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You can write e-mails or WhatsApp (English only) with your questions, remarks, hesitations, experience, and suggestions.


Feel free to contact me; thanks in advance to all applicants.

I recommend contacting the site's email directly for more detailed answers. This way, I can give a more orderly and complete answer with maximum confidentiality compared to the answer in the message box at the bottom of each article.


All emails and WhatsApp messages are kept strictly confidential. Without access to anyone but me. 

  • I answer every applicant personally, regardless of sex, race, or religion. I try to answer as best I can individually concerning the information provided. I never criticize anyone!
  • Feel free to write about deliberations and difficulties; they are crucial to the success of the self-healing method.

I do not ask for personal information from those who contact me directly for confidentiality reasons. However, you can ask me any question you find appropriate.

  • Suppose the referral is on issues related to the self-healing treatment of patients with chronic diseases. In that case, it is advisable to indicate the patient's age (optional) and the length of time since the onset of the disease to provide a more personal answer.
  • I usually respond within 12-24 hours. 


Feel free to contact Harel Samuel.

I thank everyone personally for the tremendous support I receive.

Contact Harel Samuel directly. I respond personally to every inquiry.

Please email me Contact me by emailing at

You can also send me   WhatsApp WhatsApp messages here.


Sincerely yours,

Harel Samuel

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Do you post application letters in the various forums?
I sometimes write posts in forums based on my answers to applicants. I make sure not to mention names. I disrupt details on purpose to obscure the identity of the applicants.
Can I email you photos (like your gallery) for analysis?
You can send photos by email; I will answer you to the best of my knowledge. Please note that the email is not secure.
Why don't I describe self-healing recommended treatment methods for cancer patients?
Cancer patients are sometimes in danger of life and need personal guidance. Most of the treatments I describe are also suitable for cancer patients.
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