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Nutrients from food and natural beverages are better absorbed than any supplements and have no side effects. (Supplements can be harmful.)


During the 15 years I have been in China intermittently, I have tried various herbs (I do not usually know their names) and various supplements. Unfortunately, no supplement or herb has brought about a significant improvement in my condition. One should always prefer good quality food & beverages with a high nutritional value over supplements. However, one might need a few (though not many) carefully selected supplements during the recovery process.

Link: Herbal Antibiotics, Anti-protozoan drugs & Corticosteroids.


Natural nutrients (In foods & beverages) vs. supplements.

Drinking freshly squeezed juice and taking controlled solar baths regularly enables us to minimize supplement intake.

  • The body better absorbs the nutrients in food than those in supplements.
  • Taking vitamin supplements may be harmful because you can feed the parasites.

Supplements during the recovery period from chronic diseases.

  • Patients may need extra antioxidants during recovery and a few nutritional supplements due to low absorbency and compromised immune systems.
  • For patients who regularly take traditional Chinese herbal medicines, I recommend asking your prescribing physician for herbs names in the medication. (From my experience, many of the herbs contain antioxidants.)
  •  Patients may need extra antioxidants and a few nutritional supplements due to low absorbency and compromised immune systems.
  • There is an endless list of food supplements in powders, pills, and liquids. Do not get confused! They may have health benefits but are not stand-alone treatments; food supplements can cause side effects.


Below I list the supplements I used on a regular and occasional basis. (This list reflected my personal needs.)

  • I recommend not copying my list of supplements; It is best to create the list according to your personal needs, preferably using an expert naturopath.

Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory.

  • Milk thistle – protects and rejuvenates the liver.
  • Bentonite clay absorbs large quantities of toxins, is beneficial for eliminating heavy metals, and is mighty and effective without side effects.
    • Very useful for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Astaxanthin – Causes pink or red in salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood; it can protect human cell membranes.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) - is essential for aerobic metabolism.
  • Resveratrol (in vacuum bags) Red wine is probably the best-known source. It has anti-aging properties, a powerful antioxidant.


Vitamins & Minerals.

  • Vitamin B12 (I took injections; other patients might be able to take B12 drops)
    • Found only in animal-sourced foods. Normal levels of Vitamin B12 are needed to reduce inflammation reactions in the body. Vitamin B12 also has many other vital functions.
    • You have to ask your doctor for a Vitamin B12 blood test. If the B12 levels are low and you are not vegan, you might need Vitamin B12 supplements. The best absorption is via injection.
  • Epsom salt - Usually used during liver & Gallbladder flush. (Very effective for muscle pain by adding about 30 grams of English salt in a bath full of warm water.)
  • Selenium - The best natural source is eating a few Brazil nuts weekly.
  • Bentonite clay. (Mineral-rich volcanic ash.)


Metabolism Boosts.

  • Ubiquinol CoQ10 - plays a critical role in the creation of cellular energy.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – fights depression & anxiety with many different benefits.
  • Turmeric capsules. (it is better to use curcumin root inside the juice)
  • Iodine capsules – support healthy thyroid function. Himalayan (pink) salt is another great option. (With many more benefits.)


Internal tissue rehabilitation.

  • Serrapeptase - is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm. Cocoon. (Needs more study – might be necessary to repair scar tissue in lung and liver patients) used Serrapeptase for extended periods with no side effects, but it might have adverse side effects on blood coagulation.
  • Aloe Vera juice – helps the digestive system.
  • Licorice tea. (Gan Cao – a very popular in Chinese traditional medicine) It has effects similar to those of the adrenocortical hormone. (cortisol)


Live bacteria probiotic.

  • I use VivoMix regularly. (450 billion live bacteria in powder.)

Long-term use of antibiotics requires the consumption of probiotics.

  • Patients with long-term chronic inflammatory disease take high dosages of wide-spectrum antibiotics. They destroy the excellent bacterial flora critical to properly maintaining the immune system.  


Link: Probiotic (Wikipedia)

  • A Probiotic is a beneficial bacteria culture for the body, vital in maintaining balance with parasites and pathogenic bacteria found regularly in the digestive system. 

Benefits of Probiotics. (My interpretation)

  • It enables nutrient absorption in the intestines; it is vital to trigger regeneration and help lose weight.
  • It protects against parasitic imbalance again and thus helps with digestion.
  • It helps the immune system fight inflammation.
  • It helps maintain the proper ph. balance (parasites prefer acidity)
  • Patients (like me) can eat all the right nutrients needed for enzymes to absorb nutrients, but none of them will be metabolized without the appropriate amount of good bacteria.
  • Prevents damage to the intestinal walls. (leaky gut syndrome)
  • The appendix was assumed to be redundant, but it is an emergency storage vessel for good bacteria.

My experience with live bacteria probiotics.

  • I have had long-term experience with very high dosages of live bacterial probiotics. Gas bloating is always a sign of unbalanced flora in the intestines. Flatulence is the outcome of a "war over territory." The gas is a Herxheimer reaction wherein toxins are released from dying parasites.
  • You will not have the same reaction when the natural flora is rebalanced.
  • Doing coffee enemas over long periods demands regular probiotics because you empty the gut's good bacteria and all the debris.

Live probiotic enemas are incredibly beneficial.

  • If probiotics are taken orally, they must pass through the stomach's highly acidic environment, which might partially destroy the good bacteria.
  • Probiotic enemas require one full bucket (1.5 liters) of purified clean water at body temperature mixed and stirred with live bacteria probiotics powder.
  • The most effective time for the probiotic enema is after a coffee enema or liver flush.


Supplements are prone to use during healing and not for permanent use.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Does the human body need supplements?
For those who eat a varied diet of natural and unprocessed food and are exposed to sunlight (to an extent), supplements are usually not needed. Vegans need supplements of Omega 3 and vitamin B12 which are not found in plants.
Why is the supplement industry thriving?
When people lead an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, they often silence their conscience, thinking they are compensating their bodies.
Don't high-concentration supplements have a faster effect than nutrients in food?
All studies show that nutrients in food are better absorbed and are much more beneficial than any supplement. Always prefer natural food over additives, regardless of their concentration
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