A hiccup is a reflex that resets subconscious communication.

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  4. A hiccup is a reflex that resets subconscious communication.
09/12/2022 4:05

The subconscious mind is constantly active; it communicates with the senses, environment, and universe. Sometimes a communication interference is created that requires rebooting.


The explanation for the hiccup sounds is simple—Involuntary contraction of the diaphragm causes air to move through the vocal cords. It is challenging to explain why the hiccup exists and for what purpose it is used. The fact that studies reveal that unique patterns of brain waves accompany hiccups only reinforces my argument that it is an action performed to renew subconscious communication.


The fact that hiccup is present in other mammals, babies, and even in fetuses in the womb points the finger in the direction of the subconscious.

In infants, the pineal gland that activates the subconscious intensely receives information from the environment and the universe. Babies need the subconscious for survival more than adults. Embryos communicate through the subconscious while in the womb.

You will find almost no hiccups in adults because their pineal glands shrink and calcify, and they communicate much less through the subconscious. (The intuitive ability of children is much higher.)


There are other scientific explanations for the question of what the hiccup serves.

  • Many believe a hiccup implies someone is thinking about you or removing negative energies. I must emphasize that there are no "negative energies." Still, a situation in which the subconscious is not synchronized correctly with the universe may be interpreted as a negative state. Although folklore has no clear explanations, it is closer to reality than science. It does not think in this direction but attributes the hiccup phenomena to eating, drinking, and various foods.

The fact that hiccup is also prevalent in fetuses, who do not digest food or drinks, places the explanation of the resetting subconscious quantum communication at the top of the list.


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