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26/01/2021 0:55

Without a philosophy of medicine — medicine has no compass! You will never find what you need if you do not know what you are looking for.

By complying with fundamental requirements (mental & physical) — All chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!

01/08/2023 11:30
Attempts to find the miracle cure for chronic diseases have been going on for many years without much success. The panacea idea is non-holistic.
10/01/2023 8:46
Few theories try to explain the formation of life on Earth (Abiogenesis). The problem is that you will get impossible coincidences!
10/01/2023 8:21
Science attributes only analogical activity to our senses. However, digital communication has a distinct advantage in long-distance communication.
10/01/2023 8:03
The human body is built for extraordinary endurance, even in extreme cases. The human body does not have a mechanism of self-destruction!
05/10/2022 5:33
Three factors determine the objective severity of pain. Measuring objective pain is a methodological question that occupies many patients,
05/10/2022 5:27
"Physical pain - is a short or continuous alarm sensation caused by temporary or permanent cell damage (above a certain threshold) in tissue with sensory nerves (nociceptors)."
05/10/2022 5:21
Advanced technological applications of the gate control theory regarding pain may allow us to control the pain switches in our brains.
15/09/2022 5:40
Since no drug or combination of drugs can eliminate the causes of chronic diseases, but only their symptoms, the answer is that there is no such drug.
15/09/2022 5:15
All body organs, including the brain, have an incredible natural regenerative capacity! Provided we don't interrupt the process.
15/09/2022 5:04
The name alternative medicine implies inferiority compared to conventional medicine. For right-handed, your left hand is not your alternative hand!
22/04/2022 5:24
These images illustrate how resilient the human body is! You can always recover from any acquired chronic illness, even one that seems impossible.
22/04/2022 5:16
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells isolating themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue.
22/04/2022 5:07
Detoxification processes are often required to strengthen the immune system. However, it has side effects due to improving the immune response,
22/04/2022 4:29
The human body is too complex to prolong life only through drugs. Reverse aging requires mimicking a healthy lifestyle (mental & physical),
22/04/2022 4:05
The modern world is very intense, with an infinity of non-essential stimuli. Self-fulfillment requires leisure - which is a rare commodity in the contemporary world.
22/04/2022 3:49
The body's primary defense mechanism is the immune system; a weak immune system exposes the body to chronic disease and cancer—the main difficulty in applying the principles of healthy living in a modern world without free time.
29/11/2021 14:29
"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
29/11/2021 14:18
These 4 groups of emotions (Love, Envy, Hate, revenge) are needed in a competitive world. They are not accidental. They serve the purpose of survival.
29/11/2021 14:08
Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts. (Self-defense.) Thus, surgical removal often does not solve the problem in the long run.
09/08/2021 17:05
Autoimmune diseases can be healed if we eliminate the mental and physical causes of the disease. Symptomatic treatments perpetuate the patient's dependence on drugs.
09/08/2021 16:58
The gastrointestinal tract is the primary non-sterile internal system, forcing the immune system to fight relentlessly to prevent pathogens' overgrowth.
09/08/2021 16:41
The prevalence of cancer in women and men indicates dramatic cancer rates near the body's positive magnetic poles, which radiate the energy of life.
09/07/2021 7:14
Good health and high life expectancy are related to enhanced tissue regeneration capabilities. A healthy lifestyle and diet have a dominant role.
06/06/2021 19:51
All the energetic processes in nature are characterized by the dynamic energy flow, consisting of four Phases. (Immense health implications)
31/05/2021 13:22
Mortality rates (there is high variability between women and men) complement the strength of the immune system. (Reverse ratio)
31/05/2021 12:56
Although women are less at risk, smoke, and drink less alcohol than men, the explanation is more profound and related primarily to different biological properties.
25/04/2021 9:10
When a star dies, it is transformed and resurrected. The same also applies to entire galaxies! Humans, being energetic entities, obey the laws of nature.
08/03/2021 21:26
Without accurately identifying the causes of chronic diseases, conventional medicine treats only the symptoms of the disease and thus perpetuates them.
08/03/2021 21:14
Allergies are often a seasonal symptom and are perceived by many as external stimuli unrelated to their lifestyle and diet!
06/03/2021 22:36
Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts in self-defense. Therefore, a tumor is a symptom!
25/01/2021 21:00
Sweating has more underlying functions beyond body cooling. There are three additional distinctive roles of sweat beyond Cooling the body.
14/01/2021 7:03
The aging rate is uneven over the years; the aging process from age 30 to 40 differs from age 60 to 70! (Aging is exponential )
12/01/2021 9:18
Physical pain is an alert mechanism of the body designed to protect us from deterioration. Pain and inflammation are mirror images of the other.
11/01/2021 18:32
After eating a big meal, we often feel the need to fall asleep. It may suggest that the liver and the immune system are working hard! (Metabolic fatigue)
11/01/2021 6:49
Integrating modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare. They are the sides of the same coin.
10/09/2020 18:19
Even though I was on the verge of death, I did not treat myself as a person prone to death! I just denied my condition for a very long time.
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