Psychotherapy cannot treat traumas that reside in the subconscious.

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03/05/2021 20:59

Psychotherapy is valuable, but only for traumas or events not suppressed into the subconscious. The subconscious serves as a digital safe.


The subconscious is the gate that connects the Mind and spirit to the Body. It has an immense impact on our physical and mental health. The subconscious is part of the self-defense mechanism of the Mind. One of Its functions is to store unresolved traumatic events that may prevent us from functioning correctly. 


The ability to penetrate the subconscious is critical.

The subconscious is the gate that connects the mind and spirit to the body. It has an immense impact on our physical & mental health. image 1

Routine psychological treatments are often unable to penetrate the subconscious.

Psychology is essential on many levels, but not in penetration into the subconscious. Access to the subconscious is blocked! Routine psychology techniques, unable to penetrate the subconscious Mind, constitute a digital safe.

Why do people tend to go to psychotherapy? (partial list)

  • Many people need the attentive ear of a neutral person, an experienced expert.
  • Resolving personal or family conflicts.
  • Couple counseling.
  • Personal crises of all kinds.
  • People in the modern age are more lonely than ever! The psychologist is an attentive, empathetic, supportive, and understanding figure.

Are psychological treatments unnecessary in cases of attempts to reconstruct unresolved traumas?

  • Psychological treatment may provide vital support, but it is often unable to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it, regardless of the number of treatments. The subconscious is a secure virtual safe.


What techniques can penetrate the subconscious Mind? I usually advise chronic patients to consider these tools. (Except for psycho-chemical drugs)

  • Hypnotic therapies. (Licensed & Authorized only.)  
  • Profound meditation. (Or similar techniques such as Yoga or Tai Chi.) 
    • Most people (especially in the West) cannot reach meditation at the levels required to penetrate the subconscious Mind. 
    • It is not surprising that people travel to ashrams in India, where they break free from the past's anxieties and gain mental and physical liberation.
    • All martial arts make use of meditation tools for mental and physical empowerment. But this is an action that requires a lot of practice.
  • Support groups. (Provided there is a deep connection between the group members and the facilitator)
  • Psychochemical drugs. (Do not use without a doctor's prescription.) Most often, it involves side effects.

Techniques can treat the symptoms of energetic blockages without penetrating the subconscious Mind.

  • Acupuncture does not penetrate the conscious Mind but can release energetic blockages caused by unresolved traumatic events.
  • Energetic flushing. (The technique is only available in certain places around the world.)
  • The placebo effect. 


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