Self-Healing Functional Medicine – Main principles and guidelines.

Self-Healing Functional Medicine – Main principles and guidelines.

Self-healing is like “Performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.

"The more a man meditates with good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

My suggested broad definition of Self-healing (functional) medicine.

Link: Alternative medicine vs. Functional medicine (self-healing), and how to choose the most appropriate treatment?

Currently, there is no clear definition of what functional medicine is. Self-healing Functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than it's symptoms. 

"All types of methodologies, techniques of non-invasive medicine, (using mainly herbal drugs & natural supplements) for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the body, and mind, which can bring about a proven and significant improvement (without considerable side effects) in the overall health of the patient on the long run."


1 Introduction to Self-healing functional medicine.

The principles of the self-healing functional medicine combining body, mind & spirit altogether, allow the body to rehabilitate the immune system on its own, thereby initiating recovery from any acquired (non-genetic) chronic illness.

  • Self-healing medicine is based on the extraordinary ability of the body and mind, to recover from all Non-genetic illnesses on their own. (Usually, the causes are an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, along with traumatic unresolved mental events from the past.)
  • The advantage of the self-healing method is that it can be treated with a wide range of chronic diseases with minor changes. (Stemming from the nature of the damage caused to various tissues.)
  • The principles of self-healing sometimes seem difficult to implement, and often require lifestyle changes, a difficult task in the modern age, but the payoff is enormous on all levels.
  • People who are in health crises and feel that they have hope for recovery are ready to put enormous effort into recovery. The Kubler Ross model may help to understand the mental processes undergoing chronically ill patients and thus stimulate them for the recognition that active action is required. 
  • Link: Kübler-Ross model – Explains the behavior of personal loss.


2 General overview and basic principles of the self-healing method.

2.1 Introduction.

  • The unconventional perception of the human body as an energetic entity is essential to achieving a full recovery from chronic acquired diseases.
  • It is necessary to treat the physical body, Mind & Spirit altogether.
  • The four stages of self-healing medicine include internalization, determination, willpower, and perseverance.

2.2 Although there are many fields of medicine, there are only two logical approaches to medicine, with a few techniques in between.

  1. Modern conventional medicine - Medicine that interferes with pharmaceutical drugs and invasive actions. (Of all kinds)  
  2. Self-healing functional medicine - Eliminates the causes of the disease rather than it's symptoms. with no invasive intervention and only herbal remedies. (All alternative methods of treatment are based on the body's marvelous ability to self-heal.)

Our body, mind & spirit are reflections of each other. The influence of our mind & spirit on our physical body is immense.

2.3 The Holistic approach of self-healing.

  • The location of symptoms does not necessarily reveal the main problem.
  • A single organ or system cannot be cured apart from the rest of the body. The entire body's immune system has to recover as well.

2.4 Constantly maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • The main drawback of self-healing is the need for changes in lifestyle & habits. The transformation is enormous in every aspect.

2.5 Self-healing recovery process is divided into two parts:

  1. Immune restoration and damaged tissue regeneration.
    • This treatment is uniform for all diseases, the intensity of the treatment is directly proportional to the severity of the disease, and the patient's ability to withstand a prolonged treatment.
    • As the patient's energetic condition deteriorates, an increased emphasis is needed on the mental & spiritual side.
    • Techniques of meditating and releasing traumatic tensions from the past are not very common in the West, I recommend as a substitute for a qualified hypnotist. You will be amazed by what a far-reaching physical effect may be due to hypnotic therapy.
  2. Specific treatment for each of the various chronic diseases pain & symptoms.

2.6 Self- healing paradigm during recovery.

  • Self-healing during the recovery process is demanding. You should expect a gradual improvement over time. The body reflects this improvement in all its aspects (skin, hair, teeth, nails, gums). Whenever a healthy immune system tries to recover from a disease, symptoms like fatigue, gas, frequent urination may appear. These are signs that the Qi is working. You may need to slow down, but do not stop as if the process has failed.

2.7 The location of the diseases and the severity is not accidental. (This analysis is simplistic but thought-provoking.)

Link: Chakra (Wikipedia) Note: A simple search will provide many more detailed diagrams with elaborated information. (Recommended)  

The 7 human Chakras (Energy Centers) and organs they represent, with respective influential emotions.

The 7 human Chakras General & Introduction.

  • These principles come from traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicine that works on balancing the body. Western medicine completely ignores the energetic being of the human body and misses an opportunity for a deep understanding of chronic disease formation.
  • Diseases break out where life-force energy does not flow smoothly.
  • When we talk about stress and anxiety as a major cause of chronic morbidity, it is necessary to deepen and label the traumatic emotions involved in order to consciously release them.
  • It is worth mentioning that only Traumatic Non-resolved mental & spiritual events from our past block the life-force energy. 

The example I have provided is too simplistic but illustrates the idea and encourages self-searching.

  • The symptomatic organ should be adjusted to its energy center, the traumatic emotions that block the specific energy center needs to be identified and released.
    • If the result cannot be reached through an internal search, you should consider assisting with a certified hypnotist.
  • Prolonged and severe multi-system diseases need to be restored according to the chronological order of symptoms.
  • In many cases (as in my case) it is a mix of traumatic emotions and several energy centers, making it challenging to locate the source of the energy block.
  • At the energetic level, the right side is the male side while the left side is related to the female side and the offspring. Therefore trauma with the mother or a brother, for example, will be expressed in different locations!

2.8 The severity of symptoms. 

  • The intensity of the symptoms is related to the general energy of the body (in the central energy channel) and also the energy level of the specific organ or organs.


3 Mental & spiritual enhancement principles. (Often underestimated.) 

Links: Mental & spiritual enhancement.

Although these principles sound clear and logical, they are sometimes difficult to apply. It is recommended to use empowerment workshops or other professional.

3.1 Happiness has a high impact on Qi.

  • Unfortunately, there is no sure recipe for joy, but you can take small steps, such as: 
  •  More free time is essential to gaining high levels of Qi
  • If necessary, you should reduce your working hours – you will be surprised that your productivity will not be significantly lowered.

3.2 Find a suitable activity to free your mind and spirit, such as:

  • Tai Qi, Yoga, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Swimming!
  • Any exercise that helps release mental stress. (Preference is individual.)

3.3 Make peace with yourself, your environment, and your family.

  • You must do all you can to resolve all meaningful disputes. Hate, envy, anxiety, and shouting consume Qi life-force energy.

3.4 Do not be disappointed with what you have achieved.

  • Be happy with what you have. Unfulfilled ambition is frustrating and depletes energy in the long run. Curb your ambition for a while. It will help you to regain lost strength.

3.5 Love and giving elevate life-force energy. (Qi)

  • By volunteering & helping others you gain satisfaction, it increases the life-force energy. (Qi)
  • Donations of money alone are not considered as giving.  

3.6 Having a strong, deep belief. (With or without praying and worshiping the god.)

  • Deep belief is like meditation and promotes Qi energy. There are claims that the placebo effect results from this mechanism.

3.7 Having a good couple's relationship is essential to maintaining high Qi.

  • Love and understanding are crucial in the process of recovery, while fighting and shouting deplete your Qi. Try to resolve marital issues. If you are having problems, seek professional advice.

3.8 The use of Hypnosis.

  • The use of hypnosis may be perceived by many as unrelated to the illness they suffer from, but the release of mental distress has far-reaching effects on the body. 


4 Self-healing recommended lifestyle habits.

4.1 Minimize medications intake.

  • Try to minimize your medications intake. (They all harm the immune system.)

4.2 Avoid or minimize all alcoholic beverages.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages (including beer and wine) is not recommended, as they damage the immune system.

4.3 Avoid or minimize smoking. 

  • Smoking has a far-reaching impact on the immune system for other vital systems.

4.4 Sex is essential for a good mood.

  • The frequency of sexual activity depends on age. Meaningless sex depletes energy. Sexual activity, combined with love increases energy. (Happiness.)
  • Women and men who are in love look radiant, and their skin shines. It is directly connected to a higher Qi energy.

4.5 Eating habits.

  • Each morning on an empty stomach squeeze one lemon and drink it mixed with lukewarm water. (You can add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.)
  • Try to minimize eating away from home, preferably to take home food and not buy outside.
  • Chew well, take a break, and eat comfortably, do not eat late at night.
  • Intermittent fasting (not with zero calories) has many benefits.

4.6 Try to avoid very crowded places for extended periods. They consume energy.

4.7 A good night’s sleep is essential for the regeneration of the body and a vital factor for maintaining high Qi.

  • Although you may feel healthy and not tired, seven hours of sleep at night is essential. Working night-shifts continuously confuses the biological clock; in the long run, it harms the Qi life force.

4.8 Minimize exposure to toxins from all possible sources. (Such as toxins in food and beverages, drugs, various chemicals, radiation).

  • The modern environment is full of toxins, some of which we have no control over, but on our consumption, we have direct control.

4.9 Controlled exposure to the sun regularly.

  • Controlled Sun baths build vitamin D. Naturally; it brings joy and energy to life. (It is like charging your batteries.)

4.10 Regular moderate physical activity.

  • Physical activity is necessary for maintaining a good mood and proper physiological functioning.


5 Recommended Diet and Natural physical therapies.

Link: Physical treatments & supplements - Summary table.

Detailed explanations of this chapter can be found in the links provided below each headline.

  1. Eating & drinking a large balanced variety of unprocessed food & beverages helps initiate the body's natural regeneration process.
    1. A large variety of unprocessed natural food (preferably organic and not genetically modified) with all macronutrients and ingredients. Reduced quantities of animal protein, preferably grass-fed or organic range-free products. Lots of dietary fiber mixed with natural oils & fats that enable effective emulsification process. Fermented products with natural live bacteria are essential for good health.
    2. The balanced diet provides the body with all the nutrients required for maintaining a healthy body, supporting the regeneration & rejuvenation process, including the Pancreas beta cells & Brain neurogenesis.
    3. Intermittent fasting (not with zero calories) has many benefits.
    4. Chew well, take a break, and eat comfortably, do not eat late at night.
    5. Each morning on an empty stomach squeeze one lemon and drink it mixed with lukewarm water. (You can add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.)
    6. A balanced diet is the best diet for maintaining good health and optimal weight.
  2. Mechanical Detoxification. (By unblocking and cleansing the liver & kidneys.)
    1. The liver and kidneys fill a long list of important metabolic processes. A burden on one creates a burden on the other and therefore it is important to address both. 
    2. Liver Flush dissolves the intra-hepatic stones and cleanses the liver. By unblocking the liver & kidneys, you can initiate the tissue regeneration & rejuvenation process. 
    3. Liver & Gallbladder flush + Cleansing the kidneys.
    4. Cleansing the kidneys. (Drinking parsley tea, Steam Sauna, Jacuzzi.)
    5. Detailed explanations on YouTube videos below:
      1. The health benefits of drinking fresh juice | Insights from 8 years of drinking juice every day.
      2. Coffee enemas health benefits & Risks | Insights from 3,000 coffee enemas.
      3. Liver & Gallbladder flush health benefits and risks | Insights from 160 liver flushes.
  3. Exercise and massage to improve blood & lymphatic circulation.
    1. Regular exercise is essential for the movement of lymph fluid, which is the second line of defense of the body. 
    2. All types of massages have only benefits - No side effects.
    3. All massages Types, methods, and benefits.
  4. Controlled Solar-baths. (Essential for proper physiology and charges the life-force energy.)
    1. Controlled exposure to the sun has many unique benefits.
    2. Fear of contracting skin cancer and working indoors for many hours has created a situation in which many people, even in sunny countries are deficient in vitamin D.
    3. Solar baths - sun tanning.
  5. Acupuncture can restore the life-force energy flow and relieve pain.
    1. Acupuncture - Scientifically proven with amazing results and No side - effects. 
    2. Acupuncture – Balancing the life-force energy (Qi) flow.
  6. Uses mainly food supplements and antioxidants (as little as possible) to restore the body's balance and deficiencies.
    1. One should always prefer good quality food & beverages with a high nutritional value over supplements. However, during the recovery process, one might need a few (though not many) carefully selected supplements.
    2. Food supplements, antioxidants & probiotics.


Following the principles & guidelines of self-healing functional medicine will cure the entire body mentally and physically. The main drawback of self-healing is the need for changes in lifestyle & habits. The transformation is enormous in every aspect.

Self-healing functional medicine allows everyone to recover from any acquired chronic illnesses, even the most difficult without medication, at home, and without unnecessary expenses. It is worth noting that there is no such thing as a chronic acquired (non-genetic) incurable disease!


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