Earth is a young civilization—therefore intriguing.

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07/09/2020 22:31

Earth is a young civilization considered particularly interesting among extraterrestrials who study and closely monitor what is happening.


Earth enjoys a favorable climate, water, sun, and many flora and fauna, making it an extensive ground for in-depth study by extraterrestrials. Humans have very different personality traits than extraterrestrials, including morphologically similar ones. Humans breed in sexual reproduction, which is very intriguing to extraterrestrials because it is unique. 

  • Aliens explore all the different aspects of life on Earth, including science, society, religion, economy, flora, fauna, and politics, through thousands of expeditions coordinated by the Alien Federation.
  • Extraterrestrials emphasize that Earth is highly polluted. Humanity is perceived as having a high potential for development but also a tangible risk of self-destruction.

For those who ask, where are the aliens? They've been here since the dawn of creation, seen and worshiped as idols!

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