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26/01/2021 0:55

Experiences from my extended stay in Changsha, China, for medical treatment, including painful, exhausting, and happy moments.

In 2009 I physically died, I survived to fulfill my destiny.


14/05/2023 5:45
I realized subconsciously that a person who cares for blind people is empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive, and I was right.
14/05/2023 5:24
I found colorful landscapes in China, friendly people, great food, and especially love!
14/05/2023 5:01
China, in 2009, when I was in a challenging physical and mental state, I stopped the treatments after about two months of intensive therapy.
24/04/2022 6:09
The spectacle of practicing Tai chi and Kung fu with swords was fascinating, time and time again.
24/04/2022 6:02
The master saw (without asking questions) that I was ill with a severe health condition.
22/04/2022 6:03
It did not occur to me then that I was dying and about to spend 15 years in endless treatments aimed at survival.
09/08/2021 16:14
John suffers, like me, from liver disease (HCV). We have spent time in Changsha together many times. Thanks to his initial recommendation, I came to China in the first place.
09/08/2021 16:02
In the photo with 3 older local Chinese women. The Chinese are kind, curious, and welcoming.
03/05/2021 20:28
Although I was lying with uncontrolled infections in a modern hospital in Israel, I was diagnosed with severe chronic liver disease (HCV) in Changsha, China.
13/04/2021 15:36
The dishes at Changsha are very picturesque and wonderfully delicious. Even if I came without an appetite, I always ate.
13/04/2021 15:05
One of my favorite dishes during my prolonged stay in China.
05/12/2020 9:26
Winter 2019 at the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Changsha, China. Clean, tidy, nice, and maintained. There are many like it in every city in China.
02/12/2020 22:14
I took the picture not at a police station but a traditional Chinese medicine hospital. Most of those photographed are specialists in traditional medical-massage.
26/11/2020 14:16
Without her, I could not do anything, at least in the early years.
26/11/2020 14:16
December 2017 Tai Chi with swords with fantastic coordination.
26/11/2020 14:13
Foot massage, after immersion in very hot water and natural herbal disinfectant.
12/09/2020 23:08
Patients with severe illnesses do not tend to take "risks" with unconventional treatment methods, which are not part of conventional medicine.
09/09/2020 20:22
It is difficult to describe the pain and suffering of a rotting body without liver function.
07/09/2020 22:31
On a hilltop outside the city of Changsha, China, in a pastoral landscape, there was a kung fu school.
07/09/2020 22:31
My favorite place, I spent all the evenings after the treatments.
27/03/2020 22:00
Despite the painful treatment, I fell in love with China. At this point, I did not know that I would return to China again and again, due to severe complications of my chronic liver disease.
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