Is it vital to invest in organic food?

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25/04/2023 7:43

It is recommended to invest in erogenous food, even though it is much more expensive, as chemical pesticides are not used in its cultivation.

Organic food.

Non-GMO organic food is more expensive but healthier. Organic food usually looks less beautiful from the outside because no chemical pesticides are used in the crop, only much more costly due to biological pesticides. Food not sprayed with chemical pesticides is a significant advantage because toxins, especially heavy metals, tend to accumulate and cause chronic illness over the years. The claims that there are no differences in taste in taste tests are sometimes valid but should not influence the decision. There is an argument (in my view, cynical) that the public is deceived. In most countries, organic crops are regulated.

Organic foods, including animal products, cost twice as much or more, but the investment pays off in the long term.


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