FAQ and answers regarding pain in general and chronic pain.

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05/10/2022 5:27

"Physical pain - is a short or continuous alarm sensation caused by temporary or permanent cell damage (above a certain threshold) in tissue with sensory nerves (nociceptors)."


Why do steroids reduce the intensity of pain?

  • Steroids secreted from the adrenal gland reduce the body's inflammatory response. At the same time, with prolonged use, steroids cause a weakening of the immune system and many side effects.

If nothing hurts me, is it a sign that I am healthy?

  • The answer is not necessarily. Damage to cells at low intensity often does not reach the threshold that requires an alarm! (Pain)

Is chronic pain a sign that I still have tissue damage?

  • Usually, the answer is "Yes."

If the chronic pain intensity increased, was it a sign that my health condition had worsened?

  • If the pain intensity has increased significantly over time, and there have been no other (mental) changes, the answer is probably "Yes."

I have intermittent pain; what does this imply?

  • Intermittent pain may indicate an unstable immune system. The difficulty is in locating the causes of the phenomenon. (Nutrition, physical and mental lifestyle)


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