Feel free to respond or ask any question that comes to your mind.

All emails are kept in strict confidence.

  • You are invited to write e-mails (English only) with your questions, remarks, hesitations, your own experience, and suggestions. I answer every applicant personally, regardless of sex, race, or religion. The information you provide helps me to update the website and thus contribute vital information to more patients.

Feel free to write about deliberations and difficulties as well, they are a crucial part of the success of the self-healing method.

  • For confidentiality reasons, I do not ask for personal information. However, you can ask me any questions you find appropriate.
  • It is advisable to state the age and duration of the illness so that I can give you a more personal response.
  • I usually respond within 12-24 hours.


Thanks in advance to all applicants,

Harel Samuel    Email us:


For those who need more detailed instructions, I recommend contacting the website's e-mail directly. In this way, I have the opportunity to give a more orderly and complete response, with maximum confidentiality than the answer within the website itself.


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