Can we simulate behavior and subconscious using mathematical tools?

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31/12/2020 14:42

This question is philosophical but has far-reaching implications for the human race as the answer "yes" may imply we live in a simulation.


The question is an extension of whether we live in a simulation. Disappointingly, this is precisely Alan Turing's halting problem and, therefore, has no definitive answer.


The only universal language in the universe is the laws of mathematics and logic combined with sound and image (which have mathematical expressions)

  • If intelligent extraterrestrial life has been created at a level appropriate for communication with us - they must master mathematics and logic.
  • Mathematics is the language of nature, and even if the aliens' symbols are different from ours, deciphering mathematics is not relatively complex.

Although not romantic, concepts like beauty and love, positive and negative emotions, and memories can probably have mathematical expressions. 


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