About this website

About this website

Self-healing is like “Performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time, we fall."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

This website is dedicated to all people around the world, and especially to people with chronic illnesses.

My journey since the begging of symptoms until recovery- About the author.


The essence of this site.

  • The Sf-Healing.com website provides a detailed, simple step by step explanation on how to practice self-healing functional medicine, with emphasis on overcoming obstacles in mental behavior to initiate the lifestyle & dietary changes essential to accomplish full recovery.
  • We offer a comprehensive and implemental theory & philosophy for achieving a full recovery from Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, Autoimmune diseases, and Addiction-related diseases.


My personal experience and perspective inform many chapters of this site.

  • In mid-life I found myself struggling to survive extreme liver damage due to Hepatitis C. (HCV) My recovery took 14 long, draining years during which I had to be devoted to my survival. Although I consulted with countless doctors in the beginning, I made no progress nor did I receive any helpful advice.
  • I started to realize that in the face of chronic disease, conventional medicine was helpless. The drugs I was given did not work, and surgery was not an option.
  • I spent thousands of hours reading and watching YouTube videos to find a cure for my almost hopeless condition.
  • I spent over 2 years in China, and I am convinced that acupuncture is a useful tool, though it is excruciating for someone in my condition.


Unlike Conventional Medicine, Self-Healing Functional Medicine treats the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

Link: Conventional Modern Medicine vs. Self-Healing (Functional) Medicine.

  • There are about 100 different techniques of diagnosis and treatment of alternative-functional medicine. On the face of it, these techniques do not have a clear connection, but in a more in-depth observation, the whole basis of alternative medicine is the self-healing ability that is applied to all of us.


The Self-healing functional medicine dilemma.

Without a unifying medical philosophy or theory, the patient has to decide which medicine to choose? (Or maybe both?)

  • If you choose to treat yourself through the use of self-healing medicine, you will probably face many questions & hesitations from family & friends, (as I did), I recommend reading the essential principals of self-healing before starting the physical & emotional lifestyle changes. (The gallery contains disgusting photos, exclusively of me, I hope it will help visualize the benefits of self-healing.)


Self-healing medicine works on the physical body as well as mind & spirit to eliminate the causes of the disease. (Mental & Physical.)

Mental & Spiritual: 

  • Lifestyle changes, with more relaxation and sleep.
  • Mental & spiritual enhancement to restore Qi life-force energy.
  • Strengthening positive emotions and faith.
  • Releasing Non-resolved stressful events from the past. (Using licensed hypnotherapist, or other techniques.)



  • Eating & drinking a large balanced variety of unprocessed foods & beverages helps initiate the body's natural regeneration process.
  • Mechanical detoxification. (By unblocking and cleansing the liver & kidneys.)
  • Exercise and massage to improve blood & lymphatic circulation.
  • Controlled sun-baths. (Essential for proper physiology.)
  • Acupuncture can restore the life-force energy flow, and relieve pain.   
  • Uses mainly herbal supplements and antioxidants (as little as possible) to restore the body's balance and deficiencies.


Breakthrough new theories.

On this Website, I present two breakthrough theories, in entirely different contexts.


Nutrition & lifestyle changes. 

  • Recovery from chronic diseases using self-healing methods often requires more meticulous nutrition than usual. The Nutrition & eating habits chapter covers many theoretical issues and also many topics covering a wide range of frequently asked questions. (FAQ)
  • Self -healing lifestyle may require a few sacrifices. The reward is outstanding, not only for the symptomatic organ,(one or more) but to the entire body's health and appearance.


Main guidelines of this site.

  1. Simplicity – no need for in-depth knowledge of Chemistry or medicine.
  2. I was editing with an emphasis on and reader-friendliness.
  3. Confucius quotes (Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher.)
  4. Avoiding commercial commitment that can skew judgment.
  5. Thoughts about the philosophy & theory of medicine.
  6. Special focus on the mental part that will ease people to change their lifestyle. (Often needed.)
  7. Emphasis on the tight connection between the body, mind, and spirit.
  8. View to the future. (Just for opening the mind.)


Other Chapters of this website.

Futuristic ideas. (Chapter) 

  • I gave freedom to my thoughts & dreams concerning health and related issues. I hope you will find it interesting.

Photo gallery. (Warning - disgusting photos)

  • All photos in this gallery are mine only; The goal is to show what can happen to the human body and still stay alive.

Forums, Blog & Polls. 

  • Users are invited to express their views and experience through this site forums, blog & polls.


I wish all people wherever they live full recovery, good health with a better quality of life.



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