Conventional Modern Medicine vs. Self-Healing (Alternative-Functional) Medicine SWOT analysis.

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The SWOT analysis points to a mirror image between Modern Medicine and Self-Healing (Alternative-functional) Medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Thus the integration between both is requested.

Conventional  Modern Medicine vs. Self-Healing (Alternative-Functional) Medicine SWOT analysis. image 1

"Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)


Conventional Medicine VS. Self-Healing Functional Medicine.


Conventional Medicine

Self-Healing Medicine

Philosophical Aspects.

View of the human body.

It is seen as a machine – tissue flesh & bones.

Seen as One Unified Entity.

Mind, Body & Spirit.

It is seen as Three Separate entities.

Mind, Body & Spirit are reflections of each other.

The role of medicine.

To fight infection;

Combat diseases by suppressing symptoms.

Restores harmony, which makes symptoms disappear.


How is the Diagnosis obtained?

After a long series of tests.

After hearing the patient’s story and examining easy-to-evaluate signs and symptoms. 

Laboratory testing.

A wide range of tests, both invasive and non-invasive.

Basic lab testing.

Time spent with the patient.

It varies, but for non-invasive procedures, usually minutes for each session.

It varies but often requires much longer sessions than does conventional medicine.


The focus of treatment.

Organs/ Systems.

Restores blocked energy – Holistic.

Types of Treatments.

Invasive procedures;

The extensive use of pharmaceuticals.

Promotes Self-healing;

Uses herbal medicines.

Purpose of Treatment.

Only sick care.

Comprehensive healthcare.

Medical centers, therapists, supervision & control.

Medical centers.

Hospitals, institutes, health centers, laboratories.

Usually, small clinics, although there are departments in big health centers.


Licensed Medical Doctors and Nurses. 

A large variety of therapists. They are not always licensed.

Supervision & control.

Tight supervision and control.

Partial supervision and control.



Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. (SWOT)


Conventional Medicine

Self-Healing Medicine


  1. Covers all medical aspects.
  2. Available all around the world.
  3. Technologically advanced.
  4. They have sophisticated lab tests.
  5. Highly skilled & trained professional staff.
  6. It does not demand lifestyle changes.
  7. Fast results with medications.
  8. Tight supervision & control.


  1. It deals with the causes and not the symptoms.
  2. Holistic. All body is treated.
  3. Long-term results.
  4. Heals the body, mind & spirit to achieve balance.
  5. Supports preventive medicine.
  6. Uses mostly herbal medicine without addiction. 
  7. Usually, fewer side effects.
  8. Generally cheaper than conventional medicine.


  1. Deals with the symptoms and not the causes.
  2. Not holistic. Treats the symptomatic organ.
  3. Looks at the body as flesh & bones only.
  4. Not suitable for Chronic Diseases.
  5. It does not support preventive medicine.
  6. It makes patients drug-dependent for long periods.
  7. It creates many side effects.
  8. Expensive if not appropriately insured.
  1. Requires lifestyle changes.
  2. Uses only basic technology — simple diagnostic tests.
  3. It does not perform invasive treatments.
  4. Treatment and recovery sometimes require long periods.
  5. Therapists and clinics are not always licensed.
  6. Poor regulation, supervision & control.
  7. Lower availability.
  8. Often they are not covered by health insurance.


  1. The simultaneous use of both medical approaches while creating synergy.
  2. Better recovery in chronic diseases and others that do not have an effective drug or invasive treatment.
  3. New options for treating complex diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  1. The simultaneous use of both medical approaches while creating synergy.
  2. It is an opportunity to eliminate the inferior image and enter the conventional medical establishment in an orderly and complete manner.
  3. The use of advanced technology is essential in medicine advocating self-healing.
  1. Chronic morbidity has already reached epidemic proportions without a good response from conventional medicine.
  2. The modern way of life presents conventional medicine with enormous challenges that are difficult to expect today.
  1. There are many healing techniques without a unifying theory.
  2. An inferior image, which almost always causes patients to try conventional medicine first.
  3. Self-healing medicine cannot perform comprehensive tests or invasive procedures that are sometimes necessities of reality and can not provide a complete solution.


 Conventional Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine. (Self-Healing Medicine.)

Note: I prefer to call Complementary Alternative-Functional Medicine. (CAM) Self-Healing Functional Medicine. 

Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms!

  • There are about 100 different techniques of diagnosis and treatment of alternative medicine. On the face of it, these techniques do not have a clear connection, but in a more in-depth observation, the whole basis of alternative medicine is the self-healing ability that is applied to all of us.
  • In my opinion, Self-healing medicine is a better description of the essence of (CAM) without having the inferior connotation.


Reasons why CAM is considered inferior to conventional medicine?

  • Without unifying philosophy, it is much easier to miss the role of mind & soul and its reflections on the body.
  • Most CAM treatments have not been scientifically proven. (Although acupuncture has been)
  • Not all CAM therapists are licensed.
  • CAM clinics and therapists are not always regulated.
  • The pharmaceutical companies have no interest in funding research on CAM. Without research funding, it is not possible to provide validation of the effectiveness of CAM.


The required conclusions. (Which do not exist in reality.)

  • Modern medicine - provides an excellent response to urgent and short-term cases and cases where self-healing is not possible, such as genetic diseases, the elderly and children, pregnant women, emergency cases, and severe injuries. (Of all types)
    • Conventional medicine has advanced diagnostic tools and lab tests that are essential for obtaining a better diagnosis.
  • Self-healing medicine has inherent advantages in balancing the body, mind, and spirit required for recovery from severe illnesses, chronic diseases, continuous disability, and in all situations where the spirit's triumph on the body is part of recovery. (Physical and mental)


Summary & Conclusions. 

Conventional Modern Medicine.

  • Enormous achievements in a wide range of fields related to technological development. However, there are also significant failures.
  • It is allowed us to maintain our unhealthy lifestyle consisting of innutritious diets & beverages, insufficient sleep, more anxiety, and less free time.
  • Does modern conventional medicine cure chronic diseases? I believe that the answer is "probably not." it might relieve pain and other symptoms, with a massive price of getting dependent and sometimes even addicted to drugs. 
  • Deals mainly with the symptoms by taking lots of pharmaceutical drugs that do not treat the cause.

Self-healing medicine.

  • It does not provide all the solutions to public health demands. It cannot be a standalone medical health system. 
  • It treats the causes, but the price is usually a lifestyle change. Most patients prefer the most straightforward solution modern medicine offers.  
  • Patients usually start with modern conventional medicine. Upon becoming disappointed with the outcomes, they seek out alternative medical advice.
  • The core of self-healing medicine is to keep the body in balance all the time. Self-healing implies that the use of pharmaceuticals is restricted since all chemical drugs disturb the balance. (It makes it challenging to practice both medical approaches at the same time.)
  • Following the growing demand, many hospitals & health centers opened individual departments for alternative medicine. (CAM) The reason is, of course, straightforward- conventional medicine could not bring patients to full recovery.
  • Integrating conventional medicine with self-healing medicine has many benefits, except that self-healing requires the patient to be his own doctor with perseverance, willpower, and self-discipline.

Economic aspects.

  • The economic burden of doctors, drugs, and treatments is sometimes very high. (In my case, the expenditure was exceptionally high.)
  • Despite the significant expenditure on food and juices, the savings on medicines and doctors, not to mention the suffering and poor quality of life, make the investment in self-healing exceptionally economical in the long run.


The Unified Philosophy of Medicine.

Link: Why do we need a unified philosophy of medicine?

  • If both philosophical approaches to medicine have both strengths and weaknesses, will the two approaches' merger lead to synergy? The answer is, "yes." 
  • In my opinion, both medical philosophy approaches are reflections of each other. They should not be separated. Only unifying philosophy will be able to make this change come true.     
  • To achieve a breakthrough in medical science, one must have a unifying medical philosophy to guide the practitioner's actions.

Modern physics has learned to live with the apparent duality between the mechanics of Newton's laws and quantum mechanics. The medical establishment must adapt to the openness of thought to allow the two primary medicine approaches to coexist while creating synergy.


I suggested the main requirements for an integrated medical philosophy—linkThe principles that will integrate conventional and alternative medicine.


Integrating the two major medical, philosophical approaches is mandatory! It will optimize the diagnosis and therapy of many chronic patients worldwide.


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