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A self-healing resort in a surrealistic environment with one-stop-shop health services can be a reality shortly. This is not a new idea, just a different emphasis.

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The idea is to Founding one-stop-shop health resorts for self-healing.

Back to the routine after the coronavirus, there will be a need for self-healing resorts.

  • Comfortable and relaxing stay in a calm and quiet pastoral environment that strengthens Qi energy − an essential element during recovery from any chronic disease.
  • An internet search will reveal many options for health resorts worldwide. Many are located in Asia and Mexico, but they emphasize fun and pleasure than healing.
  • These health resorts should be affordable to large populations but profitable to maintain themselves without donations or government support.

Although a self-healing resort in a surrealistic environment may be ambitious and expensive, it can change lives and promote a better understanding of self-healing benefits.


Potential visitors to self-healing health resorts:

People with chronic diseases need a vacation and an opportunity to be gently guided into lifestyle changes.

  1. Healthy or sick children. (With their parents.)
  2. Overstressed people who need a break from modern life. The vacation is combined with regimens promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Healthy people want to trigger the rejuvenation process, increase Qi, maintain a younger appearance, and improve vigor.
  4. Visitors of all ages, including disabled people.


Basic guidelines for self-healing health resorts.

The length of stay should be between 4-6 weeks to give adequate time for the self-healing process.

    • Affordable prices with no extra charges.
  • Self-healing instructors advise on how to maintain treatment routines and direct recreational activities.
    • Staff assistance in performing daily routines.
  • Carefully selected caregivers provide hospitable service.
  • Encouraging visitors to bring companions, especially life partners.
  • Special ward for the disabled or people with special needs.
  • Children's ward with facilities suitable for children.
  • Particular insurance coverage (from a young age) for self-healing treatment.

General regulatory requirements.

Meeting all regulatory demands imposed by local authorities.

  • Keeping visitors safe from potential harm.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are forbidden in all public areas.
  • Narcotics are strictly forbidden in the resort.
  • Pets will not be allowed. (Although highly recommended for patient's home environment)


Self-healing resorts, potential location, and staff requirements.

The resorts should contain all the facilities needed for a comfortable and safe stay for singles or couples.

  • Although self-healing does not involve medical treatments, self-healing resorts should be medically supervised by certified medical practitioners.
  • The location should be accessible and have lots of light.
  • It should be in a climate with many sunny days, nice year-round weather, good air quality, and reasonable maintenance costs.
  • The price needs to be affordable because a stay of 4-6 weeks is more extended than most vacations.
  • The resort should be located in a natural environment but near enough to cities to easily access it. It should be close to a source of organic vegetables and fruit to prepare delicious, nutritious meals and juices.
  • Resorts should be located in safe, politically stable countries with a positive attitude towards foreigners.


Relaxing massage.

Facilities will include everything required for a pleasant, comfortable stay.

Living area with small huts or villas that blend into nature. Unique cabins or villas for the disabled and children.

Each hut or villa will be designed for maximum convenience:

A Living room. (with total entertainment and communication systems)

  • Fully equipped kitchen. (Meals will be available during the daytime)
  • Oversized bedroom with an attached bathroom.
  • Children's room with a balcony.
  • A bathroom for visitors.
  • Treatment area includes:
    • Attached is a bathroom designed for the administration of coffee enemas. (Including shower and bath.)
    • Small steam sauna. (With a safety alarm.)
    • Jacuzzi with water jets.
  • Porch balcony for relaxation and coffee.
  • An attached garden with fragrant flowers and herbs.

Shared facilities for the well-being of guests.

  • A nursery for patients' babies.
  • Children's playground with toys.
  • Walking trails and unique trails for the disabled who can be transported in small electric vehicles.
  • Gardens are surrounded by waterfalls, small fish ponds, bird feeders, and scattered benches with thatched roofs that promote a relaxed, romantic mood.
  • Quiet, spiritually inspiring places for Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Dining rooms that serve only nutritionally recommended foods emphasize variety and taste.
  • Fresh juice stands close to the living quarters for frequent drinking.
  • A Sports Center with swimming pools and lots of space for sunbathing
  • Rooms for acupuncture and massage treatments promote relaxation and do not have the aura of a hospital.
  • A travel desk that can make all the necessary arrangements for day trips.
  • The recreation and amusement area includes a stage for live performances, a lecture hall, and a movie theater.
  • Medical clinic with all essential equipment. A herbal pharmacy
  • Administrative area and staff residences.
  • Parking area and transportation to an airport, nearby cities, and attractions.


In modern life, there is always a need for Self-Healing resorts. It can become a reality within a few years!


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