How to relieve chronic pain with the self-healing method? Prolonged use of painkillers and steroids has side effects.

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Pain is a short or continuous alarm sensation caused by temporary or permanent cell damage in tissue with sensory nerves.

How to relieve chronic pain with the self-healing method? Prolonged use of painkillers and steroids has side effects. image 1

How to relieve pain with the self-healing method? (Usually, it is necessary to combine several types of treatment)

The self-healing method is essentially anti-inflammatory and works on the causes of pain, not its symptoms. The disadvantage of this method is that it is slower and requires patience and perseverance. Each of the techniques described in detail in the Natural therapies chapter is effective in reducing pain. NATURAL THERAPIES.

Anti-inflammatory nutrition.

  • Eat only natural, varied foods. Do not eat any processed and industrialized foods or artificial and alcoholic beverages. (Huge category) 
  • Regular consumption of foods especially rich in antioxidants. (Such as berries) preferably along with goat yogurt to strengthen the intestinal flora.
  • Intermittent fasting is a very effective method of relieving chronic pain.
  • Natural (unsweetened) juices can greatly relieve pain, especially in patients with gastrointestinal diseases.
    • Drinking natural lemon juice (without sugar) mixed in lukewarm water may help relieve intestinal acidity and relieve many chronic pains.
    • Natural grapefruit juice improves liver function and reduces pain. (It is necessary to make sure that there is no contradiction with other drugs.)


Herbs and various supplements.

  • Herbal supplements & Antioxidants. (Customized - preferably by a naturopath) 
  • Link: Supplements I used. (Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory, Vitamins & Minerals, Internal tissue rehabilitation, Probiotics) 
  • It is advisable to avoid the systematic taking of supplements, which may even be harmful.
  • Drinking bentonite clay may reduce severe pain caused by inflammation or acute infections. You can also have baths filled with hot water and bentonite clay.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. For those who do not eat fish or seafood, it is advisable to take a supplement of quality omega 3. (Omega 3 from fish oil is better than omega three from flaxseed or vegetable oil)
  • Low levels of vitamin b12 can cause inflammatory effects. Simple blood tests can be performed to detect vitamin b12 deficiency. The absorption of the vitamin in injections is better than that of pills.
  • Licorice (Gan Cao) is considered in China as an ancient medicinal plant with natural steroid properties, which reduces pain without acute side effects.


Other anti-inflammatory therapies.

  • Although acupuncture can be painful at times, it is very effective in relieving pain.
  • Massage, reflexology, moderate exercise most often can alleviate mild chronic pain.
  • Coffee enemas have an almost immediate effect on pain relief. The main difficulty of people is to overcome the feeling of lack of hygiene! Coffee enemas can be made at home in the bathroom with great comfort and maximum hygiene.
  • Direct and controlled sun exposure has analgesic properties.
  • steam sauna can reduce blood pressure temporarily and also mild pain. 
  • Sitting in a hot water jacuzzi with strong water jets can relieve muscle and joints pain. (As well as other pains) 


Specialization in pain medicine has become popular and in demand, especially for chronic disease patients.

  • Unfortunately, pain medicine does not cure anything; it only temporarily relieves the pain while perpetuating the drug treatment and at the cost of many complications and side effects.


The paradox is that to stop the chronic pain. It is necessary to heal and repair the tissue damage that caused the pain in the first place!

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