Scraping anti-inflammatory therapy. (Chinese Gua sha.)

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04/12/2020 23:10

The scraping therapy is unpleasant but usually not very painful; in the photo, the scraping seems to be particularly violent; this is not the case!

Scraping anti-inflammatory therapy. (Chinese Gua sha.)

The scraping technique (Gua sha) is often used in Chinese traditional medicine hospitals, clinics, and many massage places.

  • The treatment is done by scrubbing the skin using an animal's horn or polished, smooth, hard stone. 
    • Frequently, treatment is combined with cupping.
  • The scrubbing operation is usually performed on the back, limbs, and chest. The therapist lubricates the area (to prevent friction wounds) and conducts a controlled pressure operation with elongated movements. The treatment is unpleasant and sometimes involves slight pain.
  • I have performed the scraping treatment dozens of times with no side effects; the signs usually disappear that day or the next day.
  • According to the explanations I received, this treatment has no side effects.
  • The purpose of treatment (according to the Chinese version) is to strengthen the immune system by removing excess moisture.
  • To my understanding, scrubbing the skin over large areas creates slight surface bleeding. Scraping diverts inflammations (like cupping) from essential internal organs to the skin surface, thus helping them heal faster.


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