coffee enemas are extremely beneficial
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