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I dedicate the sf-healing.com free website, which advocates self-healing medicine to all people worldwide, especially those with chronic illnesses.

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The SF-healing.com portal - Introduction.

This portal has been created with thousands of hours of work, including 6 years of daily writing and 18 years of unprecedented experience with combined Western and Chinese medicine.

  • The sf-Healing.com is a free website that describes my 18-year liver cirrhosis survival journey with many insights about body, mind, and spirit. On this website, you will find my worldview on various topics reflecting my moral-issue view.
  • The sf-healing.com website has become a leading authoritative source on extraterrestrial civilization issues. Link: Unparalleled reliable source on alien civilizations. 

The Sf-Healing website respects faith in all religions and does not express opinions—beliefs are mentioned only in the scientific context.

  • My survival journey from the onset of the first symptoms of chronic liver disease (HCV) to recovery took 18 years, from the hardest imaginable, described briefly in a separate article. Link: About the author.

The SF-healing.com website is built on the most advanced web management language software platform. (PHP-8) 

  • Writing the materials on the Sf-Healing.com website took about 4 years and many thousands of hours of work, reading, watching YouTube videos, editing, and learning the technology involved in running a web portal.

The site is built on the principles outlined by Nikola Tesla 3-6-9.

  • Everywhere on this website, you will find divisible numbers by 3.

Quoting Confucius, Nikola Tesla, and Sun Tzu idioms illustrates that logical thinking is not new!

  • Confucius' proverbs are timeless. They are valid even today, 2500 years after they were written. (My extended stay in China may also have affected me.)

The fact that this website is free for everyone without logging in has made it attractive to many who need guidance.

  • The site, for all its many articles, gets impressive responses. (Over a million entries since its inception)

The gallery (disgusting pictures) is unique because it illustrates the arguments and explanations I present.

  • The gallery contains dozens of shocking images (all of which seem authentic to me) that illustrate the human body's durability.

The forums and blog centralize a vast amount of information, some of which are my anonymous answers to those who contact me.

  • The 21 forums cover many diseases and topics in self-healing, philosophy of medicine, science, and nature. The blog contains many articles with different highlights.

I aspire to be a world-leading site in the context of close encounters with extraterrestrials.

  • The site is considered unique and innovative in all subjects related to extraterrestrials. Interest in extraterrestrials is increasing even among scientists and wide circles who, until recently, considered them an esoteric subject.

The self-healing breakthrough models and theories. (Wide variety of topics) Link: Breakthrough theories list.


Main guidelines of the Sf-healing portal. (Out-of-the-box thinking) 

Innovation and unconventional thinking. Without fear of expressing positions that contradict the common perceptions of the medical establishment.

Simplicity, user-friendliness, objectivity.

  • Simplicity – no need for in-depth knowledge of Chemistry or medicine.
  • An emphasis on reader-friendliness. Recently, navigation tools were added directly to the main titles for the convenience of readers. At the bottom of each page, you will find frequently asked questions and answers. (FAQ)
  • All human beings are equal. 
  • Avoid commercial commitments that can skew judgment.

Constant technological improvement to assist readers. 

  •  The sf-healing.com website is built on the most advanced website management software platforms and constantly innovates with technological improvements.

I gave up advertising on the sf-healing.com website because it made reading challenging. 

  • The fact that I do not advertise has allowed me not to depend on influential foreign factors.

Profound philosophical thinking.

  • Emphasis on the tight connection between the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Philosophy and theory of self-healing medicine.
  • A particular focus on the mental part will ease people's lifestyle changes. (Often needed.)
    • Confucius quotes (a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher.)

Thoughtful creativity.

  • Innovative and groundbreaking models in a variety of topics
  • Scientific topics related to the human body.

The use of artificial intelligence ChatGPT for methodological purposes. 

  • I use artificial intelligence ChatGPT software, mainly for research purposes.

View to the future. (Just for opening the mind.)

  • Breakthrough futuristic technological applications.


The philosophy of self-healing in a few sentences. 

Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of disease rather than its symptoms. Given the appropriate conditions (mental and physical), all chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!

  • Sf-Healing.com is a free website that provides a detailed, simple, step-by-step explanation of how to practice Self-healing medicine. It emphasizes overcoming obstacles in cognitive behavior to initiate the lifestyle and dietary changes essential to full recovery.
  • We offer a comprehensive philosophy and theory and applicable methods for fully recovering from Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, Chronic degenerative diseases, Autoimmune diseases, and Addiction-related diseases.

By complying with fundamental requirements (mental and physical), all chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!


I wish all people, wherever they live, full recovery, good health, and a better quality of life.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Did you use someone knowledgeable in medicine to write the materials on the website?
The site is intended for the general public, particularly chronic patients; it does not contain medical terms and is based on an unusual and unusual personal experience I have had for 15 years in treatments in China and Israel.
Who built and maintained the Sf-healing.com website for you?
A leading Israeli company in its field built this website. (Meyzam Group) The company also regularly maintains the website on the technical side.
How long did it take to write the materials on this website?
The writing on the site took about 5 years and is updated regularly, stemming from 15 years of experience in endless treatments in China and Israel. The writing was done solely by me.
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About this website
1. How complex was it to set up and maintain a website as large as this?
Setting up a website in the content field is a challenge of creative ideas combined with advanced technology.
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A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 3.
The site's exposure depends on its attractiveness in search engines; for this purpose, original, innovative, and creative content is required, combined with supporting technology.
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